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Tone Correcting Powder by e.l.f.

Tone Correcting Powder

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under eye

good for under eye

then, i take my complexion perfection and a synthetic brush and i spot treat (i take the green to blemishes, pink to my under eyes, then take a larger complexion brush and on on side, the belly of the brush, i take the yellow to my whole face and flip the brush over and take blue to my whole face) then i take the top of the brush and swirl it in the center of the product and apply it to my whole face

- Walgreens User

it works wonderfully, and noticeably fades any red marks or blue under my eyes

- Walgreens User


blends well

this blends everything in and takes away any shine

- Walgreens User

the blue and pink blended i use all over, and it really adds a nice glow

- Walgreens User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

truly goes on translucent and doesn't change the color of my skin or foundation

- Walgreens User

" so use this as a tool to apply green to a pimple, or blue if your foundation turns out a bit orange

- Walgreens User



as it says in the directions, " blue neutralizes orange, the green neutralizes red, the pink neutralizes grey and the yellow brightens and neutralizes red

- Walgreens User

my skin had a very nice glow to and my complexion looked much more brighter and even, i was very satisfied with the product and plan on adding it to my daily arsenal

- Walgreens User

color correction

color correcting

" fortunately, elf's product does exactly what they claim it to do: it goes on smooth with a silky finish, controls oil/shine, and best of all, it evens out your skin tone with a blend of color correcting shades

- Walgreens User

essentially it color corrects the pink undertones and magically my foundation matches my skin tone

- Walgreens User



i love that's it's not a heavy powder and doesn't sink into any lines

- Walgreens User

it's very lightweight on my skin and it sets my makeup well

- Walgreens User



what's great about this powder is that for my very fair skin, all it does is reduce the natural shine to my skin and make my skin look smooth and my small blemishes less noticeable

- Walgreens User

this product is wonderful for smoothing the appearance of skin

- Walgreens User


no flashback

no flash back and will be re purchasing again

- Ulta User

uh natural and horrible for flash photos

- Walgreens User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

my complexion looks much healthier with this one ;) the finish looks almost as smooth as my face does when i use elf's mineral makeup - it's matte, minimizes the appearance of pores/lines, and doesn't settle into pores/creases

- Walgreens User

it also seems to ever so slightly reduce the appearance of my large pores

- Walgreens User

staying power


it last all day and is light weight and you cannot see it

- Walgreens User

it stays on all day for my skin tone and a finishing spray, i personal love this product and have repurchased this product many times i even got 4 of my friends to try this

- Walgreens User
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walgreens userSeptember 04, 2009

Complexion Perfection

This is fantastic! I use this after my face primer and mineral foundation and before a setting powder. It's great for evening out my skintone. I really like being able to use just one color or all of them depending on what I'm disguising. I've always used color correcting concealers, but my skin is oily so to have a powder form instead of cream is great! I like to set my undereye concealer with the orange color, and the green around my nose. The blue and pink blended I use all over, and it really adds a nice glow. I completely recommend this product!

- walgreens
walgreens userJune 20, 2012

A must-have!

I originally used the Cool palette as it was the only one available at the time. I have warm, medium toned skin and the Cool made me look a bit ashy. When I applied less, it just wasn't as effective in terms of oil absorbency and mattifying my look. I would have checked the box for "Unnatural Color" in the Cons sections for this, but... ...THANK YOU ELF for coming out with the Warm palette! It works as advertised AND matches my skin tone. My complexion looks much healthier with this one ;) The finish looks almost as smooth as my face does when I use ELF's mineral makeup - it's matte, minimizes the appearance of pores/lines, and doesn't settle into pores/creases. It does an amazing job of absorbing oil, cutting my use of oil absorbing/blotting sheets down to at least half. Also, if you've applied something else too heavily (shadow, blush, bronzer) and don't have the time, energy, or resources to start over or blend more, this helps to tone it down instantly while still being super lightweight. After I've applied all my makeup, but before my mascara, I like to take my ELF Complexion Brush (large fluffy brush), swirl it through all four colors, then swirl it all over my face :) The big mirror is useful, the packaging is nice, plenty of product, can't beat the price, and it works so well! Thanks ELF! Oh, and if you had ordered the Cool version before the Warm one even came out like I did, you can always give it to a willing (and matching!) friend or keep it for spot correcting - all is not lost! :)

- walgreens
walgreens userJuly 16, 2012

This is wonderful!

