Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme

Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Creme

Estée Lauder

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Good for oily skin

" oily skin type..."

- Nordstrom User

"...first off, this product is smooth, easy to apply, (of course), it smells great, it's light, it's not oily on my skin even though i have oily skin i honestly feel like this keeps it..."

- Bonton User
"i have found the magic combination (for my skin)- i break open an advanced night repair ampoule and work it into my skin, and then put on this global anti-aging cell power creme and go to bed"
- Nordstrom User
"love this anti-aging creme"
- Nordstrom User
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"while i doubt i'll ever stop using perfectionist, i use revitalizing supreme mixed with sunscreen following it in my morning routine and the result is a more plumped and youthful look"
- Nordstrom User
"i just added this to my skincare regime a month ago and it is great for plumping and smoothing out wrinkles"
- EstéE Lauder User
"i love the product and love the result of my skin being radiant, fresh, firm and youthful"
- Nordstrom User
"my skin is lustrous and radiant and i receive many compliments how nice my skin looks and how young it looks"
- Bloomingdale's User
acnegood for acne
"my nighttime ritual starts with the anr cleanser, followed by micro essence, 4 drops of anr serum, anr eye matrix that i apply with the clarisonic opal, followed with new dimensions serum, the tazorac gel (prescription strength retinoid for cystic acne), followed by the revitalizing supreme eye cream also applied with opal by clarisonic, i finish it all with the moisturizer"
- EstéE Lauder User
"it has totally cleared my face and lightened my acne scars"
- Nordstrom User
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Ulta User
Anti-aging, bad for acne, good for mature skin
I am 41 and a skincare and makeup addict/ junkie! I am diamond on this jar cane free with my order. I've never used Estée Lauder and thought I'll give it to my grandma but first I had to try it. So I do my usual skincare routine and add this instead of my regular moisturizer. I washed my hands, brushed my teeth and looked up...... I was honestly thinking I was having an allergic reaction because my skin had NO WRINKLES so I looked closer because I'm like, is my skin getting puffy? NOPE! Not puffy it was soft, wrinkles were smooth and I was floored. Praise Jesus! This was a miracle! I have been wearing I every day and night and I'm still in awe when I wash my face ( this is a week later) because those wrinkles are just gone! I swear I will never stop buying this. It's a thick cream, I put on after washing, exfoliating and toning. I also put it on over my eye cream and on lips! It absorbs fine. I have oily skin. Did not break out. This is phenomenal
Nordstrom User
Brightening, good for acne, evens out skin
HOLY GRAIL! I’m only 24 and may not need the anti-aging properties just yet but everything else about this cream is amazing. It’s deeply hydrating, evens my skin tone, brightens my face, reduces my pores and acne, and reduces some of the fine lines around my eyes and forehead. I tried a deluxe sample of the La Mer softcream for a week and noticed my skin going back to its uneven and patchy state before I started using this EL cream and realized that this is probably going to be a winner for me every time compared to other products. I can’t stop looking in the mirror bc of how great and bright my skin looks! 10/10 would recommend. And it’s not as pricy as some of the other creams.
Estée Lauder User
Brightening, good for acne, evens out skin
I never usually write reviews but this cream is too great to not let the world know!! I started working full time about a year and a half ago. I work very early in the morning each day and with my long commute, I noticed that my skin was getting dull, uneven, and tired. I've been researching different products and decided to buy the night repair serum. I was given a gift set with this purchase and immediately tried the eye serum but didn't touch this product bc at my age (23) I didn't think I needed something like this just yet. One day, I was low on moisturizer and my skin felt very dry. I pulled this sample out and tried it on after my repair serum. My immediate thought was "WOW THIS CREAM IS AMAZING!"The moisturizing is very creamy and smooth. It applies on a little thick, and usually with these type of extra-hydrating moisturizers, It tends to clog my pores and causes me to break out. This cream, however, doesn't leave an oily after-feel. It actually looks mattifying even though your skin clearly feels hydrated. The next morning, my faced looked so smooth, even, and bright, just after one use!I have been using this cream morning and night after the repair serum for the last 3 weeks and my skin has never looked so great! I usually have clogged pores, a few bumps, and occasional breakouts, but I haven't had one since using this (even tho I had my period recently). This moisturizer seems to have helped my skin actually clear up from any pimples and clogged pores. Also, my face is usually uneven, my pores look enlarged, and you can see some fine lines even at my age. This cream has made my skin so smooth, even, and you can barely see my pores! I can't stop looking at a mirror nowadays bc it looks so amazing.I know this product isn't advertised for acne, but trust me when I say that this cream is a god-send. It does not clog your pores and gives you the hydration you need! For those who aren't aware, giving your skin the proper moisturizer will cause your skin to produce less oil and prevent future breakouts.I will be repurchasing the largest size, and one for my mom, and maybe all of the ladies in my family! It's the best I've ever tried. Thanks Estée Lauder. Pls don't discontinue ever « less


Compared to other moisturizers, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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