High Definition Powder by e.l.f.

High Definition Powder

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The e.l.f. Cosmetics high definition powder is a translucent, versatile loose powder that creates a flawless, soft focus effect to the skin.

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it also covers my fine lines (mature skin has lots of fine lines) and covers my dilated pore scars better then any liquid primer and foundation techniques

- Elfcosmetics User

evens & blends away wrinkles

- Superdrug User



omg i love this powder i got the yellow one bc im a light skin black girl and this stuff makes my skin sooo silky and covers up all my huge pores and makes my skin look amazing

- Walgreens User

i'm glad i tried this product, it really makes your face look silky smooth

- Walgreens User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it gives the best finish to my face makeup ever, if u blend it out well it will give an airbrushed look to makeup and make skin look poreless

- Walgreens User

finally, elf's smooths out my skin and pores

- Walgreens User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it is a great finishing powder and does not change the color of my foundation

- Walgreens User

i love this powder because it doesn't change the color of my skin, just makes it look smooth like porcelain

- Walgreens User



it stays on all day, it doesn't wear off and it doesn't make you look cakey

- Walgreens User

i like it because it gives me a lasting finish and usually after i apply all my makeup i feel like everything is making my face feel heavy, but with this i feel like it makes everything feel light, and for that price its a steal

- Walgreens User

under eye

good for under eye

works great for setting my under eye

- Walgreens User

this powder is great for setting my under eye concealer

- Walgreens User


blends well

i use this product after i have finished my make up it blends in so well leaving my face contouring and eye shadow looking photo ready and my face looks so well blended

- Walgreens User

i have tried bare escentuals mineral veil, dermablend loose setting powder, mehron colorset powder (my 2nd favorite setting powder), and tarte micronized clay finishing powder, color fx setting powder

- Walgreens User

staying power


my makeup stays matte and looking great all day thanks to this powder

- Walgreens User

also really good for special occasions like parties where you know you're going to want your makeup to stay nice all night

- Elfcosmetics User



i use this powder to set my make-up and it just leaves my face looking so radiant and flawless

- Walgreens User

my face looks just as great as it did in the morning, even the small bit of bright white eyeshadow i used to highlight my inner corner that almost blends into my skin is still visible

- Elfcosmetics User


no flashback

mattifying and touches up shiny skin, in the summer i'm combination and oily in the t-zone so it helps to touch up my foundation and keep away oiliness and mattify my skin, my skin gets dry in the winter and more oily in the summer through my t-zone and it's good to bake the face with to set the makeup but i have read there can be flashback on camera but it works well enough for me because i take selfies with no flash

- Walgreens User

afterward i spray my bb with setting spray and bounce it on my face which helps with the powder look and white cast

- Walgreens User

color correction

not color correcting

i started color correcting but there was still something missing

- Elfcosmetics User

i purchased this hd powder in the color yellow as an attempt to help color correct the red undertone in my foundation so that it would look even better on my skin tone (i am african american with a dark brown skin tone)

- Elfcosmetics User



i really love how it controls shine all day and keeps me looking natural and fresh

- Walgreens User

it totally controls any shine and sets foundation for a very natural look

- Walgreens User

best use


it blends in completely naturally and my skin looks flawless

- Walgreens User

this is great for setting makeup, controlling shine, and blending blush/contour/etc

- Walgreens User
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walgreens user
May 18, 2011


This is such a smooth powder! It feels so nice and soft and almost slippery on the skin. I had been wanting to try the more expensive brand name HD Powder, but could not bring myself to spend that much money for a translucent setting powder. I am very happy with this powder! It is not all silica like the name brand version, but I am pretty sure dimethicone is an ingredient often found in primers that smooths the skin anyways, so it's not a big deal to me. It is nearly transparent; it leaves only the slightest tinge of white when applied with the powder puff. It is a great setting powder that doesn't add extra color or coverage or change the overall texture of the skin. It never looks "cakey" like most powders tend to look and does seem to live up to its claims of blurring out imperfections! It is not a miracle product, and you can't expect a translucent powder to make your skin look flawless, but it does gently smooth them over and definitely doesn't make them more pronounced. It controls oil quite well--after seven hours without, my nose is shiny, but I have a very oily T-zone, so this is not horrible. I'd think that one blotting during the day would suffice to keep the skin looking naturally matte.

