Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Cleansing Gelee/Refiner by Estée Lauder
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Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Cleansing Gelee/Refiner

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my tube arrived partially full and with big wrinkles in the top

- EstéE Lauder User



i love the perfectly clean multi-action cleansing gelee/refiner it leaves my skin so soft and smooth

- EstéE Lauder User

i just love this new gel & it's the best product yet to keep my skin looking fresh & smooth

- EstéE Lauder User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i have very oily skin and large pores - i use this every morning and it has helped my skin so much

- Sephora User

i was totally amazed to find my pores so completely clean that my skin glowed with brightness

- EstéE Lauder User


good for acne

removes all makeup and leaves skin soft and no breakouts or dryness

- EstéE Lauder User

my skin looks amazing, no blemishes ever

- EstéE Lauder User



this is the best facial cleanser ever, i have very sensitive skin and this product has never irritated me

- Macy's User

i love the way it gently exfoliates your skin

- Nordstrom User



deep cleans without leaving my skin feeling tight or dry

- EstéE Lauder User

great for everyday use, to keep your face feeling clean & fresh, without leaving that over-drying/stripping tight feeling, like some of the deep cleansing washes do

- EstéE Lauder User



my skin looks healthy and radiant

- EstéE Lauder User

i was looking for a light exfoliating facial cleanser to brighten and smooth my skin, and i am pleased this one does just that

- EstéE Lauder User



i love the creamy texture, the smell is alright, sort of a fresh laundry scent

- EstéE Lauder User

the texture is very soft and using it as a 2minute mask (i can just feel my pores tightening) is really wonderful

- Sephora User


redness relief

my skin looks clearer and the redness is gone around my face and my blemishes

- Belk User

this gives my face a good exfoliating clean and since i have oily skin i see a reduction of the oiliness on my face

- Macy's User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

my skin feels toned, and looks tight, glowing, and fresh

- EstéE Lauder User

finally something that evens out my skin tone and makes my skin feel soft

- Ebay User


poor quality

i have been using it for three weeks, and i have concluded that it is not a quality of estée lauder; the cleanser does not lather well (which i believe is key to effectively cleaning a face)

- EstéE Lauder User

i liked their old cleansers - why did they have to replace them with something of such poor quality

- EstéE Lauder User
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Estée Lauder userSeptember 26, 2013

Not the same

I also used to use the old formula and loved it. I had recently been using a competitor's exfoliating scrub with the rotating brush, and came to realize that exfoliating my already dry skin was NOT helping. I went to buy my favorite EL eyeliner, and saw this cleanser and eagerly bought it, expecting, soft, glowing skin. I was a little surprised after the first use when about an hour later, my face burned a bit. It subsided, so I used it for another 2 days. Today, the third day of use, not only is my skin burning, but I touched my face and actually had to run and check in the mirror because my skin was so rough and dry I honestly thought it felt like it was peeling. This is definitely not for dry or sensitive skin. My skin is not overly dry, but just a touch, and this made it worse. I wish I had gone online and read the reviews before I purchased this. I have never understood how companies can claim a product does something that it most certainly does not do. As I can see by all the bad reviews, lots of women agree with me that this product does not do what it claims. The only thing I can figure is that those who like it, must have super oily skin. Usually I love almost all EL products - but certainly not this one. Don't waste your money if you have the slightest bit dry or sensitive skin! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

Macy's userJune 17, 2011

Great Cleanser and smells Wonderful!

Ive been using this cleanser for over a month now, and Im much surprised how its keeping my face clean washing away the impurities, especially my oily skin. A small amount is only what you need to apply, I dont have any redness, my face looks brighter, what a differences. I do have large pores, doing a great job keeping them clean, had problems with whiteheads but this product kept them away. I do love the feeling it leaves after I wash my face. Sometimes you miss the nights washing your face but with this product, I look forward to a very fresh and clean look. Even my daughter noticed my face, even skin tone. Also smells wonderful!

Estée Lauder userNovember 1, 2015

Excellent Cleanser

My mom loves to use this as a cleanser, but I tend to use it as a face mask. I love the creamy texture, the smell is alright, sort of a fresh laundry scent. As a face mask it is a quick pick-me-up. It dries fast but doesn't make your skin feel tight or stiff, I leave it on for 5 minutes. It rinses off well, and my skin feels very soft and clean afterwards, it's quite refreshing. I would recommend this to anyone with dry/combination skin like me since it doesn't leave your face super dry, and yet controls oil in problematic areas and reduces the size of pores.

MIRA BEAUTY userOctober 22, 2019

Amazing! I know a lot of their skincare products are targeted for older audiences but this clears my acne and leaves my face feeling extra soft and smooth!

Macy's userOctober 5, 2015

Best Facial Cleanser Ever!

I've tried a variety of cleansers over the years; and I have to say that is cleanser is the best one yet. It's slightly creamy at first when squeezed out of the tube. However, once you rub the cleanser between your hands, it foams up into a nice airy soap. And when you rub it on your face & neck area, it's wonderfully smooth, light, & gentle. After rinsing it thoroughly, your face feels so (squeaky) clean, which is great. My face tends to be a bit on oily side & this cleanser is perfect for cleaning my face thoroughly. Plus it doesn't leave any residue whatsoever. You can use a face towel with this cleanser to clean your face; but honestly it's really not necessary. Just a gently rub with your hands to apply the cleanser, then quick rinse, & that's it. I absolutely love this cleanser! I can't say if it would work well for dryer skin types; but I would definitely recommend it for people with oily skin. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>


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