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"this gloss moderne serum has a great beachy smell, its lightweight and adds softness and definition to my hair"
- Folica User
"they alway weighed my hair down and made it oil-y/crunchy and simply uncomfortable"
- Folica User
"in fact, i stopped using my hair straightener months ago and my friends are surprised when i tell them that all i use now is this serum and a blow dryer that gets very hot"
- Folica User
"blow drying took less time and the serum adds the perfect amount of shine and doesn't weigh down my hair"
- Folica User

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Liännë Lüngcäy
combinationCombination Skin

Any lip gloss recommendations? (Something affordable)

April Brown
combinationCombination Skin
I love Jeffree Star’s The Gloss! It’s $18 it’s not sticky and it doesn’t dry up on you! Also I really like Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer! It’s $18 and get Fenty glow (name of Gloss bomb) if you like a glossy nude or get fu$$y if you like a dusty pink. Hope this helped!
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sensitiveSensitive Skin

Good lip-glosses that you all recommend?? I love my vaseline but I want to get an actual gloss as well 😙

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Kylie Ard
oilyOily Skin

Any clear lip glosses without glitter in them? Tried out the NYX plumping gloss and it burned my lips. Also on a budget so anything under $15 would be great😊

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