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Olivia Rose
combinationCombination Skin

Ok, I’m looking for a new good foundation! I’ve tried so many and I currently switch between Frankie Rose or Laura Mercier. I wanted something matte and that’s going to minimize the appearance of my big pores! I have combination skin, so I’m oily and dry and some places. But for the most part oily. Want something natural but covers a lot at the same time. Nothing cakey or creasing though and I have issues with it separating as well. My skin is super sensitive and I’m about to go crazy! Haha help!!

combinationCombination Skin
I’m the same but I’ve been using this and love it!

Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer

IT Cosmetics
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Haley Nicole Herring
combinationCombination Skin

Okay y’all, I need some good moisturizer recommendations! My forehead and nose are super dry and flaky but my cheeks and chin are oily. Help me out. I have been using the fresh rose moisturizer but it’s not doing it’s job. So what do you guys recommend preferably on the cheaper side. 😌

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Alma Torres
oilyOily Skin

Has anyone used this product? I have oily skin and need a new toner.🤓 @Rose Deep Hydration Toner

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