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Haloscope by Glossier


blends well(83)
pigmentation: sheer
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blends well

as someone who hates taking the time to apply makeup, i love that its just a quick swipe on my cheeks and a couple dabs to blend it in

- Glossier User

the effect is aided by the moist and kind of sticky texture - it blends into moisturizer and makeup really nicely, and is super forgiving in application

- Glossier User

staying power


this highlighter is so easy to use and gives a soft glow that lasts all day

- Glossier User

super, super quick and easy to use and lasts all day even on my

- Glossier User



it's one of my favorite makeup products because it's so light on my face and doesn't feel like it's heavy at all, you barely notice you're wearing it besides all the people commenting on your shimmer

- Glossier User

i love the glow it gives my face, makes me look awake and glowy and i love chunky little tube it comes in

- Glossier User



i have pretty dry, pale skin and this cream formula works wonders to settle into my skin for a natural dewy finish

- Glossier User

also i love the creamy texture which makes it easy to apply and blend in the skin

- Glossier User



the texture is so creamy and shiny and stays like this all day

- Glossier User

it has a creamy consistency that blends well, and it melts into the skin

- Mira User



it's glowy, hydrating and is sheer yet sparkles and does highlight your skin

- Glossier User

it's not opaque but leaves a sheer glow that is so pretty under the light

- Glossier User
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glossier userDecember 18, 2017

Love the natural effect

I got Haloscope in Quartz and I have light to medium skin tone. I love this highlighter as it has a very natural effect and it feels like it's my own skin. Also I love the creamy texture which makes it easy to apply and blend in the skin. Thank you Glossier! Love from Italy X

- glossierMore
glossier userDecember 05, 2017


I was at first super excited to try this product since I love the Boy Brow so much, however this product it's a complete let down. First of all when I applied it it did not blend smoothly into my skin, it felt like I was applying chapstick into my cheekbones. In addition to this, I could barely tell if I had any product on and it did not last long at all. I first bought this product because I was looking for a subtle highlighter to add to my daily "very natural looking" make up routine and since glossier is all about natural looking skin products I went for it, but it was a complete waste of money.

- glossierMore
glossier userDecember 04, 2017

feelin like a brown goddess

I purchased haloscape in topaz over the summer and absolutely loved it. I never wore a highlighter before this and didn't want something excessive. It adds such a nice sparkly glow especially in the summer sunshine. Sometimes I actually put this on my face and add a powdered highlighter on top for an even stronger highlight. It doesn't really last all day as it smears off or the smooth texture blends into my skin over time. But, I don't mind reapplication because this adds a bangin glow. I have light to medium brown skin and this was fabbbb.

- glossierMore
mira userApril 9, 2020

I adore this product ! I have the shade quartz and it brightens my skin instantly, giving me a dewy glow i feel i'd often lose quickly after applying bb cream. I warm it up between my fingers and tap it onto my skin, as tugging the product against skin can cause any makeup underneath to move around or wipe off. It has a creamy consistency that blends well, and it melts into the skin. It also lasts all day ! ☆

- miraMore
glossier userMarch 20, 2018


Literally the best highlighter I ever used. The texture is so creamy and shiny and stays like this all day. It definitely gives you that dewy look glossier is all about and I love it. I don't want to use powdered highlighter anymore since it does not set on the skin like this Baby. LOVE IT

- glossierMore


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Cocos Nucifera Oilacneirritant
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oilacne

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