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Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Setting Powder by Fenty Beauty
Fenty Beauty

Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Setting Powder

pore minimizing(46)
best use: blending
Variation: Banana
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i bought it and it’s the best thing i’ve used for brightening under my eyes

- Sephora User

it has a super fine powdery texture that literally slips on your face like a filter, erasing unevenness and shine while subtly brightening your complexion

- Sephora User


no flashback

does not look dusty and no flashback

- Fentybeauty User

no flashback, smooth and seamless

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

pores blurred

- Sephora User

i’m in love with the results: pores actually look smaller and the velvety finish looks natural just make sure to hydrate your skin properly before makeup

- Sephora User



this is the best powder everrrrr, literally makes my face smooth af and i noticed it gives good coverage without a liquid foundation underneath

- Fentybeauty User

it covers and smooths over my skin even when i am breaking out

- Fentybeauty User

under eye

good for under eye

this powder sets like a dream come true under my eyes

- Fentybeauty User

this powder is amazing under the eye and looks great in pictures

- Sephora User



it’s super lightweight & sets my makeup perfectly

- Sephora User

it doesn’t make me look cakey and it smooths all my imperfections and blurs my pores

- Sephora User


blends well

very fine and give perfect coverage for under eyes and blend and match with 260 concealer

- Sephora User

it blends in like butter with my fenty foundation

- Sephora User

staying power


my makeup stayed smooth all night and looked flawless

- Fentybeauty User

i tried it saturday night and put my whole face on (eye makeup included lol) at 4pm, i periodically checked my face all night to do away with the shiny oil look i usually get and i had no need at all

- Sephora User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

others will oxidize my makeup, this one stays just like it’s been freshly applied

- Sephora User

the trouble i have with setting powder under my eyes is that they oxidize and make my under eyes darker and yellow, which defeats the purpose of highlighting with concealer

- Sephora User

best use


no matter how much powder i put on, it blends into my skin perfectly while giving my pores a nice my skin but better blurred appearance

- Sephora User

the colour is great for brightening and it blends right into my skin tone

- Fentybeauty User
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Sephora userFebruary 3, 2019

AMAZING if you know what you're doing

I previously used a Ben Nye powder to set me concealer and it wreaked havoc on my eye (like even my optometrist said so). This, although it has fragrance, does not bother me whatsoever!Specs:Application- LESS IS MORE! Using too much will make you a little dry, nothing a setting spray can't fixBlendability- blends like butter! But be careful, if you pile it on and blend your highlight shade with a fluffy brush into your face powder, the powders will mix and potentially make your face lighter/ashyDurability- SETS (setting powder is not a powder foundation people) the makeup wellFinish- very blurring, smoothes the face wellTips:*BAKERS...Use a little to set and dust away/blend. Then setting spray, and another layer. It avoids cake face but adds longer oil control and enhances highlight*This will tone down your concealer shade.*The powder looks WAY brighter when applied then it actually is once you dust it away. I easily could have gotten banana.*Setting spray is your friend to bring your face back to life and blend multiple shades « less

- Sephora
sephora userJanuary 21, 2019

I mean, if you're into accentuating your flaws...

Pros: Great shade range Very fine Very soft Blends well A little goes a long way Beautiful container Nice dispenser w/second sifter to change account dispensed Light sent Brightening but natural looking No flashback Cons: Very drying Cannot use for baking Accentuated/created creasing Aged me Caused me to become extremely oily Became obvious a couple of hours in Sat on top of makeup I always start with how much I, normally, love Fenty. But this powder ain't it. Currently, my standard for powders is Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder. I wanted to check this out since it should be more accessible but it was a relationship doomed from the start. The packaging is gorgeous but, for the price, I'm not buying it just to be looked at. It felt very nice on my skin and went on with a light dusting. At first, I looked amazing. On the first application, I baked with a light amount. I used it on top of the Fenty concealer. I also used it to dust my face and set my makeup. I'd only worn it for a few hours. It was a very cold evening and I sat for the majority of it. I was oily all over my face, not dewy, oily. I have combo skin w/my t-zone getting a bit oily and everything else being balanced. At most, I'll, usually, look like I'm glowing in that area after several hours. Not this time. The second time, I didn't bake. I applied the powder by pressing a light amount into my skin. I did not end up oily. I ended up creased and dried out. I do not have dry skin. The rest of the week, I tried applying the powder in different ways. Each time I ended up disappointed. I could see EVERY pore on my face. I even chose to apply it everywhere else but under eye. I looked like I had a puppy outline by the end of the work day. This, combined with the concealer, aged me ridiculously. I had to return it. I, truly, was most excited about these powders out of everything else that launched. It just missed the mark. The only times my Fenty foundation has transferred was when I used this powder.

- sephora
Sephora userJanuary 11, 2019

Giving me LIFE.

This powder is wonderful and weightless - no caked on feelings. I utilized this to retouch my makeup and it instantly gave my face the filtered, smooth, fresh look even tho I haven't done my make up in hours. From oil slick to matte fresh. I previously used the Kat Von D translucence setting powder which had me looking crazy if I applied too much - st ghost face weirdness. I usually have oily skin but this product sucked up the excess oil and gave me a powder soft look instead. I usually wear Dior air flash foundation in Mocha 600, this setting powder color is a perfect match. Regarding the packaging - Rih Rih gave an extra "strainer" piece for the powder to sift thru. I'm guessing if one wears out or something she has provided the back up. Powder soft fresh looks for all. Rock it well! This powder will bring you back to life, when you looking tired/ or your make up has dulled for the day. When your make up is freshly applied - especially for my concealer wearing mami's- this will prevent creasing and keeps my face locked in. For women of color this product is a huge game changer. « less

- Sephora
sephora userJanuary 18, 2019

BEST POWDER EVER!! I’m very pale and have dry skin so I never used the typical setting powders because it enhanced my paleness and I don’t want to be any brighter than I already am...also they make my skin very dry. This powder gives my skin the most beautiful complexion, I’ve been using it for the past week and my skin literally looks so perfect everyday, it’s soft looking, like how the fenty pressed translucent powder looks. It literally keeps your makeup in place all day..It just looks so so so beautiful on the skin, and I highly recommend this product even if you have dry skin like me.. btw for the ladies with dry skin I feel the best way to apply this powder instead of “baking” is by just putting a little bit of powder on a brush and blending it into your skin and for under the eyes use a damp beauty blender and just pat the powder into your skin. You won’t regret getting this!! Just get it already!

- sephora
mira userFebruary 9, 2020

probably the best setting powder i’ve used so far. the lavender shade is really nice for brightening the under eye area on fare skin but isn’t heavy enough to leave a cast or flashback. works well for baking and all over the face for a light set. a little bit goes a long way. i like that i can use it w natural looking products like glossier but also for heavier products like too faced. very versatile!

- mira


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