ulta.com user
October 11, 2017

Pleasantly Surprised

I hate splurging on Powder because I'm a makeup artist with Oily skin, so I use powder daily to set my liquid foundation, it's a must, I don't go without it. The technique I've found that works best for me is to use a damp beauty blender and heavily apply powder to my entire face, beginning with areas that crease to prevent creasing. Then I go back and swirl what ever's leftover in the lid onto my face and blend onto my neck. Then I take a clean brush and dust off any excess. I use A LOT of powder, but this is the only method that keeps me as oily free as possible. Because of this routine I go through powder like crazy and refuse to pay over $10 for it (unless it's Ben Nye Banana Powder!). I previously used elf's high definition powder in translucent, but as of lately while it's still been effective I've definitely noticed that it hasn't been as finely milled as previously and unfortunately the bottom of my last 4 containers have contained little balls of product, like powder solids. For whatever reason, I could never find elf's yellow powder in stores, so I never tried it. I gave up on elf, tried other brands, found a few that worked ok, but hated paying the more expensive price for a lesser product. One day at Ulta, low and behold they had the yellow elf powder. It's definitely brighter than Ben Nye's Banana Powder, and despite being just as finely milled, I feel like its a dryer powder, whereas ben nye was soft and luxurious. Nonetheless, it works incredibly well. It camouflages my pores, brightens my skin tone and helps neutralize pink based foundations. My undertone is yellow, but i find that pink based shades are more accurately matched to my actual skin color and look less muddy., but the tone is off. The powder fixed that completely. As long as the formula stays the same, I'll be buying only this from now on. « less

elfcosmetics.com user
June 27, 2014

Not my favorite elf product

I saw a review earlier that said the following:"I hate this stuff. I picked up the sheer one at my local Target and I was super disappointed when I got home and put it on my face. The packaging is extremely messy. I got a ton of the product all over my desk just by opening it. And if that wasn't enough of a deal-breaker, I went to apply this product onto my face to set my makeup and it just sat on top of my skin, made a ghostly white cast and looked like I powdered my face with baking flour. And the pictures! Man, I looked like a cake face. Do not recommend this stuff, what a waste of $6." I have to agree. I have tried countless times to try and get this to work as I have seen hundreds of people rave. I haven't tried the makeup forever one. It was right on top of my foundation and wouldn't blend in. I did have that same white film. It seems to be made for those with oily skin? I have dry skin and hated everything about it. Sorry elf, try again next time. « less

elfcosmetics.com user
January 24, 2014

Interesting product

So I have combination skin. I have noticed when I used a silicon based primer, my dry patches are accentuated, even after moisturizing. Any who, so even without a primer, you can see dry patches and some pores with my foundation on. I just shake some powder out onto the cap, take a big (and I mean BIG) powder brush, swirl it in the powder and start patting it on my face. Once it is all over, is when I LIGHTLY blend it in (use circular motions). So after I do this, I notice that my pores look SMALLER, and it looks like I am not wearing any makeup. Also my dry patches are no longer visible.It is so weird. I hope I am explaining this properly. It just looks like I have porcelain skin. And when I use this to set my under eye concealer (I use fit me concealer by maybelline), it doesn't look cakey! I used the bare minerals well rester under my eyes and it was drying, cakey, and just too unnatural. Now this stuff is awesome. I guess since it is so finely milled that it fills in every space in your foundation? I don't know... This stuff is awesome. It can get messy but all I do is keep that sticker/seal on the opening, keep the powder puff on top and then close the lid. I haven't had a problem with any mess. :-) THIS PRODUCT IS BOMB PEOPLE. « less

