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Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss by Giorgio Armani Beauty
Giorgio Armani Beauty

Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss

staying power(185)
chapped lips(292)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: 100 Acqua
sephoraBuy ($38)

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i love the texture of this - creamy and adds shine without sacrificing staying power

- Sephora User

i’m growing addicted to this formulation as the creamy texture keeps darker shades from looking too saturated for daytime wear, yet still giving good color values

- Giorgio Armani User



it’s a non heavy and feels on my lips and feels like its barely there

- Giorgio Armani User

i thought this would be heavy and sticky, i was surprised at how smooth it went on and the staying power, no smudging and wow factor shine

- Armanibeauty User

staying power


i loved how long lasting it was and how comfortable it sat on the lips

- Giorgio Armani User

love this lipstick one of my favourites of the ga range, not only does it apply perfect, it moistures your lips and the colour stays on perfect without reapplying

- Armanibeauty User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

he loved the colour and the shine and said it made my lips look plumper and appealing

- Armanibeauty User

i received this product as a free sample, and an in love with how it moisturizes my lips, feels like chapstick, adds just the right amount of color, beautiful shades, and has a very pleasant feminine smell

- Giorgio Armani User



the giorgio armani beauty ecstasy shipe lipstick is a fantastic product, no nasty after taste when your wearing it & the texture is so light & creamy and feels like your not wearing any products & has a long lasting shine

- Armanibeauty User

the texture is smooth, and it gives you a shinny finishing look

- Sephora User


not sticky

the packaging feels very luxurious has a good weight and a magnetic closure

- Sephora User

i receive this lipstick for free for testing purposes and im so in love with it smells so good and super moisturizing

- Sephora User



the colour is lovely too, quite sheer and very flattering

- Armanibeauty User

i adore sheer lipsticks and this range beats all the others i own

- Armanibeauty User
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Giorgio Armani userMarch 31, 2018

Not as successful as the deeper colors

Love the moisturizing texture, but these have barely a whisper of color on even a melanin-challenged super pale Celtic redhead. Unless you’re into the super pale school girl look, this will be too pale for most. I’m planning on these for beach use during Florida summers, where the glaring sun reveals these whispers of colors. Stick to the darker colors unless you want to look anemic. Waiting for Armani to release these with more brown-based colors for those of us with yellow undertones.

- Giorgio Armani
Sephora userOctober 20, 2017

love them

I actually have not tried any beauty products from them before. My first impression about these lipsticks was how classic and simple the red packaging was. It also has the magnetic closure that I like. They have a very minimal lipstick scent. They claim that the lipsticks are high shine. To me, they do have a satin finish, but I wouldn't say they are high shine. (Or maybe my lips are too dry for them to shine lol.) I love that they glide on smoothly like lip balms. I was extremely surprised by how good the staying power is for a balm textured lipstick. Out of the two colors: the nude pink Smile and the magenta red Four Hundred, I actually prefer the more pigmented Four Hundred. (My arm swatches are one coat and my lip swatch is two coats each.) I would totally wear the nude pink color to work though! The only minor problem I have with these is the lipstick tip itself being a bit too thick. It's really hard to get the details on edges of your lips without getting some color near your lips. These retail for $38 each. They are definitely considered high-end lipsticks.Pigmentation: 4/5Consistency: 5/5Application: 4/5Lasting: 4/5Price: 2/5Overall: 4/5. « less

- Sephora
Giorgio Armani userOctober 18, 2017

Perfect for everyday use!

I was excited when I received the package that contains two shades from the Armani Ecstasy Shine collection. The shades that I got for reviewing purposes are:Shade 100 - ShineShade 400 - Four HundredI’d like to start by saying that just by holding this lipstick you can tell immediately how luxurious it is just by the packaging. I love the magnetic closure, it adds even more character to the lipstick.Moving on to the formula, these are indeed very moisturizing. Smooth and easy to apply, this will leave your lips feeling extremely hydrated. Its really like a nice everyday pigmented lip balm that has a natural shine to it. I think the color selection is beautiful too. There are a lot of nude and red shades that you can choose from. This lipstick fades nicely on the lips so you don’t really have to worry much as you go about your day.I would recommend this for people like me who at times don’t like the heaviness and intensity of a regular matte lipstick. This will give you a softer look perfect for everyday or those days you just want to go for a sheer lip.I personally don’t feel that comfortable wearing red shades cause I feel like its a dramatic strong look that I can’t pull off. But I’m really glad the Shade 400 was vibrant but subtle at the same time. I’d say its a pretty friendly red. I love it and I’m recommending it to everyone! « less

- Giorgio Armani
Sephora userDecember 2, 2017

Very impressed, worth the price

I was sent this by accident by Sephora. They told me I could keep it since it was their mistake (thanks Sephora!). I tried it and I’m very impressed with the shade as well as the formula. It’s extremely moisturizing, a little goes a long way, the pigment is sheer but as you layer, it becomes more rich. I would probably use this with lip liner, I can’t tell if it has a tendency to run or if because the stick is a bit wide it goes over my lip line, but it wasn’t a big deal. Has a nice glisten, made my lips look rich and full and I did not feel the need to reapply for several hours. It definitely looks lighter and more coral on the skin, it looks like a darker sienna reddish brown in the tube. I also like the packaging, I would definitely purchase this in a different shade in the future. A very nice product. « less

- Sephora
sephora userApril 06, 2018


I never wanted to buy Armani lip products cuz I thought the packaging was ugly (which I still do), but after I got one as a gift, I totally love it. The applicator is not a good shape, I'll say that, so getting an even layer and smooth edges does take some effort. But! But, once it's settled, it's BEAUTIFUL and it lasts really well. It settles to a sheer veil with rich color that covers all the lines in the lips and only looks half as heavy as a regular lip gloss. Also bcuz it settles, transfer was minimal (for a gloss type of product). Only light touch-up was required after a greasy meal, and after the entire day, it looked good as freshly applied. My lips felt comfortable and looked plump all day long. I am truly amazed by this thing that I never thought I'd try, which I'm so glad I did.

- sephora

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