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Fourth of July Makeup Looks to Feel Festive

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 11, 2020
Fourth of July Makeup Looks to Feel Festive

Feel red, white, and blue-tiful with Fourth of July makeup looks.

There’s plenty of things to look forward to on the Fourth of July - from barbecues and great company to the fireworks you’ve made a tradition of watching every year. Oh, and also creating red, white, and blue-tiful Fourth of July makeup looks. These three colors let you demonstrate your patriotic pride while showing off the freedom to create flawless eye art. Or lip art. Or just all the sparkles and stars you wouldn’t wear on any other day.

So head to your favorite firework viewing spot with your best colorful eyeshadow palette, and experiment with these five 4th of July makeup looks to let you feel festive this year.

Patriotic pout

Patriotic pout
Source: Maryam Maquillage

Sure, you could always do a classic red lip, but why not red, white, and blue lips? Mix and match all three colors for a colorful 4th of July makeup creation that will have all eyes on you at the barbecue. As for the design? That’s up to you. If you’re a master at lip art, you can always do a tribute to the American flag complete with stars and stripes. If you’d rather keep it simple, just use red on your bottom lip while electrifying the top with a blue hue… and adding on a bit of white glitter to sparkle through the holiday. The Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick by Smashbox is your go-to for this look.

Glittery nails

Face & Body Glitter, NYX Professional Makeup, $6

Face & Body Glitter, NYX Professional Makeup
Source: NYX Professional Makeup

While this isn’t technically makeup, a bit of red, white, and blue glitter on the nails is just what you need to feel festive on 4th of July. Especially if you have sensitive eyes or just want to keep your look simple during intense times like these. Just apply over your regular nail color for a minor touch of festiveness that only takes a few minutes to do, or glow all out with sparkly nail art that definitely won’t go unnoticed when socializing at the barbeque.

Stacked liner

Source: Pinterest

Your black eyeliner needs a friend. Express your love for Independence Day and winged liner with this precise, patriotic look that’s not too obvious. Seriously, it’s extremely simple. Use a blue or red shade of liquid eyeliner (like the Vivid Brights Eyeliner by NYX) to create a wing, only much thicker and higher on the lid than you typically would - remember, you’ll be creating another line over it. Once that line is complete, use your everyday black eyeliner to draw a wing over your previous one. This creates a stacked liner look that’s extra, yet still works for everyday… a great choice for 4th of July makeup!

Patriotic cut crease

Source: Instagram

Who doesn’t love a cut crease? This look may take skill, but it provides an incredible canvas and lets you show off your beauty for any holiday - including 4th of July makeup. Apply white shadow from the James Charles palette onto the lid, with red as the transition shade – or vice versa, your choice – and add a bit of white shimmer to the inner corners for the perfect tribute to 4th of July makeup. If you’re feeling creative, you can even use colored eyeliner or shadow to draw a few fireworks into the edge of your lid for a majorly #grammable holiday.

Starry highlighter

Starry highlighter
Source: Pinterest

Shimmer is always a good idea, especially when doing 4th of July makeup. Why not become the star of the show (pun intended) with a bit of patriotic highlighter? Just grab a bit of lash glue and your favorite sparkly product, like the Stardust Loose Glitter from e.l.f, and create a sparkly sensation on the sides of your face before topping it off with a few stars. You can either draw the shapes or use press-on stickers - your choice!

Show your patriotic pride with these Fourth of July makeup looks, and don't forget to share your creations on MIRA BEAUTY