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Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup by Estée Lauder
Estée Lauder

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

staying power(2067)
color accuracy(197)
color correction(12)
finish: demi-matte coverage: medium coverage
Variation: 0N1 Alabaster
estee lauderBuy ($43)

Top Reviews

staying power


it looks amazing and stays on the entire time

- Sephora User

it stays on all day and looks great even after hours later

- Sephora User



build able, doesn't transfer and stays all day

- Ulta User

this is the perfect balance of being comfortable, buildable, lasting, and non-irritating

- Nordstrom User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

best foundation ever i try a new foundation every time i empty one and i always end up going back to this one good coverage and long lasting doesn’t oxidize like most of the foundations

- Sephora User

it doesn't oxidize or feel heavy at all

- Ulta User

color correction

color correcting

i no longer have to color correct with this foundation

- Ulta User

now, i always color correct my scars before applying any foundation so that i use less product and have a flawless finish, however, this foundation covers everything up without looking like i have a cake face

- Sephora User

water resistance

water resistant

i’m on my 4th bottle i use this foundation when i’m getting glammed up, stays in place all day/ night, sweat proof and waterproof medium to full coverage, hardly any transfer on my clothes which is a big deal for me, i have combi skin, t-zone gets oily but this foundation cover it well, i don’t have to touch up this foundation, i literally don’t worry when wearing this foundation, i don’t use any other product to keep this foundation going just wash my face, prep using my face cream and apply the foundation using my kabuki brush and off i go , would recommend fully

- Debenhams User

budge proof - smudge proof - transfer proof - sweat proof - water proof (to an extent) - make out compatible - full coverage - matte - very minimal scent - flattering shades for everyone - made by a long standing trusted brand this is my holy grail foundation

- Ulta User



it's got a creamy yet matte finish so your skin looks touchable and soft, and if you are greasy like me, use a mattifying primer before this (and moisturizer) to truly achieve a flawless look

- Sephora User

this baby lasts me 12 plus hours without fail, plus, it's mattifying, full coverage, and gives a flawless look

- Sephora User


good quality

the difference and quality is amazing

- Sephora User

love the the long-lasting durability of this foundation

- EstéE Lauder User



when i apply it on my skin, throughout my busy schedule it stays on and makes my face look smooth and oil-free all day

- Esteelauder User

it also is not creamy, so make sure your skin is hydrated (this was a plus for me- all the creamy stuff never stays on and i need to moisturize a lot with all of my acne medications)

- Sephora User



nd in the summer it gets hot and dry,i got samples of dif foundations for hot weathers and none worked,since im extra extra oily,i tried a sample of this nd i fell in love,its my go to holy grail foundation in sell beige,it works with most face primers,right now im using makeup forever matte primer and the origins matte moisturizer,shiseido oil free sunscreen,mac pro powder,laura mercier translusant powder nd skindanivia setting spray all those 6 combined are life for spring, summer and fall,im still in the look out for a winter foundation havent found a good one,i woulnt wear this in the winter it will dry out ur skin

- Ulta User

also, doesn't cause breakouts or dryness

- Ulta User


not creasing

it really does stay on all day, such a nice healthy look, minimal to no creasing and i've just had the most compliments when wearing this one

- Ulta User

no creasing, no smile lines, no pores showing - nothing

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it’s long lasting, doesn’t leave a chicly finish, doesn’t transfer, doesn’t clog pores or cause massive break outs

- Sephora User

i use becca poreless matte primer and this foundation literally last me all day at work over 8 hours

- Sephora User



no caked look with this make/power and does not sit in my face lines like liquid makeup does

- John Lewis User

it is lightweight, stays put and matte, transfer proof, build-able coverage and lasts alll day and alllll night

- Sephora User


blends well

it blends so well and i am super super oily and little to no shine comes through its full coverage and looks so good on your skin its also light weight which is really nice in the summer

- Ulta User

literally blends so well and stays on fresh throughout the day/night

- Sephora User



i get endless compliments on how my skin looks healthy, radiant, and flawless

- Sephora User

the product stays on you and off your clothes, looks bright and really does last all day

- EstéE Lauder User



not only does this foundation match me perfectly (i'm 2w1) it also gives a beautiful natural satin/semi matte finish, which lasts all day on my oily/acne prone skin

- Sephora User

the coverage is very full (covers acne and sun spots), the staying-power is insane and the finish is demi-matte (or very matte if you set it with a lot of powder)

- Sephora User


medium coverage

i love this foundation, in the last few years i've tried many and this one is my favorite, stays on my skin medium buildable coverage and it feels like skin

- EstéE Lauder User

medium to full coverage can be sheeted out or bulit up and doesn't look too cakey, last so freaking long even with my oily skin that destroys my makeup within hours but this bad boy saves the day, if you have oily skin here's a trick to save your life, moisturizer prime and then powder your face lightly and then go in with foundation and the best way to do it without moving the powder is by using a sponge to apply and set on top too, you'll find you'll use less foundation than normal and the powder creates a barrier you oil has to get through first to reach the foundation call me crazy but it works

- Ulta User
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Estée Lauder userDecember 21, 2012

