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Hydrating Water Essence by e.l.f.

Hydrating Water Essence

e.l.f.Buy ($10)

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i'm 51 and have dry skin, this is hydrating and though it's not a moisturizing cream, it really makes my skin look more smooth and the effect doesn't go away when i put moisturizer over it

- Elfcosmetics User

most essences i've seen are pretty expensive and my skin is so dehydrated during the winter so rich creams weren't doing enough for me

- Elfcosmetics User



it’s very lightweight and hydrating, gave my skin a healthy glow that i got compliments on

- Elfcosmetics User

i really enjoy the soothing lightweight moisture boost it gives me

- Elfcosmetics User



tip: after you’ve finished with a priming or settingg spray that has a gentle mist, pour this essense in and use aboit 3-4 sprays for your face and then push into the skin with your clean hands

- Beautyboutique User

it is so gentle and refreshing

- Elfcosmetics User


causes flare ups

it formed a line and was very red

- Ulta User

however, when i woke up the next morning the dry patches where red and inflamed and the skin was literally peeling off, like when you get a slight sun burn and the skin starts to peel and flake as it heals

- Elfcosmetics User


bad for acne

i noticed on my jawline cystic acne, but if i would bump it or anything it would swell up and hurt

- Ulta User

this product and the hydrating bubble mask for some reason cause me to break out

- Elfcosmetics User
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elfcosmetics.com userJanuary 27, 2019

very good!

I like this product !! it is very hydrating and easy on skin, I have oily skin and this doesn't make it worst and it is also gentle on my acne marks,, I recommend it if you have dry skin or live in a dry state or area. 

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userJuly 1, 2018

Excellent light moisturizer

I purchased this a few months ago and tried different methods of applications and feel have found the perfect one for me. I add several drops to my my foundation when applying. This lightweight combination toned my skin, virtually erased fine lines and makes my face feel moisturized and can "breathe" all day. Highly recommended for dry, aging skin. Please never discontinue this product, E.L.F.! 

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com.au userFebruary 17, 2019

Love it!

I came across ELF whilst searching for cruelty-free products, and wanted to try the Hydrating Water Essence after reading the reviews on Beautypedia. And I simply love it! It's lightweight, glides over the skin easily without dragging (I use a make-up pad to apply this) and leaves my skin feeling hydrated rather than dry. I love how effective it is at removing residual dirt and makeup after cleansing. This product seems to be very gently fragranced which I like, but may be an issue if you have sensitive skin. 

- elfcosmetics.com.au
ulta.com userMarch 26, 2018

Serious breakouts

I have always had oily skin, but for the past 6 months or so, my forehead has been dry to the point of flaking. I decided to try this product because it seemed lightweight and does not contain ingredients that I know make me breakout (dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxane). This product worked very well at alleviating my dry skin - my forehead went from scaly and flaky to normal. But I also began having cystic acne on my forehead. I stopped using this product, and within two weeks the cystic went away and has not returned. I'm really disappointed! I liked the way this made my skin feel, but clearly something in it didn't agree with me. 

- ulta.com
elfcosmetics.com userJune 10, 2018

One of my GO TO beauty products!!!

I absolutely ADORE this product! In the winter I use it under my regular moisturizer - it's very lightweight. In the summer, I use it instead of my regular moisturizer - it gives me just enough "plump" under my foundation. My face looks dewy and fresh! I have sensitive skin and don't have any issues with this but we are not all created equal. I highly doubt a product exists that doesn't bother anyone's skin -- this one works well for me! I have very dry skin - my skin just loves this product. Although it may feel a little tacky, you can still apply other products on top and doesn't interfere with how they go on (ex: liquid foundation or concealer). That said, once it truly dries it no longer feels tacky - if you don't have time to wait for it to completely dry to continue your makeup application, don't worry, you don't have to. Less

- elfcosmetics.com


Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oilhazard

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CombinationCombination Skin
Best and MOST AFFORDABLE essence? Drug store/Ulta preferred!! TIA🥰
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Jessica Helms
DryDry Skin
This is gentle and adds a light layer of hydration. It’s $10 at Ulta but I’ve found it at TJ Maxx several times for $3.99.