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staying power


i absolutely adore hydra matte lipstick in mecury rising , it's a really stunning colour but also nourishes the lips while providing a beautiful pigmented colour that lasted me throughout the whole day without any touch ups , it also didn't smudge or bleed it stayed put all through i hours i wore it, it's mate without the mate feeling i even forgot i was wearing any thing and i got so much compliments on how beautiful the lipstick looked on me which is rare

- Beautybay User

easy to apply and stays perfect all day

- Beautybay User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

its very hydrating, doesn't crumble, and lasts all day, i apply 8am and have to take it off before i go to bed

- Beautybay User

the lip color is soft and smooth on my lips leaves them hydrated which i love/ very soothing & beautiful colors ever made, i will purchase more whenever i am starting to run out

- Ebay User



no dry feeling, does not crack, a lightweight feel

- Beautybay User

it stays on your lips for hours (i ate a full greasy meal and had a drink and then waited 2+ hours to check my lips and to my surprise, they were pretty much perfectly in tact) and doesn't feel cakey and heavy like a lot of liquid lipsticks do

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i bought the grape crush product, the texture is very nice and creamy also does not budge all day

- Beautybay User

the texture is really pretty and smooth

- Beautybay User



glides on like a gloss and highly pigmented

- Beautybay User

i love how hydrating they feel on my lips, and the color pigmentation is remarkable

- Beautybay User
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beautybay user
October 16, 2016

I love this product! I bought immortal and mercury rising. Although their staying power isn't as good as some other brands I've had I'd still say all in all they're better! They're super pigmented and feel lovely on your lips. Other brands last a long time but are really drying but these feel nice and light on the lips and still stay on relatively well! They stay on well but begin to wear away whilst drinking and eating on the inner parts of the lips but a quick touch up and you're good to go. Good value, good product. Definitely recommend.

beautybay user
December 26, 2017

Such a great liquid lipstick!

This is one of my absolute favourite liquid lipstick formulas. I have quite a few of the colours: Serenity (such a beautiful colour! Comes off as the perfect mix of a pink and a nude on my skintone), Skinny dip, Nude, Strawberry Fields (a beautiful, slightly pink red that stays on all night and would look great on any skintone. It's less pink than it looks in the picture though), Everything Nice and Wine Down (do not recommend). They are so pigmented, have great staying power and non-drying. I have had issues with a lot of liquid lips leaving my lips looking really dry and flaky, but I never had any issue with these as long as my lips are exfoliated and moisturized beforehand. However! I find it very difficult to get an even application when I use Wine Down, and it ends up looking patchy even after I have applied several layers, so maybe stay away from the darker colours. There are better formulas out there for the dark, vampy lips. Also, watch lip swatch videos from people with a similar skintone to you, because the colours look very different on me than they do on the lip swach photos.

beautybay.com user
July 8, 2018

I don't recommend it :(

Very bad! Difficult to apply, it is very creamy, not homogeneous, it spreads in patches. The high percentage of pigment contained inside makes the texture of the product extremely thick, not very comfortable and too dry on the lips, which inevitably will be dry in the ten minute ride. On me, it isn't long lasting, even if I applied a lip pencil as a base, the lipstick crumbled me anyway within 30 minutes, just talking without having eaten or drank anything. Only positive thing: the wonderful color. Together with wine done I also bought cher, definitely better as performance and durability. 

beautybay.com user
November 2, 2016

Light in texture, dense in colour, heavy on staying power and not drying - perfect! I wish I could see the colours in person as it's a bit hit and miss for my colouring (chestnut hair, v pale skin and brown eyes). Serenity - light-mid pink, hint of coral. Gravity-mix of taupe and mauve, hint of grey. Sounds intriguing but washes out all the colour in my face. Cher - mid-deep pink, hint of plum. 1995 - mid-deep pink with a hint of rust brown. Mile high - mid pink dusky rose. I love this for a neutral day wear pink and get lots of comments about it. I've tried Anastasia, Kat Von D, tarte for the same matte look, but this formula is my favourite. Especially for the price. 

beautybay.com user
February 21, 2017

This product is a must have! I bought it in skinny dip which is the perfect every day nude which stays on all day. The texture of this liquid lipstick is so light as well as being highly pigmented and not leaving my lips feeling dry and heavy like other liquid lipsticks do. The price is definitely worth it for the amazing formula. I will definitely be purchasing more 

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