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densely packed

the bristles are soft and dense, and the brush itself is beautiful: sleek and professional looking

- Walgreens User

i love this brush, the bristles are so densely packed and the brush is sooooo soft

- Walgreens User



i love love love this brush because it is soo soft and gentle on the skin and applies smoothly on the face

- Walgreens User

i love the dense bristles and they're super soft

- Walgreens User


good quality

i am so surprised at how inexpensive this brush is considering what amazing quality it is

- Walgreens User

for the money and quality, i am really impress

- Walgreens User


not shedding

does not shed or break after drying

- Walgreens User

it gives an air-brushed and flawless finish

- Walgreens User
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walgreens userJuly 14, 2010


Like other reviewers, I use this brush for my liquid foundation. It blends so perfectly,your face looks airbrushed.For the price, the quality is great. The brush is very soft and the bristles are tightly packed. Would definitely recommend and I will be ordering this brush again when needed!

walgreens userNovember 28, 2010


this shouldn't be called the "powder brush", it should be called the "anything brush". because this brush is so versatile. i think its best use is for liquid foundation. i've been using it to apply my foundation for a year now (by stippling on and swirling out to blend), and i don't know what i'd do without it. the bristles are so dense and soft, its better than the mac 187.it can also be used for powder, but the application is thick. i like using kabukis for my finishing powder, but if you like a more precise powder application, this would be perfect for that.also, this brush is GREAT for buffing out. i.e, if you put on too much blush or too much bronzer, use this brush to buff it out in a swirly motion and everything will magically blend out.and another great thing, this NEVER sheds, even when washing it! i've gotten a bristle on my face maybe once or twice over the YEAR i've been using it, so practically never. and the PRICE is just UNBEATABLE. [$]! honestly, if this was a mac brush it would be $30, and i'd probably still buy it because it really is worth it. if you use liquid foundation a lot then you HAVE TO have to buy this. COMPLETELY worth [$].

walgreens userFebruary 04, 2014

A couple years ago, I bought some ELF brushes, including the ELF studio powder brush. I also recently bought another ELF studio brush because the one I owned the handle came off of the cap after a month or so. This was expected, considering the brushes are so cheaply priced. However, when I received the new ELF studio powder brush, I realized something was different. First, the bristles are not as dense compared to the older ELF studio brush. Secondly, the handle is shorter and smaller in width and height. Thirdly, the brush doesn't do the same job it had once done before. Lastly, the quality of the brush is okay. I don't know if they got cheaper with their products but it doesn't provide the same results as it had once used to. I used to use it for foundation and it worked wonders. However, the brush is not as dense and the quality is not as good. I would much rather use my old ELF studio brush than the new one, despite how old it is!

walgreens userFebruary 05, 2012


I am so enamored with this brush that I had to come back to the site to review it. This is by far THE best powder brush I own. I have purchased brushes from half a dozen sources, and this brush BLOWS them out of the water. I am very happy I found e.l.f., a brand that has quality products, that doesn't take advantage of people with its prices. The bristles are so soft and gentle on the skin, which is wonderful considering I am sensitive and acne prone. It holds in powder very well during application, and it doesn't get all over the place. I've already washed it a couple times with soap and water, and it has maintained its texture and quality after the wash. The only thing I'll say is I've only been using it a week, so I can't say how durable it is long term, but if the quality is any indication, this is a brush meant to last. And at this price, if anything happens to it, buy another!

walgreens userJune 12, 2015

Excellent brush! YOU SHOULD BUY THIS!

This brush is great (I would say its great for the price but it would be just as great even if it were more expensive). It's cheap in price but the quality is definitely there. The bristles are so soft on the skin yet firm enough to blend products easily. This brush makes blending foundation 10x faster and look so natural. I have found that the brush does not often lose bristles either. In the months that I have had it, it has maybe lost 2 bristles. The only thing is that it takes significantly longer to dry (over 24 hours) after washing it compared to my other brushes. What I have been doing as an easy fix though is to simply place a small fan next to it to speed up the drying process so that it is ready to go for use the next day. GREAT BRUSH! Definitely a great buy!

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I personally use this one and I love it, but the shape could wrong, I'm not sure

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