elfcosmetics.com user
June 1, 2018

I have dry skin and this is still amazing

I have very dry skin. Like unbelievably, something is probably wrong with me dry. I drink tons of water, I use daily moisturizer and night cream, my face cleaner is basically lotion, and I remove my makeup with jojoba and sweet almond oil- oh, and I take vitamins 4 times a day. I've ALWAYS struggled with making my base look good because my skin sucks all the moisture out of every foundation I've ever tried and then I look very cakey and like I've got tons of fine lines- I've always been terrified of setting powder because my skin was always way too dry to use it. I recently started using e.l.f foundation and it is incredible. After using that, I realized my setting spray (UD all-nighter) wasn't doing a great job keeping the foundation on my nose and underneath where my glasses rest. Because the e.l.f foundation was such a game changer on my desert dry skin I figured why not give the e.l.f setting powder a try- and boy am I glad I did! This sets my foundation (and my eye makeup now that I've switched that to cream, too) so nicely. I don't get any creasing or fine lines (which I thought was impossible for me) and I don't have any noticeable flakiness on my skin anymore (which is SO counter-intuitive)! My foundation stays on my nose now and hardly transfers onto my glasses. I can really pile this on, too, and it actually makes my makeup look better when I use this generously. I apply it pretty liberally with the e.l.f powder brush and gently dust away the excess. It leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and smooth (I couldn't stop touching it the first few times I used this!), my makeup doesn't budge, and while this looks ghostly white for a few minutes after I apply it, the white color goes away pretty quickly as it sets the makeup and it does not have any flashback in photos from what I can tell. This stuff is amaaaaaaaaaazing!It does "floof" powder pretty unavoidably when you put the lid back on, but it's so easy to wipe the powder away that it's really no a big deal. I've also gotten this on black formal wear before (applying my makeup in the car) and all I had to do was pat the clothing down and it came right out. I tap the powder into the lid, swirl it around, give one or two hard taps on the side of the main container to shake the excess off, then apply liberally. I let it sit for a few seconds then dust away the excess with the same powder brush. « less

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Profile picture of Nikki D'Alessandro
Nikki D'Alessandro
Combination Skin

I’ve been having an issue finding a full coverage foundation and setting powder combo that doesn’t feel as though all the moisture is being sucked out of my skin. I cleanse and moisturize, prime with green color correcting primer , and use a sponge for foundation. I like full coverage because of the rosacea, and I like a matte finish but after applying powder, I crease, and crack, and overall feel super dry. I’m over 40, have fine lines to boot. Any suggestions?

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Profile picture of Carissa Murdock
Carissa Murdock
Combination Skin

I have combo skin, so I definitely understand your issue with setting powder! If you’re looking for an inexpensive powder, ELF is great!! I like it because it uses minimal talc. WORD OF ADVICE: if you have dry skin or feel like powders dry you out, you want to find a powder that has little to no talc in it. Ive also heard people love Becca Hydra-mist setting powder but that is a more expensive option. Hope this helps!

Profile picture of Alyssa
Combination Skin

I use the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Setting Powder. I love it soooo much but sooooo expensive!! What a is a cheaper loose setting powder that helps setts everything in smoothly and long lasting. I like translucent powders.

Profile picture of Jessica Helms
Jessica Helms
Dry Skin

This powder is great, very smooth looking and it lasts all day for me. I can’t say from personal experience, but I’ve read a lot of reviews that compare this to the Makeup Forever powder.

Profile picture of Rebecca Lawson
Rebecca Lawson
Combination Skin

Looking for a good loose powder ! Not prestige (I don’t want to spend a fortune ) . Currently using fit me and L’Oréal foundations and only pressed powder 💖

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Profile picture of Jessica Helms
Jessica Helms
Dry Skin

This one makes everything look really smooth and never dry or cakey looking at all.