Pro-Collagen Super Stars Gift Set by Elemis

Pro-Collagen Super Stars Gift Set

Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir

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this beautiful serum makes a huge difference in my fine and deep wrinkles

- Qvc User

the best thing for attacking those deeper wrinkles

- Ebay User


redness relief

no rashes, no itching

- Qvc User

it has truly changed my skin - erased thin lines and seriously reduced my deeper lines (my h)

- Qvc User



it works really well for improving my skin's texture, moisturizing and eliminating the appearance of my fine lines

- Qvc User

this by far is the best thing for actually softening your fine lines & even some of the tougher ones

- Qvc User



this serum when gently massaged in an upward motion for a few minutes leaves the skin silky smooth ready for the collagen moisturiser

- Ebay User

gentle and refreshing

- Ebay User



it did leave me with dry patches and no results on my sun damage

- Qvc User

this one wasn't moisturizing at all and had no benefits at all to the skin

- Qvc User


bad for acne

but it seems like i break out a little every time i use the serum

- Nordstrom User

i have sensitive skin and after only one application i had a breakout on my chin and cheeks

- Qvc User
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QVC userMay 1, 2016

Noticeable Changes

I've been using this product for over a month along with the other Elemis Pro-Collagen products and have noticed significant changes in my skin such as sustained moisture, clarity of skin, reduction of pore size, and the smoothing out of wrinkles. I cannot imagine not using Elemis. userJune 8, 2016

This one actually works

I've used many Elemis products and never been disappointed but this one is by far the best. I was nervous at the price and amount of product but it's worth it as it actually works. Only a tiny amount needed which goes on slightly greasy but sinks into a silky feel. After around one month of use fine lines around eyes and on forehead are significantly reduced, and the overall tone of my skin is smoother. Will definitely purchase again.

QVC userApril 13, 2018

Terrific Product

I had my doubts about this product based on the reviews. When I first got it, I shook it quite a bit and it still came out oily. But I followed another reviewer and stored it upside down and it comes out perfect every time. It has truly changed my skin - erased thin lines and seriously reduced my deeper lines (my H). Plus - it has added bounce and fullness back to my skin - especially my cheeks! It does take awhile to absorb so I put it on well before I'm going to apply make-up, but results on my face, neck and decollete make it worth applying it earlier in my day. I do use the Elemis Marine Cream as well - the combo works for me. My skin is on the dry side so I haven't experienced any blemishes from the oily consistency except a tiny blemish when I used it after a night of Josie's special reserve argon oil so I skip it on those days. I'm 30 days in and love it! « less

QVC userMarch 20, 2018

Not really a serum

This serum is very oily, not what I ususally experience in a serum. I have sensitive skin and after only one application I had a breakout on my chin and cheeks. The scent is very overpowering as well. Btw, I’m 59 with olive skin that tends toward oily.

QVC userMay 14, 2016


I was on a cruise several years ago and was introduced to a couple of Elemis products so I was anxious to try some more when QVC brought them on board. I have very sensitive skin and roscea so I have to be super careful what I put on my face. In the beginning I was slightly apprehensive about trying it but went ahead anyways knowing that if I broke out from the product I could send it back. Within a few days of using Elemis, my skin improved and reddened areas that were dry and small breakouts would disappear overnight. I couldn't be any happier with a product. Please order enough so I don't have to wait too long to receive my next order. I hope you will offer this on automatic delivery like the neck crème. As I stated, this product is amazing. I would definitely recommend this product. « less


Sorbitan Stearateacne
Butylphenyl Methylpropionalhazard
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oilacne
Benzyl Alcoholhazard

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