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Jan Hack
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Facial hair removers Does anyone use the Bellabe facial hair coil? Other ways to remove facial hair? I really like that one because you can do it every day easily.

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Baba Shooketh
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I prefer using the small eyebrow razors you can find anywhere that sells beauty products! It’s inexpensive and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

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mia lucero
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does anyone know of a good setting spray that’ll both keep my makeup in place all day and prevent it from looking crusty?? i’ve tried the nyx matte finish setting spray but it doesn’t work for me :( every time i hug my boyfriend or a friend, my makeup leaves a mark on their shirt...any suggestions on what i should try? thank you!

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Seanna Ferrer
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mia lucero
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@Seanna Ferrer oh sweet, will do! tysm!

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Khaypha Kue
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Any good recs for a concealer that won’t dry my under eyes? I use two different eye creams and still, I get creasing even after setting with a powder. I’m currently using Laura Mercier Luminous Candleglow concealer and the Born This Way concealer but everything creases and looks so dry every time.

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Pailin S
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I use the too faced born this way a lot (on both my self and clients) I find that for really dry under eyes the Algenist complete eye renewal balm always makes a huge difference both long term and instantly. But the touché eclat high coverage radiant concealer is great for dry under eyes as well. I hope this is helpful :)