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Female Trailblazers In the Beauty Industry

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Dec 10, 2020
Female Trailblazers In the Beauty Industry

Meet the women shaping the beauty industry from the inside, out.

We want to honor five of the countless women making the beauty industry diversifying the field, making the community a more inclusive place and moving beauty forward for the next generation.

Emily Weiss

By now, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Emily Weiss, The 35-year-old founder of Glossier and editorial site,  Into the Gloss. Launched in 2010, Weiss used her editorial platform to create a beauty community that took into account what readers and consumers actually wanted to see from big beauty brands, which lead to the founding of Glossier, an approachable and inclusive product line that addressed the needs and concerns voiced by the Into the Gloss community.

Chichi Eburu

The founder of famed cosmetics house, Juvia’s Place, introduced diversity and inclusivity to the beauty industry through an expansive shade range that catered to women of all complexions. Eburu started her business with only $2,000 in 2018, knowing she had to address the lack of products catering towards women with deep complexions. Since then, Juvia’s Place has become a household name and industry leader in creating high quality, affordably priced products for a previously underserved community.

Charlotte Cho

In recent years we’ve seen K-beauty trends and products, making major waves here in the U.S. Charlotte Cho, the founder of e-tailer Soko Glam, has been an undeniable force and leader in making Korean beauty traditions accessible to beauty lovers in western markets. As the beauty community becomes more and more informed about and exposed to products and techniques coming out of other cultures, industry leaders like Cho are paving the way for a more democratized Beautyverse.

Michelle Phan

For most discussing the rise of beauty vlogging, Michelle Phan is the first name that comes to mind. With her unique approach to beauty tutorials, she inspired millions of content creators to see a viable career path in the video blogging and to pursue their dreams. She was so successful, in fact, that she went on to launch her own beauty subscription service.


Without a doubt the most widely recognized name on this list, Rihanna took her influence and stardom from years as one of the worlds largest and most successful entertainers to establish a groundbreaking beauty house. Hiring a diverse group of industry talent, Rihanna has introduced a new standard of inclusivity to the beauty industry through Fenty Beauty and its extensive shade ranges, high performance products, and a new creative approach to marketing that has forced competitors to expand their shade ranges and marketing tactics.

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