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Solid Brush & Sponge Cleanser by e.l.f.

Solid Brush & Sponge Cleanser


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not shedding

i've washed a couple of my brushes with it so far and i was literally shocked -- it's made my brushes look like they're brand new

- Elfcosmetics User

i literally just finished cleaning all of my brushes and beauty sponge in a fraction of the time (the whole process took maybe 2 minutes tops) it takes to use the spray and scrub method

- Elfcosmetics User
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elfcosmetics.com userDecember 8, 2018

Pinch me...

Is this product a dream come true!!! If you use cleaning spray and a scrub pad to clean your brushes, STOP and invest in this cleanser!! It’s basically a round bar of “soap” for your brushes. I literally just finished cleaning ALL of my brushes and beauty sponge in a fraction of the time (the whole process took maybe 2 minutes tops) it takes to use the spray and scrub method. The soap smell subtle to me but is lovely and using this product is easy-peasy. Highly recommended!! 

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userJune 22, 2018

Love, Love, Love!!!

I've used the solid sponge cleanser 3 times now and it worked like a charm all 3 times! My beauty blender and brushes were quite dirty, but they were all like brand new after just 5 minutes of cleaning! I just run it under warm running water and rub it into the bar for a minute or two and I can see all of the makeup going down the drain. Once it gets to where all I see is the grey color from the cleanser, I rinse until the water is clear. Then they're back to brand new! You can beat the price for such a high quality product. Highly recommend!! 

- elfcosmetics.com
Target userNovember 6, 2019


Like, how is this even possible? This product is so good and lasts forever. I wash my sponges faithfully and wear makeup daily. I can easily see one of these lasting for 3 years, with daily use (maybe even longer). I bought one about 6 months ago for the first time. The price point, the quality, the packaging, the convenience, I love everything about this. Bye BBlender cleanser. This is a superior dupe. I'm back to buy a few more before the price goes up. 

- Target
elfcosmetics.com userMay 24, 2019

I used to use olive oil and dish soap

This is so much easier to use than olive oil and dish soap! I don't think I'll use anything else. It gets my brushes and sponges so clean and it doesn't ruin my brushes or sponges. I have these white bristled brushes that were stained with blush and foundation and no matter how much I washed them with soap and oil, they never got cleaned. I washed them one time with this cleanser and they were CLEAN and white again! good stuff. I recommend this product 100%.I just wish they sold it in stores so I don't have to wait until I make a huge order to get free shipping. 

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userMay 20, 2020

Good at cleaning brushes and sponges

This product is great at getting the work done, it makes cleaning my brushes a lot easier it seems to work better than mu Sonia Kashuk cleaner. The only reason I gave it a 1 star is because of the smell, the actual smell is the same as the liquid brush cleaner that E.L.F. has which I don't dislike BUT I got an old item, this has a rancid smell and the soap was a lot smaller than the pan, I'm assuming because it dried out since it's an old product. I still used it in a very dirty brush and sponge and it work beautifully but I had to re washed them with my Sonia Kashuk to get rid of the rancid smell. I included pictures of both ELF and my Sonia Kashuk for comparison. 

- elfcosmetics.com