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Combination Skin

Any suggestions of exfoliators that are gentle on the face and work well with combination, acne prone and sensitive skin?

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Timisha Hawkins
Combination Skin

If you have acne prone/sensitive skin, I would not recommend using a physical exfoliant of any kind. A mild chemical exfoliant would be best! I like The Ordinary 5% lactic acid. It’s gentle, but effective, and should not irritate the skin.

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Emma C
Combination Skin

Any good gentle exfoliators?

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Rocky M
Combination Skin

This one works really well!!

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Natalie Cotta
Oily Skin

@Jules Maiorano I had no idea Trader Joe’s had a skincare line 😂 that’s so awesome.

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Combination Skin

I Am looking for a gentle mascara that doesn’t get my eyes itchy ? The most important thing for me is that doesn’t have hazardous ingredients I don’t mind if is drug store or luxury! Thanks

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Charlotte Atkinson
Combination Skin

my favorite mascara! i’ve also had this problem in the past and i really like this one