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Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush by Estée Lauder
Estée Lauder

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush

staying power(142)
water resistance(1)
pigmentation: sheer

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when i apply it on my skin, throughout my busy schedule it stays on and makes my face look smooth and oil-free all day

- Esteelauder User

for strobing, i would recommend using genuine glow eyelighting cream for eyes and face very lightly as it gives a beautiful iridescent, luminous glow

- EstéE Lauder User

staying power


i love this foundation, in the last few years i've tried many and this one is my favorite, stays on my skin medium buildable coverage and it feels like skin

- EstéE Lauder User

i highly recommend for anybody with oily skin or someone looking for a long wearing foundation for a wedding or a dance or any event

- Sephora User

water resistance

water resistant

budge proof - smudge proof - transfer proof - sweat proof - water proof (to an extent) - make out compatible - full coverage - matte - very minimal scent - flattering shades for everyone - made by a long standing trusted brandthis is my holy grail foundation

- Ulta User

this makeup is literally pretty much waterproof

- Ulta User



does not feel heavy at all and stays on all day

- Sephora User

what i love most about this foundation is that it lightweight, but gives a full coverage

- Ulta User


blends well

i immediately fell in love with its ease of application, ability to define and sculpt, and flawless blend ability even for a novice like me

- Esteelauder User

this is one of my ride or die foundations: stay proof, full coverage, blendable, long lasting on the face, long lasting in the bottle, and the range of shades is just great

- Sephora User



the texture is very light and silky and feels so nice

- Debenhams User

the color is bright and beautiful the texture is silky smooth and easy to use

- Stage User


has fallout

the finish of this foundation was very powdery and unnatural, while it did control oil it left me looking dry and it was obvious that i wearing foundation (which i don’t like)

- Sephora User

when i tried to blend it in, and apply a little more foundation, wherever i brushed my skin the foundation came off and looked a complete mess

- Esteelauder User



it’s comfortable, lightweight, builds to full coverage easily, sheers out easily, lasts in the heat, and looks fantastic on my skin, even under the scrutiny of my white mirror light

- Sephora User

very soft and delicate texture, translucent with a small shimmer, odorless

- Esteelauder User
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Nordstrom userMarch 10, 2014


The ONLY con for me is lack of pump. This is foundation perfection. I'm not sure if I have old or new formula it was sitting in my train case in my linen closet for a while because I saw a photo of me in it and I looked like white cake face. Well I decided to make a go of it again and boy am I glad. I'm never flash photographed so who the heck cares. I am shade ecru, N4 or NW20 in MAC. Ecru would probably be too light if I get a bit of color. This seriously looks exactly the same at midnight as it did when I put on at noon. I have OILY skin right now with just one patch of dry eczema. I put heavy cetaphil on those patches. Then I 'moisturize' with murad oil control mattifier. Then comes hourglass veil mineral primer. Then I dot this on and blend with a dry or damp beauty blender (damp more sheer). This takes care of concealing... Layer. I let it set for a few minutes and powder with either blot powder or laura mercier loose or meteorites (whatever my skin wants that day). A light dusting of bronzer (Guerlain 00 terracotta) takes care of any white masky face I'd have in photos anyway probably and makes it look luminous and natural. A little blush. Nothing bad to say about that face. Perfection. Blows pro longwear out of the water which I thought was the long wearing transfer resistant champ. Besides covering my redness totally which mac longwear doesn't, this REALLYstays matte and doesn't budge. I may apply some Mac blot powder mid day. I put all other foundations in that old train case. Except for my Mac studio powder plus which is my 'running out for a few errands in the am' foundation now. I could see how many would find this too heavy. Guerlain lingerie or diorskin nude are good light liquids. « less

- Nordstrom
Debenhams userSeptember 21, 2011

Great Foundation

I have birthmark on my face which means I have to cover very red marks. I have used pretty much all the brands of foundations on the market over these years and although some foundations have covered well, they have looked cakey, dried my already dry skin out or they just don't have the staying power.This foundation does it all. It covers quiet well my birthmark without looking cakey or feeling heavy. The texture is very light and silky and feels so nice. It covers the marks whilst matching my pale skin without making me look ghost white! I have very dry skin, and most foundations flake around the dry patches, but this one doesn't. It's comfortable to wear all day. The price is more than I really want to pay for a foundation, but for me using it everyday, it lasts about 3 months for full coverage. The glass bottle is a little bit of a hassle. I prefer things in squeeze bottles for easier application and carrying.This foundation also dries very quickly and doesn't blend. You definitely have to keep this in mind when applying because if you leave it too long, you'll overlap the layers of foundation and then it looks cakey and won't cover properly. If you normally wear primer, you might find this foundation doesn't apply or stay on as well. I find this foundation stays on at it's best straight on bare skin. I would definitely recommend this foundation, just make sure you get the right colour for you because it'll make all the difference.Advantages: great coverage, light texture, great colour range, good for pale skin, good staying power, doesn't dry skinDisadvantages: glass bottle, high price for 30ml, won't work with some primers, doesn't blend. « less

