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Best Gentle Hydrating Korean Beauty Makeup Wipes

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Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissues by Skinfood

Rice Brightening Facial Cleansing Tissues

4.7 (190)$12.00
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gentlehydratingsoftgood for acne
Cleansing Spa Water Cloths by Koh Gen Do
Koh Gen Do

Cleansing Spa Water Cloths

4.7 (235)$17.00
Free Samples with Purchase
gentlehydratingsoftgood quality
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Too many options?

Profile picture of Breanna Routhieaux
Breanna Routhieaux
Combination Skin

Eye Makeup Remover ?? Whenever I take off my mascara/eye makeup with wipes I always seem to loose eyelashes. Is there any good (drugstore) makeup removers that is gentle and don’t make your eyelashes fall out?

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Profile picture of Irazema Vazquez
Irazema Vazquez
Combination Skin

Garnier waterproof micellar water or Neutrogena eye makeup remover (blue bottle ) just put it on a cotton pad I never found makeup wipes to take off eye makeup very well.

Profile picture of Jessica Helms
Jessica Helms
Dry Skin

Makeup Remover Does anyone have suggestions for an affordable makeup remover? I’m currently using Pond’s cleansing balm, and while it’s very gentle and I like the way it feels it doesn’t remove absolutely everything. I’ve tried countless makeup remover wipes and I always have some type of bad reaction to them, and I’m not too big on micellar waters. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Profile picture of Laray Simons
Laray Simons
Sensitive Skin

“Yes to” products have great makeup removers but I rather use rosehip/ coconut oil as mine

Profile picture of Olivia Eve
Olivia Eve
Combination Skin

I use the born this way too faced foundation and the hydrating camo concealer satin finish. When I do my face makeup with a damp beauty blender it’s been coming out a bit splotchy. Any advice ?

Profile picture of Hadeyah Mobley
Hadeyah Mobley
Combination Skin

Let the products sit on your face for a little bit before blending them out. And use warm water when you wet your beauty blender. This always helps me