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The Best Fourth Ray Beauty Cleansers

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Profile picture of Leanne Le
Leanne Le
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I recently tried Fourth Ray Beauty’s Remedy serum and these small red bumps appeared on my face the next day. Anyone else had this experience with skincare products and have any advice?

Profile picture of Michelle Lim
Michelle Lim
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Any recommendations for clean beauty cleansers and toners?

Profile picture of Eli Garcia
Eli Garcia
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

Honestly my favorite toner vegan and cruelty free all plant base

Profile picture of Toni C
Toni C
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

#seekingadvice Has anyone tried fourth ray beauty? I have dry skin and am looking for some new skin care.

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Profile picture of Kayla
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

I’ve been trying their products for the last few months and I love them so far! Their face oils are awesome, the ones I’ve used nourish and hydrate my skin very well. I also like using their BFD Cleansing Oil to make sure I get all of my makeup off at the end of the day :)

Profile picture of Toni C
Toni C
Dry Skin IconDry Skin

Thank you so much! I will have to try one of their oils now