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mia lucero
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hey everyone <3 i’m in need of some serious help plz. i cant seem to make my makeup last throughout the day, even though i use a primer and a setting spray. i’ve been using the Lumi Magic Primer and the Too Faced Hangover 3-1 Setting Spray. by lunchtime, my makeup starts to look gross and i look super oily. it’s weird because my face almost looks better when i don’t use these products, except the problem i’m faced with then, is that the sun has the tendency of just straight up melting my foundation off, so i want to find a new primer and setting spray that’ll keep my face looking fresh throughout the whole day. any suggestions as to what i could try?? preferably nothing too expensive? :) thank u all for your help! <3 also, as far as my skin type goes, i mentioned earlier that my face gets super oily around lunch time. i went to the spa the other day, and the lady giving me a facial asked what skin type i have. i responded with combination, but she later on said that my skin is more on the dry side, and that all the oil i have is just compensating for how dry it is. i’m not sure if this matters when choosing a product, but just thought i’d mention it. thank you again for all your help!

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Allison Neibauer
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This is my holy grail primer when I use this it usually helps my makeup last longer

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Mae Beauty
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Just got this today ladies and gents looked good what do y’all think of it need pros and cons also want there magic concealer is that any good too?

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Sarah Wilsey
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It made my face look orange too! It comes out very light but once you put on your skin it comes out orange

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Mae Beauty
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@Sarah Wilsey thank you wish me luck with it least I have my back up foundation

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Emily Carey
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what’s a good concealer that isn’t too expensive that won’t settle into the lines underneath my eyes? I’ve tried all kinds of concealers but I just can’t find my magic fit please help

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really good drugstore concealer !