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Okay for combination skin

"...this great for dry and combination skin..."

- Birchbox User

"...i have combination skin and have been looking for a good moisturiser for awhile now and i’ve had my eye on this and finally decided to get it and it was so worth it..."

- Beautybay User
uneven skintoneevens out skin
"when worn at night i wake up to beautifully even skin that is always in better condition than when i went to bed"
- Birchbox User
"after i wash my face, i put the cream on and when i wake up in the morning, it's evened my skin tone completely which is naturally very splotchy and pink, my face still feels moisturized and soft"
- Birchbox User
chapped lipshydrates lips
"it definitely improves the condition of my lips and protects them from dry air"
- Skin1 User
"it's not greasy or oily, but lightweight and moisturizing"
- Lookfantastic User

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Edmarie Carrasquillo
dryDry Skin

Anyone know about a good drugstore (or drugstore price) moisturizer for dry sensitive skin that’s fragrance free? I recently used to use Glossier’s priming moisturizer then moved to using Embryolisse lait creme concentrate but lately I’ve been extra sensitive to fragrance I tried CeraVe’s moisturizing cream and works great on my body but it performs terribly on my face, then currently I’m using Simple’s replenishing ultra rich moisturizer for dry skin but it just seems to evaporate on my face (I try to overcompensate with face oil and my sunscreen but it’s still not enough/right)

Jessica Helms
dryDry Skin
This is extremely moisturizing and it’s fragrance free. A few months ago while I had to give myself these shots that made every single minor scratch I got turn into these horrible infections and every single product I put on my face caused awful allergic reactions and made my face peel (sorry if that was TMI), this was the only moisturizer I could use that didn’t irritate my skin while still keeping it well hydrated. You get a lot of product for the price too.

Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

the ordinary
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