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Fresh Air Makeup Base by Estée Lauder
Estée Lauder

Fresh Air Makeup Base

color accuracy(3)
pore minimizing(15)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: IVORY MIST

Top Reviews

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it evens out my skin tone and lasts all day and night, never changes color or looks unnatural

- Macy's User

it looks so natural and never changes color or sinks into my pores and or lines

- Esteelauder User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it's lightweight, doesn't clog your pores, and the finish is phenomenal

- Esteelauder User

i've tried others, but this one doesn't clog my pores, provides enough coverage, doesn't cake and feels smooth and silky

- EstéE Lauder User



flawless, but not heavy, coverage with a gorgeous finish

- EstéE Lauder User

i have been using this product for many years and i am extremely happy with the coverage and how the product evens out my skin tone without creating a heavy layer on my face

- EstéE Lauder User


blends well

newport beige perfectly blends with my skin

- Esteelauder User

it feels light on my skin and blends in perfectly

- Esteelauder User

staying power


it has an excellent sunscreen, you don't use that much, it smoothes on great, it lasts the whole day, it does not come off when you cry or sweat, and it conceals flaws

- EstéE Lauder User

it lets the skin breathe, looks absolutely beautiful & lasts all day

- Dillards User



it looks great and works for my whole face - oily areas and dry areas

- EstéE Lauder User

this foundation is so dewy fresh & moisturizing

- Macy's User


good quality

i have used this product for 30 years and i would never use any other product flawless comfortable durable wonderful base everyone always ask me what i use and i am proud to say estee lauder

- EstéE Lauder User

fresh air makeup base in linen beige is such a fine-quality foundation & a perfect color for my light olive skin tone

- EstéE Lauder User


not creasing

love the coverage, not oily , beautiful smooth coverage, lasts all day, never creases in those lines

- Macy's User

anything i would like that would not dry out my skin and settle in my lines and pores

- Esteelauder User



it makes my skin look like i am not wearing anything, but -somehow- it hides my imperfections and makes my skin look radiant and flawless, without looking made-up

- Macy's User

this foundation which is water based has a translucent quality when applied to my skin which allows it to skin to look luminous and smooth

- EstéE Lauder User



my skin feels so nice and smooth when im wearing it also

- EstéE Lauder User

i love the silky semi matte texture of fresh air base it looks beautifull

- EstéE Lauder User



it is not buildable, but gives such a nice sheer finish that takes away imperfections without covering freckles

- Nordstrom User

it has great coverage that starts medium & is buildable to full

- Nordstrom User


medium coverage

it has a light to medium coverage and evens out your skin tone and covers just enough without clogging the pores or making the skin look like there is make up on

- Lord & Taylor User

medium coverage that looks very natural and gives my complexion a nice glow

- Macy's User
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esteelauder.ch userApril 5, 2010

Love this foundation!

I have used this smooth foundation for years. I was thrilled to find it online. Gives a light but excellent cover - never heavy. Great colors for my skin. Never causes my face to breakout, like so many others do.I hope I can find this product for decades to come! 

- esteelauder.ch
Estée Lauder userMay 15, 2010

Amazing Foundation

I think spf in cosmetics causes me to break out and gives me milia so I try to avoid it whenever possible. I decided to try this foundation because it was one of the few I could find without spf. It still has the titanium dioxide which helps to shield the skin but does not have that heavy spf to it which I believe clogs my pores. The color of this foundation is beautiful. The linen beige is actually natural and not orange at all.Estee Lauder knows how to make natural skin tone shades. My skin feels so nice and smooth when Im wearing it also.Its very natural.Its not cakey or flaky which many cheap brands of foundation are. I think it seems to cover my pores better than some of the popular high end full coverage foundations I've tried. If I use alittle foundation primer first in the t zone area before applying this the pores disappear completely. I use a foundation brush to apply mine which really helps to blend it. Oh and it also washes off easily at the end of the day! Very important if you do not want to breakout.Overall Im very happy with my purchase and will be repurchasing most likely and discontinuing use of the other foundations I own. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="5183191712971304400-full" data-show="5183191712971304400-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Estée Lauder
Lord & Taylor userJune 27, 2016

Best Foundation I have ever used in my life!

