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Brow Flick by Glossier

Brow Flick

staying power(16)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Black
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my eyebrows are the mos thick and amazing they've ever looked

- Glossier User

my brows are medium full with sparse areas that need filling in

- Glossier User

staying power


they stay on nicely

- Glossier User

it stays on all day and looks extremely natural

- Glossier User



enter glossier claims of a precision tip to create what should look like tiny hairs

- Glossier User

the brush is really flexible (like a paint marker), which makes it imprecise, and when i push harder to get any product out, too much blobs out

- Glossier User



it's like the finest point sharpie ever, and draws sheer-ish, natural hairs right where you need them

- Glossier User

i've been using a korean brand of sheer brow pen but it disappears in photos with flash and has a brush that splits making it tough to draw fine hairs, and it dries out quickly

- Glossier User
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mira userAugust 4, 2020

HOLY GRAIL! Here’s how to use it CORRECTLY: 1) use with absolutely NO skincare on (lotion, serums, spf, etc.) 2) always store the pen upside down 3) shake the pen before you use for about 10-15 seconds 4) use light strokes with the pen always pointing pointing down 5) IF the pen starts to dry out, wipe the pen LIGHTLY on a piece of paper to restart it

- mira
glossier userJuly 01, 2019

A new brow favourite...

Being a huge Glossier fan and a recommendation from Katie Jane Hughes I had to purchase Brow Flick on launch day. I'm surprised to see the not-so-great reviews as I'm very much in love! It's precise, pigmented and very long-lasting. Extremely similar to Ardell's "Stroke a Brow" without the constant drying out. Thumbs up from me! Thank you, Glossier!

- glossier
glossier userJuly 04, 2019

Love It

I am Asian with black hair, pretty sparse eyebrows - I bought this product in Black. I've purchased a few brow pens from different brands before but they all had a red or green undertone to it so while it looked fine in a room... under sunlight, my brows were ~literally~ red or green. This product does not have that problem so thank you, Glossier. I love the staying power of Brow Flick and I'm an oily mf. THIS. DOES. NOT. BUDGE. Almost to a fault because if you screw up, ya screwed up. I once went to bed with Brow Flick on because I was lazy and I woke up in the morning with perfect brows. Was it a little shiny? Sure. But it barely budged when I tried to rub it off with my fingers. I do wish Brown Flick in Black was a little less opaque or had a firmer tip so it would be more forgiving (especially for those with sparse brows because every wonky stroke ends up looking out of whack) but meh. I still really like it.

- glossier
mira userFebruary 9, 2020

I wear this every day with Boy Brow. Nothing else I have tried has worked to fill in my patchy eyebrows, but Brow Flick gives very fine, hair-like strokes that don’t look drawn on.

- mira
glossier userJune 30, 2019


I have light brown hair and use the blonde color. I've been using boy brow for a while but have always wished it gave my brows a little more structure. Brow flick is exactly what I was hoping for. The blond color is very sheer -- when I first used the pen on my hand, it took me a second to even see the marks. But the effect is so natural-looking, and the pen is really precise and easy to use -- the perfect extra boost. I'm thinking this product would not be ideal if you wanted a bolder or more defined look, but it's great for subtly filling in sparse areas.

- glossier


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne
PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Red 30 lakeacnehazard
CI 77499irritant
CI 77492irritant

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