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Wow Brow Gel by e.l.f.

Wow Brow Gel

staying power(14)
Variation: Brunette
BrunetteDeep BrownNeutral BrownTaupe
e.l.f.Buy ($4)

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amazing hold, makes my brows look thicker

- Ulta User

i tint my brows and this matchs them perfectly it makes them look thick and full and holds them in place and fills the sparce places i usually go over them twice and it's perfect i get told my brows look amazing all the time and its thanks to this

- Ulta User


precise application

i've been doing my brows every day with elf's ultra precise brow pencil the wow brow gel in deep brown every day in place of my urban decay brow blade that i recently splurged on and ended up hating

- Ulta User

so this along with the elf precision pencil is a magic combo for me

- Walmart User

staying power


i have pretty full brows however my brow hairs are long and i have some weird gaps and this priduct sets them in place and it stays put

- Elfcosmetics User

it kept my eyebrow stayed in shape for the whole day

- Elfcosmetics User
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ulta.com userFebruary 8, 2019

Perfect Brows & Beard

As someone with fuller brows with some patchiness and a beard, I wanted something natural to hold hair in place and give a little more fullness. This instantly became a holy grail. This has the perfect amount of pigment and hold for a natural look that doesn't make my brows or beard waxy or too stiff which I was worried about. Once it dries, it doesn't transfer either--and I touch my beard a lot. At the price, I got a few shades and the size is perfect for on the go. 

- ulta.com
ulta.com userApril 10, 2020

Ahh i really like it haha

Never used brows gel before so it was my first time. I quiet like it since it lasted throughout the whole day. My brows aren't like thick thick but I do have long brows hair so they don't lie down after I fill them in. When I put this gel on, my brows hair just lied down and stayed in place which was amazing! It isn't like crumbling in your hair either. The size is small though so if brow gel is your life you should stack up on this one! 

- ulta.com
ulta.com userMarch 1, 2019

I would not buy this product again.

The gel dis not stay on and it smudged easily. 

- ulta.com
ulta.com userJune 10, 2019

Another amazng E.L.F. find

honestly i love this. I have pretty full brows naturally, but it gives you a subtle tint that creates full thick brows in literally less than 5 minute. If you are looking to simply darken and thicken your natural eyebrows, then this is the way to go. The formula lasts all day long. The only downside i can think of is the amount of product, but a little goes a long way. Seriously. 

- ulta.com
ulta.com userMarch 2, 2019

Easy and natural!

I have been using powder & pencils for years as my brows are patchy & need filling in. I had tried a different brand of brow gel in the past & it was a disaster as it was very obvious I had make up on my brows & they did not look good. On a whim & because the price is so good, I opted to give this gel a try as I also really wanted to try a product that had the little fibers in it as well. Let me first say that while I am not bad at make up, I am not great at it & am still learning techniques, but with this product, I was able to get full, natural looking brows very easily & very quickly. I finally had the patchy areas filled in & they looked like they had hair there all along & not just filled in with make up! I feel like one of those make up vloggers who can just whip out perfect eyebrows in mere seconds. This product is great for newbies & veterans alike. Plus the price is awesome too. Less

- ulta.com


Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-100 Stearateacnehazard
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Waxacneirritant

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Profile picture of Faviola Jimenez
Faviola Jimenez
CombinationCombination Skin
Anyone know any good eyebrow products ?I’m using the Anastasia dip brow right now but I don’t really like it and it dries out to fast.whats a good eyebrow product that makes eyebrows look natural and is fast to use
Profile picture of Amira
OilyOily Skin
this brow gel is really good it has fibers that help to fill in my eyebrows and it’s super easy to use and natural. I’ve also heard great things about the glossier brow flick if your looking for a natural pencil.
Profile picture of Amanda-Li Santiago-Martinez
Amanda-Li Santiago-Martinez
CombinationCombination Skin
What minimalist or kbeauty products would you recommend and why? I’m really tired of doing heavy makeup, I just want something that helps me glow and also helps to increase that feminine “girl next door look”
Profile picture of Hadeyah Mobley
Hadeyah Mobley
CombinationCombination Skin
Dupe first Glossier’s boy brow. Makes your brows pop while looking natural
Profile picture of Morgan Ella
Morgan Ella
OilyOily Skin
Okay, so I need help with eyebrows, I really don’t like making them bold bold, or even bold, I kinda like to fill them in and shape it how my eyebrow is, but I need help with some good eyebrow products please 😩
Profile picture of Delia Zhou
Delia Zhou
OilyOily Skin
this product is everything. it has tiny hairs in it so when you comb through your eyebrows with this it will make it look fluffy and thicker (as in your hairs not the shape of your brows) it’s a rlly good product. i have the benefit and milk makeup one and this is by far the best. it has a rlly good formula better then majority highend brow gels.
Profile picture of Carly Quiles
Carly Quiles
CombinationCombination Skin
I also like using this product for my brows when doing something quick to enhance them a bit.
Profile picture of Michael Zarro
Michael Zarro
CombinationCombination Skin
i wanna see everyone’s best drug store beginner products that they recommend! #holygrail #drugstore #recommendations
Profile picture of Delia Zhou
Delia Zhou
OilyOily Skin
this brow tint beats all my high end ones. i swear i love this shit so much. it has little hair particles and makes your brows look fluffy.
Profile picture of Yessi. Hz
Yessi. Hz
CombinationCombination Skin
New To This App ❤️ #mostlydrugstore Ig : Yessi.Hz