This is one of my favorite products ever! I have combination skin and was having trouble finding a powder to set my concealer and foundation without looking cakey. This is so soft and silky, blends like a dream and doesn`t over dry my face. I can use it on concealer for spot coverage when I don`t want to wear foundation, and it works great under my eyes setting my concealer. It`s a great all over the face powder as well. It seems to make my pores disappear! I am very pale, and this gives my face a bit of a glow and never looks ashy. I highly recommend it!

- walgreens
walgreens userApril 27, 2014

Fell short of my expectations...

LOVE e.l.f. products, but this one was severely lacking... I bought the cool palette years back, mainly to perk up my skin and neutralize some of my issues (slight redness and a little bit of excess oil). It's legit been sitting in my makeup trunk since then because I find this unfortunately does absolutely nothing for me except leave me with a pale cast. I just dug it out, and yep-- still the same results. The feel is rather chalky-- incredibly pale when combined, and only a little less shocking when used separately. Even using a stippling brush with a really light hand, this still manages to come off as way too white, ugh. And with red hair and very fair skin, that's usually not possible for me. The coverage it gives is interesting-- combined, it goes on VERY powdery and really clings. Separately, each color blends almost too easily to the point where it looks like nothing was applied. That said, I've found that the yellow comes in handy to brighten the inner corner of eyes, as a transition color with light eyeshadows, and is a good brow bone highlight for those with lighter skin. The pink can also be used as a highlight for cheekbones, with a soft touch of course. Lastly, this is a tone correcting powder-- NOT a colored concealer! I cannot stress that enough. Those who are saying this is a colored concealer obviously don't understand that this is intended to be a finishing powder of sorts used OVER foundation/concealer. This does not have the coverage of a color-corrective concealer, nor does it have the pigmentation to fully "correct" the issues it aims to. Color-corrective face primers, cream-based products (set with powder), or loose mineral concealers are better choices.

- walgreens
walgreens userJuly 15, 2012

Honest review about the product

I purchase this product a while ago and I didn't use very much because I didn't know how to use it. I used the green just on red spots, the pink on under yellow tone and worked but my own fault. The instructions says: blend them together and apply it. I am so in love with this product since I finally read the instructions! Perfect! controls oily skin, seats concealer very well. Tip: I use green or blue to cover red blemishes. They help hide well acne and red spots. I use just pink to work wonders on counteracting sallow, dull skin. Having a good foundation makes the rest of your makeup look better for a polished look. If you have blue under eye circles you want a concealer that tends to have more orange in it so I use yellow to seat the concealer. For your all face just mix all colors together! It comes out so soft! clean and natural. Just falling in love with this product again!

- walgreens


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Profile picture of Brenna Lynn Dollarhyde
Brenna Lynn Dollarhyde
OilyOily Skin
Color correcting palettes! I’ve always had an issue matching concealers to my skin tone because I’m so fair, but recently thought about buying one of those palettes that has the different colors & tones in it. Best drugstore brand for those? Please & thank you! 😊
Profile picture of Audrey
CombinationCombination Skin
Elf has a good priced one I’d recommend. The one I tagged in here plus if you look it up they have more options
Profile picture of Meera Shah
Meera Shah
CombinationCombination Skin
Does anyone know a good product on the cheaper side to help even put you skin tone?
Profile picture of Lindsey Wohlman
Lindsey Wohlman
CombinationCombination Skin
E.L.F face powder in cool is an amazing option if you’re not looking for a lot of coverage. I have fair skin and am prone to lots of redness and this evens me out with out weighing me down! So simple and easy.