Not a winner for me

I decided to invest in some of this make-up last year and I spent a small fortune on not only the make-up but an application brush and primer as well. I was really excited to try it all when I got home but was really disappointed when I just couldn’t seem to apply it properly. I used the primer first and then applied the foundation with the brush, but the primer coupled with the foundation seemed to make all my pores really visible and the more I used the brush the more the foundation just seemed to vanish to nothing and not cover any of my skin imperfections at all! (I should add at this point that despite being 26 my skin is quite oily and very spot-prone, and I also have quite a lot of scarring.) So, very disheartened, I put everything away in a drawer and it’s only now, almost a year later, I thought I’d have another go with it, having read all the really positive reviews on here.This time I didn’t put on any primer, I just applied directly to my cleansed face and smoothed it over with my fingertips. I did try a damp make-up sponge at first but it just didn’t seem to spread/cover very well, and I didn’t even try the brush as I really didn’t get on well with it last time! It went on so much better using my fingertips and gave a nice finish, although didn’t completely cover a few spots & scars, so I had to dab small amounts of foundation over those to cover them. As my skin usually gets very shiny throughout the day I concluded with a bit of powder to give more of a matte finish, and then I was ready to see how the make-up would withstand a full day at work!And so the moment of truth … at 11.30 I looked in the mirror (only 4 hours after applying) and it wasn’t good at all – cakey, oily, and not at all like when I had first put it on. I wish I could be positive like the majority of the other reviews but sadly for me this make-up is just no good. Either I’m doing something really wrong (but I don’t know what) or it’s just not compatible with my skin. Shame. « less

- Estée Lauder
mira userMay 20, 2020

I have oily skin and this is the best foundation I have used in terms of coverage and long lasting aspect without touch ups. The finish is matte for the first 2-3 hours then it starts to give a subtle glow. The trick is to moisturize well before using it, in the cold New York winter, I have to moisturize until my face is a bit greasy in order to get a flawless finish. In the summertime, a normal moisturizer is fine, I use the Olay total effects with SPF or the body shop drops of youth moisturizer.

- mira
mira userOctober 16, 2019

i’ve used this foundation exclusively for the past 4 years. it’s medium-full coverage and very buildable. my only complaint is that it tends to crease under my eyes, but i’ve never found a foundation that didn’t. like i said, it’s medium to full coverage and buildable but it doesn’t sit heavy on your face or feel and look cakey. as a professional dancer, i can wear it during all-day events and not worry that i’ve started sweating it off or that it will oxidize and change colors on me. truly my favorite foundation ever. on days when i don’t need as much coverage, i use the doublewear light which is equally as great. (p.s. in the photo, the bride and i are both wearing the doublewear foundation in 3n1)

- mira
mira userJuly 17, 2019

HOLY GRAIL! this is the best foundation I have ever come across. It is so amazing, its medium-to full coverage, and applies so smooth. I have the most oily skin ever and it has lasted me through some 12 hour shifts and even a night out after that. I highly recommend this product!

- mira
mira userNovember 14, 2019

Absolutely love Double Wear foundation! Buildable coverage that doesn’t cake or feel heavy. For me, it ends up being a demi-matte finish throughout the day because I am more oily. But it lasts ALL DAY. The only downside is the price point 😪

- mira


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne
PEG/PPG-18/18 dimethiconehazard

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I am looking for a hydrating foundation for dry skin that gives me a dewy/glowing or illuminating finish. My skin is fair (usually 2nd from lightest shade). What would be the best? Or do you have any other suggestions? Also would like to find a setting powder that’s hydrating and/or illuminating. I tried too faced born this way translucent powder, but it seems to be matte and drying. Any suggestions?
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I’m my opinion this is the best foundation you will ever find for oily skin. But a good setting powder is key as well, I use kat von d lock it translucent powder with this foundation.
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I use this foundation everyday & I would say it has a medium/buildable coverage but it is amazing for staying on all day!! I have oily skin & this has been the only foundation that stays flawless all day for me. For setting powder I use Laura Mercier in translucent
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Estée Lauder Double Wear
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Estée Lauder Double wear foundation is my holy grail! I get dry patches around my chin but have an oily t-zone. I use the matching primer and don’t even have to use a setting powder. It looks a little powdery at first, but settles down after wearing a bit.
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My skin is super oily also, and I’d like to believe that this foundation helps, I love it, I also use powder on top of it mainly my t-zone and it helps! If you try it out hopefully it works out for you too ☺️
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CombinationCombination Skin
Unifies uneven skintone and covers imperfections, very lightweight, buildable, medium to full coverage foundation. Stays color true. Won’t look grey on deeper skintones.
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Help!!! I have tried so much full coverage foundations on my combination skin only to have a legit T when I go home. Can anyone recommend a foundation that will not wipe away and will cover up my muddy looking freckles?? I’ve tried Clinique foundcealer, mayebelline superstay, fire me pore and matte, and revlon color stay.
Profile picture of alexis Zubiate
alexis Zubiate
OilyOily Skin
I promise you... estee lauder is the way to go! I recommend it to all my friends and they all love it! it has lasted me through 24 hour days after working and going to disney!