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Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect by Givenchy

Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect


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Sephora user
October 4, 2011

Feels fabulous

I fell in love with this formula after receiving a deluxe sample in Icy Peach a few months ago. It felt soooo smooth, even with the sparkles (who wants that gritty feeling that most glittered lip products leave?). I personally found the appearance of the glitter just a bit too large for my taste, so I decided to select one with micro glitter rather than sparkles when selecting a full size one to try. I chose Celestial Black. If you are looking for a pigmented gloss that actually rivals the swatches, believe me when I tell you that you are looking at the wrong product line. These colors - including the black - truly are SHEER and nearly undetectable on even the palest of lips. I think the colors are more to make it look pretty in the tube. If you choose to purchase one, base your decision on the type and color of glitter (or lack thereof) that the shade contains, rather than the swatches, and you'll be more content with your choice. Just because they're not pigmented doesn't mean that they don't make your lips look fabulous and luscious. Also note that this gloss is not particularly long-lasting, but that is the price you pay for a non-sticky gloss. You can't have it all, so you have to pick your priorities - I personally am happy to reapply a great feeling gloss. As for the Celestial Black shade, I will be returning it due to my own error. I was looking for one with opalescent micro glitter and was very disappointed to find rainbow glitter in my gloss. Upon double checking the descriptions it became clear that the gloss is exactly as described, and that it was I who misread it. I'll be exchanging for Lune Argentée, which I anticipate will be perfect for my tastes. « less

Sephora user
June 9, 2010


non-sticky, creamy texture, gorgeous color, slight plumping effect. the color is long lasting and the smell is amazing. I love the brush applicator, it evenly and effectively coats your lips. I highly recommend this product.

Sephora user
August 11, 2009

My new favourite gloss! Velvet Purple

I love the scent of this gloss, it's so yummy, you just want to keep reapplying! Although sheer, the gloss contains enough pigment to really pop off your lips with just a thin application. Layer it a little thicker and it's completely opaque. Velvet Purple is a great true blackberry/purple colour, very in for fall and winter. There are small purple glitters in the gloss (not OTT), but when applied, it provides extra dimension to the colour and shine. It's edgy but wearable for us working gals. The texture is not too thin or thick, and not sticky whatsoever, it's smooth and moisturizing. I can't vouch for plumping effect, but it sure is glossy! I plan on getting more of these! The price is a bit much but it's definitely worth the investment!

Sephora user
March 11, 2010


I'm on a trip. I was lucky enough to get to visit a Sephora that I've never been to (in addition to shopping in a pretty neat mall). As usual, the Sephora consultants were phenomenally helpful. I was doubly impressed when I product I wanted was out of stock, and the consultants suggested I go into one of the stores in the mall to try to find it. (The department store was out, also). We had a few hours before needing to proceed, so I had time for a Sephora makeover. There was another woman also getting a makeover, right in front of me, and I loved the look that was being created for her. The other customer had pretty much the same coloring as I have. She had found some advertisement in a magazine, and although Sephora didn't carry the brand of products, the consultant was able to substitute others in its place. I tried to give the other customer some privacy, but she engaged me in a conversation, so I was able to watch her entire transformation, before I had my own. I have to admit that being able to watch something done to someone else as compared to having a make over just done on me made it much easy to reproduce the look this morning. Here's the three Givenchy products that were used to create this great look: Givenchy's Le Prisme Blush Powder Blush in It-Girl Purple stood in for the color in the magazine ad. It looks very different in actuality. It's really pretty - the swatch doesn't do it justice. It sweeps on beautifully. A large fluffly very full blush brush was used. It's rich and vibrant and can be layered for added depth. All four colors were used together and I'm not sure that I'd ever use them separately as blush, except perhaps the lightest color as a highlighter on cheeks, or as a highlighter for eyes. All four colors would work perfectly as eye shadows, too, especially in the creation of the new pastel eye look. The blush is rich and vibrant and when I tried them as eye shadows, they looked great. These four shades can also be layered. The blush feels really good to the touch - it's milled finely, so application is vibrant. The color doesn't fade once applied. The shades can be deepened by layering. It's a great blush. I highly recommend it. Givenchy's Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect in Lilac Confession is a great lip color. It's somewhat of a berry color, not something I'd normally pick for myself, but interesting nevertheless. It doesn't look plum or purple on me, despite the name. I'm not really big on lip products, preferring balms and more sheer lighter colors, so this was a big step for me. It did work really well with the blush, however. While this is supposed to plump my lips, they felt more hydrated than plumped, although when my lips are well hydrated, fine lines aren't apparent. This gloss is very very shiny, and is kissable. It smells really good as it's infused with a yummy fragrance. This is a beautiful gloss. Rouge Interdit Shine Lipstick in Nude Shine is a shimmery pale pink lipstick which can be used alone, or in this case, layered under the Gloss Inderdit. It has a great finish which is pearlized. Because this is also so hydrating, again, fine lip lines are not obvious. Once again, the color is different from what I see on my monitor and looks much nicer than the swatch that I see. It's not sticky and looks rich and elegant. There's something special about it - it even looks expensive. It looks great with the gloss layered over it, but it's also perfect on it's own. Since there is such a great discrepancy between the lipstick and what I'm seeing on my monitor, I suggest you go and see this before ordering it. However if you can't get to a store, it really is a lovely color and a great lipstick which stays in place for a long time. It's in a very attractive decorative tube. I'm really pleased with all these products. « less

Sephora user
July 15, 2011

Not good!

I was really hoping (and even expecting) to like this gloss. I got it as a deluxe sample in shade 10, Icy Peach. I am so thankful I didn't actually pay for it! Essentially, this gloss is completely clear. In the tube it has a very pretty peach color, however, once applied any trace of color vanishes. When on the lips it is a sheer lip gloss with specks of sliver sparkle. I will NEVER wear this. The only way I can ever imagine being able to wear it is over a lipstick. I gave this two stars because of the texture of it and how your lips feel once its taken off. The texture isn't sticky at all, it did actually appear to have plumped my lips, and for the five minutes I had it on, once taken off, my lips felt silky. Bottom line--there is zero color pay off so ultimately is not worth buying. The nice texture alone does make up for what it lacks. « less

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