I do not know how I have never run accross this foundation before. I think Estee Lauder has taken the spotlight a lot lately from the company's marketing and I wanted to bring this foundation to its glory again. I rarely write reviews about makeup as there are always different companies out there that might do the same exact thing, which means I am rarely excited about them. This is such a light weight foundation, smells fresh and kind of like a moisturizer. Blends like a dream, is soft and sets to a powdery finish. I have a combination skin to oily skin in the summer and this foundation has treated my skin amazingly well! It sits all day long when I set it with a powder and it looks really natural. It has a light to medium coverage and evens out your skin tone and covers just enough without clogging the pores or making the skin look like there is make up on. I feel like this foundation changes it shade to match my color as I wore it before tanning and after tanning and I had the case of "Sisterhood of traveling pants". The color matched me amazingly, weirdly enough. I have tried all high end foundations to drugstore but this one is the one I will buy and use from now on. It has become my holy grail! Less

- Lord & Taylor
Lord & Taylor userJanuary 27, 2015

Finally Found "The One"

After searching many years for a foundation suitable for aging oily skin with large pores, I decided to take a chance on Fresh Air makeup. For me, this makeup stays on ALL day...and looks as fabulous at night as it does in the morning. I only have to blot my nose area about mid-afternoon....this is a MIRACLE for my skin. I apply with a foundation brush after my sunscreen and the results are absolutely beautiful. Most foundations suitable for oily skin have a dull pasty look, but this one gives a fresh "glow" to my skin. I really couldn't believe the first day when I looked in the mirror at night to see my skin look as good as when I applied the makeup in the morning!!! I use the shade called linen beige for my fair to medium coloring, and it is perfect. 

- Lord & Taylor
Estée Lauder userJune 30, 2017

Best foundation

I have been using fresh air makeup base in Ivory Mist for over 35 years. it is the best foundation I have ever used. Several times when it was out if stock, I tried to find replacements but nothing came close to being this good. I like the fact that it goes on so smooth and blends flawlessly. There is absolutely no greasy or cakey dried feeling like other makeup. You feel like you arent wearing makeup while your skin looks flawlessly natural. Feels good all day. My daughter borrowed some from me one day and she is now a loyal fan too. This proves how fantastic this is-it looks as great on a 60 year old face as it does on a 25 year old face. Warning: If you try this foundation, you will be hooked for life.

- Estée Lauder

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Profile picture of Samantha Valencia
Samantha Valencia
OilyOily Skin
So I went to ulta today and bought this foundation... only to realize it’s bad for my oily skin as it says in the reviews on this app, I don’t know if to keep it or go exchange it. The lady convinced me into getting it since I wanted something full coverage but she forgot to mention it wasn’t good for oily skin types and now I’m low key upset because I was really looking forward to it and now I don’t know what other foundation I’m going to end up getting.
Profile picture of Tori Hanawalt
Tori Hanawalt
OilyOily Skin
i would return it! i have extremely oil skin and i used born this way or the Estée Lauder foundations.
Profile picture of Leila Quinones
Leila Quinones
CombinationCombination Skin
Recommendations on full coverage foundation for dry/combination skin, acne, textured?
Profile picture of Fernanda Vvv.
Fernanda Vvv.
CombinationCombination Skin
This is fulll coverage I love it and also “born this way “ is full coverage too
Profile picture of Kaitlin Blankenship
Kaitlin Blankenship
CombinationCombination Skin
Is this product long lasting and good for combination skin? I have tried so many different foundations and nothing really looks good on me. :((
Profile picture of delanna So-Keomanivong
delanna So-Keomanivong
CombinationCombination Skin
Don’t you like the more natural look ? This is my everyday look when I don’t like to be dramatic . Hope you guys enjoy .