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Verite Light Lotion Cleanser For Sensitive Skin by Estée Lauder
Estée Lauder

Verite Light Lotion Cleanser For Sensitive Skin




Key Benefits:

  • Redness Relief
  • Smooth
  • Hydrating
  • Gentle


Chamomile, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Citrate, Ceramide 3, Tromethamine, Sucrose stearate, Phenyl Trimethicone, Water, Matricaria, Carbomer, Pentylene Glycol, Olive, Green Tea, Cholesterol, Isostearic Acid, PPG-20 METHYL GLUCOSE ETHER, Glycerin

Ratings & Reviews

4.896% of 169reviewers recommend this product

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Nordstrom user
March 30, 2014

Amazing Creme for Sensitive Skin

This is definitely an underrated gem in the Estee Lauder skincare line. This creme was recommended to me because I have very sensitive skin that is very red and tender due to nightly Retin-A treatments. I have extremely oily skin, but I am prone to dry patches from the Retin-A. Verite calms my skin and smooths out the dry patches. It does not irritate or burn my skin upon application, and leaves a healthy glow and gives me lots of moisture without making my skin extra oily. My skin is soft and radiant with this creme, and I do not need makeup because it really evens it out. Verite is truly an unknown wonder to many with sensitive skin...I am so happy I found this creme and will always repurchase.

Macy's user
December 2, 2008

Best for sensitive skin

I am very fair and have sensitive, blotchy skin. Most moisturizers feel too heavy and make me break out, but the Verite Moisture Relief Creme does not. It truly does what it says - it gently moisturizes my skin and reduce redness. Even on the coldest winter day, my face feels moist and supple. I am very loyal to the entire Verite line!

Macy's user
December 27, 2008

The Miracle Face Potion

I am a 34 year old woman who had been searching for a moisturizer that reduced redness and dry skin, felt light to the touch, and did not interact with my foundation. I've found the solution: Estee Lauder Verite Moisture Relief Creme! Three months ago, I began applying this miraculous "face potion" twice a day after I'd washed my face. Within three days, my once red, irritated, blotchy, dry skin began feeling baby soft. Moreover, Verite Moisture Relief Creme is greaseless and stays smoothe under make-up. Today, my skin continues to look soft and supple thanks to Estee Lauder! After a decade of endless searching for that miracle "face potion", I am elated to announce: "Estee Lauder you have transformed my skin!" Not only do I look better on the outside, but I feel better on the inside knowing that I can be proud of how my skin looks and feels. Thank you Estee Lauder for your affordable, skin-transforming, solution to dry, irritated skin! « less

Estée Lauder user
March 28, 2013

extremely disappointing...

I have used Estee Lauder since I was a teenager. Lately, as I have become older, I began noticing my cheeks were very ruddy after my shower and facial cleansing process. I also developed an age-related need to finally begin using a moisturizer (in my 30s). I began with Resilience Lift because I had about 5 free samples. It worked wonderfully, but seemed to again leave redness on my cheeks and even cause a few red bumps (and I NEVER ever have or have had acne in my life). I read the descriptions here and thought this sounded ideal. It has been disappointing in the extreme. The creme is super light (does not seem "hydrating" enough and it smells SO bad! I hoped the odor would wear off, but perhaps because I also bought the rest of the line (BIG mistake), the smell was only enhanced. I understand the CONCEPT of this line is "unscented", but certainly any scent at all would be better than this! I suppose my skin isn't desperate enough for me to feel the negatives (it also left my skin feeling tight and dry) in any way outweigh potential positives. I am hoping my husband who has TRUE super sensitive skin or even my teenage son who is just now running into the occasional bit of acne can make use of the product(s) since the money has already been spent. I doubt the odor would bother them as much with shaving products over them. Or, I could give it to my mother who will use anything. I also felt my eye area dry out WORSE after using this. My eyes felt more "tired" than ever, which is frustrating. I Simply, this is just not for me. It seems TOO mild to do much but leave a lingering odor (which is so strong I cannot even smell my Sensuous Nude AS I am spraying it, much less once I have worn it during the day). I have to hereby contradict the claims of "no smell". It really, really DOES smell and NOT in a pleasant way. I had hoped to even maybe get used to it, but after several days, I get a headache every time. It is SO intense an odor that I actually get a bad taste in my MOUTH from wearing it. Oh well. « less

Estée Lauder user
December 29, 2010

Outstanding Product

After using numerous expensive "anti-aging" products, my face became very irritated from their harsh ingredients. I've been using this moisturizer along with the serum for about a week, and my skin is calm with no red inflamation. Not only did it calm my skin, but my pores are minimized and my face is very smooth. Will definitely continue using this product.