Boy Brow by Glossier

Boy Brow

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Key Benefits:

  • Volumizing
  • Waterproof
  • Longlasting
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Gracie profile photo
GracieMIRA BEAUTY user
December 3, 2019

I was never one to start doing my eyebrows until I started using this. It gives the illusion of full put together brows while still maintaining a natural air about it. I have thin Vivien Leigh brows since birth, and though I do think they suit my face I’ve been wanting a thicker approach. I started using this and my brows most definitely look fuller. I don’t need to fill my brows in with anything I simply go in with boy brow and voilà! The only downside is that it can be a bit of a mess if you accidentally pull out too much product on the wand. user
June 20, 2019

Nicely pigmented and good staying power

I love this product. I have been super interested to try it for the longest time. I purchased the shade brown. My hair is a browny-auburn shade and my eyebrows are the same. My eyebrows themselves have suffered years of tweezing through high school, and are in recovery. Boy brow came in a nice container and the colour was as expected. This product works similarly to the Benefit eyebrow gel that I have been committed to for a year or so. Boy brow is just ~better~. It's a) cheaper, b) seems to contain more product?, c) more pigmented, d) ACTUALLY WORKS LIKE A GEL (*cough* @benefit). This product makes my sparse brows stay in place all day and when I get home from work I can still feel the gel hasn't travelled anywhere or disappeared altogether. Very impressed. I will definitely buy again. Converted. Less user
April 25, 2018

Boy Brow lasts through cardio and looks amazing!

Full disclaimer: when I first got the tube in the mail, I was disappointed with how small it was. I thought ""this is going to last me all of two weeks."" Boy I was WRONG - the product is packed with heavy-duty pigment, so I always wipe off a good amount back into the tube to just use a teeny bit at a time. One tube lasts me about 2.5 months with daily use. Onto the product: I fell in love at first swipe (seriously) - I have have sparse/light brows, and Boy Brow provides the perfect amount of tint and hold. My brows look so perfectly natural and it takes less than 5 minutes to make them look amazing. The best part is, Boy Brow lasts all day long - even through 5K on the elliptical! On a scale of 1-10, Boy Brow is a 20. You will not be let down! 

Nymia Espinosa profile photo
Nymia EspinosaMIRA BEAUTY user
January 7, 2020

Felt like this product was more geared towards people who are naturally blessed in the eyebrow department. Didn’t really do anything for my sparse brows, or last long keeping the hairs in place.

glossier user
October 27, 2018

Revolutionised my eyebrow routine

I've used similar products in the past and found them overly pigmented and thick in consistency, sometimes crumbly, often smudge - not boy brow. I have used it every day since buying, it isn't necessarily as precise as powder or a pencil at shaping the brows but it really makes them look naturally so much thicker and stays on all day, very little to no transfer. Perfect.

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Community Posts

Profile picture of Autumn Connell
Autumn Connell
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

So.. I have really light eyebrows. Dirty blonde to be exact. Now my hair is dyed a dark chocolate brown right now and I am looking for ways to DARKEN THESE STUBBORN THINGS. I’ve used powder and brow wiz, which looks awesome from far away, but up close you can see my blonde hairs in the light. Help! #brows #browmergency

Profile picture of jenna brown
jenna brown
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I have legit white eyebrows and nothing worked for me until i started dyeing them. Its really fast and simple and works wonders. But if you don’t want to dye them, Glossier has a great brow gel that adds color and it works great and stays all day.

Profile picture of Giuliana Mignone
Giuliana Mignone
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

#holygrail #howto My boyfriend prefers when I wear less makeup, so I started going more natural and liking it but I need some products to give me a glossy/Dewey and natural look. #reccomendations ?

Community Post Like Button2 Likes
Profile picture of Hallie Hancock
Hallie Hancock
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Anything glossier brand is AMAZINGLY natural! Gives you that perfect no makeup-makeup look. Some products that i swear by are boy brow , stretch concealer, and the milk jelly cleanser for your skin.

Profile picture of Dakota Turner
Dakota Turner
Oily Skin IconOily Skin

Brow gel i’m looking for a brow gel that that will make my eyebrow hairs look for filled in at the sparse areas since i have very defined brows. i need to just fill in a couple sparse areas. any suggestions?

Community Post Like Button1 Likes
Profile picture of Naomi Skeer
Naomi Skeer
Sensitive Skin IconSensitive Skin

I love @Boy Brow since it’s a wax formula that works perfectly for defining and filling in brows