- Debenhams
Sephora userApril 9, 2016

Acne Sufferers Look No Further

I have fair, warm-toned, combination skin with acne and hyper-pigmentation. I use 1N1 in the winter and 1W1 in the summer. These shades are a hair dark for my complexion, but I blend it down my neck and it looks fine. If I'm not mistaken, Double Wear has undergone a few reformulations over the past five years. But I can say with certainty that the latest formulation is magic in a bottle. As I said, I have acne and LOTS of hyper-pigmentation. I have yet to find a foundation other than Double Wear that covers my imperfections beautifully, lasts all day and does not transfer. This foundation is ideal for oily and combination skin. You MUST use a moisturizer with this foundation. On days my skin is more dry than usual, I will notice that, with wear, the foundation will slightly crack on the dry parts of my face, especially if I didn't use a thicker moisturizer. This is a very matte foundation and can be a bit drying with everyday use. However, what's great about this makeup is that it doesn't get greasy with wear and come off if you try to blot. I can get very oily in my T-zone, and the oil sits on the top of the foundation so it's easy to blot right off. I often don't have to blot with this makeup. I typically don't wear Double Wear for more than 8 hours at a time, but I would say you can definitely wear it for 12 hours or more. Taking this foundation off can be a challenge. I usually go through 2-3 makeup remover wipes to ensure I have removed all of the foundation.My routine: I steam my face, wash with a soap-free cleanser, and then apply Vanicream Moisturizing Cream. DO NOT skip moisturizer with this makeup. The foundation will cling to dry patches, and I don't recommend it if you have very dry skin. I then apply one layer of this foundation with a damp Beauty Blender. Use a BB if you have combination skin like I do. You will achieve a flawless finish. If you have redness, an uneven skin tone, and a few blemishes, one layer will get the job done. Then, I let it set for a few minutes, and then I apply a second layer with a dry cosmetic wedge sponge. This method ensures a basically full coverage, non-cakey look without needing spot concealer. I then set my face with a light dusting of the Tarte Smooth Perfecter. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userMarch 1, 2016

best for oily problem skin

This is by far the best foundation for my skin that I have tried. Desert beige was my perfect match; I have never had a foundation match me so perfectly without having to mix it with another shade. This is definitely a medium to full coverage heavy duty foundation. Not recommended for dry skin!! I have combo skin where i get super oily on my t zone and the rest of my face is normal. I also have some mild acne on my cheeks and sometimes forehead and lots of redness. This foundation gives awesome coverage, but be careful a little goes a loooong way. Applying too much can look cakey very fast. I apply it just like I apply all my foundations and it looks wonderful. It sets pretty fast. I first start on one side of my face and dab it all over my cheek w my finger then I blend it all out with my beauty blender (this way the BB doesn't soak up all the product I apply and it looks a lot more even and natural) then I do this to my other cheek, then forehead, then nose. I always sheer this foundation out bc I prefer a light to medium coverage so I apply a very small amount and just use concealer for blemishes and It never looks cakey. It lasts all day for me and does not transfer. I still get some oil on my tzone after several hrs but I honestly don't believe I will ever find a foundation to stop that since my tzone is so oily. I recommend this foundation. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userOctober 30, 2017

Hated this foundation! I have oily skin that developed in my t-zone throughout the day. I’ve been trying to look for a higher-end matte foundation that will make my skin look airbrushed. I know that it’s pretty impossible to find a foundation that will hide the oil and make me never have to touch up. I don’t mind touching up once or twice from MINIMAL oil that will develop in my t-zone. I tried this foundation about 4 times. The first two times, it was just okay. It felt chalky on my face a tad heavy to be honest. The third time I wore it, I knew I was going to be out all night so I decided to prime my face and apply the pore-fessional, translucent setting powder and setting spray. After just 20 minutes, I just did not like the way myskin looked. it accentuated my MINOR blemishes meanwhile they did not even look visible WITHOUT foundation. Four hours later my sister mentioned how awful my foundation looked and how my pores were so visible. I looked in a mirror and was actually embarrassed from the way my skin appeared. The pores below my eyes were so beyond enlarged which they NEVER look. I even applied concealer in that area. The foundation on my skin was absolutely separating and my entire face just looks like a slick mess. I was mortified and could not wait to take it off my face. None the less, I’m pretty certain that this foundation has also caused small breakouts throughout my face. If you have oily and acne prone skin, do yourself a favor and steer clear of this foundation. I feel like drugstore foundations are better for our skin types. « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

CI 19140hazard
CI 45370hazard
Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
Red 30acnehazard
Red 30 lakeacnehazard
Red 6acne
Red 7 Lakeacne

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