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Gentle Peeling Exfoliant by e.l.f.

Gentle Peeling Exfoliant


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no stinging or burning or irritation

- Elfcosmetics User

this one is really gentle and makes my face feel super soft

- Elfcosmetics User



i bought this one recently, and after just one use, my skin feels so soft and smooth

- Ulta User

i'm almost torn about applying moisturizer afterwards because this leaves my skin so soft and silky

- Target User


redness relief

super gentle on the skin, doesn't cause redness or dryness

- Elfcosmetics User

my skin has been very oily with a lot of breakouts, but after i wash my face and then apply this product (siding with a hyaluronic acid serum) my acne scares went away and my face has been balanced out with less redness and oil control

- Mira User



my face looked bright felt smooth and very similar to the peel pads by exuberance

- Ulta User

it gets all the dead skin from my face super easily and my face is so soft and radiant after use

- Ulta User


good for acne

minimise the pores, fights blemishes and achnes

- Elfcosmetics User

it has helped keep my skin smooth and my adult acne under control

- Elfcosmetics User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

made my skin so soft and i noticed that my blackheads were so much smaller

- Elfcosmetics User

dead skin and clogged pores are no match

- Elfcosmetics User
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mira userMarch 10, 2020

This product was great! I have oily skin and often find myself feeling like my face wash didn’t remove enough of it. After getting out of the shower, my skin felt soft, not oily, and not dried out. My sensitive skin didn’t come out flaming red, and looked fine after.

- mira
mira userFebruary 13, 2020

It sounds silly but I heard of this product through tik tok. I was interested in a cheap gentle exfoliator that wasn’t going to hurt my skin. It works wonders! My skin has been very oily with a lot of breakouts, but after I wash my face and then apply this product (siding with a hyaluronic acid serum) my acne scares went away and my face has been balanced out with less redness and oil control

- mira
elfcosmetics.com userApril 16, 2018

worst acne product

i used this on my face once or twice, three days apart as instructed. "gentle" is in the name so you'd assume it's safe for sensitive skin. wrong! the first time i used this, i felt the slightest tingling sensation and didn't think much. a couple tries later (after no positive results, i told myself to be patient), i put a small amount into my hands, exfoliating my whole face. my face started to burn within five seconds of contact and hives sprouted on my jawline within twenty! even a few days later, my face was still swollen. this "gentle" product gave me a chemical burn and my skin has never been worse. this is a review for this particular product. im not going to drag the whole line. 

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userDecember 6, 2019

A must for girls with sensitive and oily skin!

I am revamping my skin care routine because I'm now in my 30's and have noticed my skin needs have shifted. I LOVE me some luxury skin care products, but also like to save where I can and really...the beauty market has changed a lot and the results we are getting with the expensive lines, the more affordable lines are bringing their A game to compete. ELF is definitely a competitor! I just ordered several skin care products from this line for the first time and this little gem was one of them. It will be a constant in my skin care routine from now on!!! Along with the bounce back jelly cleaner and the mineral face primer, I plan on buying this over and over again. I have fair, sensitive, combination oily/acne prone skin. I have turned my skin red from harsh scrubbing on more than one occasion trying to improve my texture, chemical peels, etc, you name it, I've done it without being too extreme. I tried this product this morning and after one time of using it, I already see a difference. Nothing burned my skin, my skin already looked brighter from the removal of dead skin and looks smoother- before my primer. I plan on using this about twice a week, but girls, if you are looking for a non abrasive option to helping your skin look clear, brighter and smoother and you have oily and sensitive skin???... this is it. Do yourself a favor and try this product. You will not regret it. Less

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userApril 22, 2019

Mind Blown!! I have combo skin that's also sensitive, so my pores get clogged, my skin looks dull & scrubs irritate any blemishes. The second I rubbed this on my skin, my hands were COVERED in tons of dead skin! I assure you it's NOT just product balling up, I thought that too at first... So I kept repeating the process until it stopped happening! During the last application, areas I'd worked on longer had no more skin slough off, areas I hadn't rubbed as long had a bit more. I even did my husband's hand to show him! He now has one silky hand & one rough one lol. I've tried microderm, facials, other products & NOTHING worked this effectively. Wrinkles are less visible & my make up went on silky smooth! To the people who think it's just a gimmick, you're really missing out... Me & my now flawless face are gonna go out & buy some more! Less

- elfcosmetics.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Propylene Glycolhazard
Butylene Glycolacne

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Profile picture of itsmylttlediary
CombinationCombination Skin
Any suggestions of exfoliators that are gentle on the face and work well with combination, acne prone and sensitive skin?
Profile picture of Em_ n
Em_ n
CombinationCombination Skin
I have sensitive and oily skin, this one works great and is not abrasive
Profile picture of Jesse Coble
Jesse Coble
CombinationCombination Skin
Anyone else had the struggle of your face breaking out after starting to use a Clarisonic brush (or face brush in general)??
Profile picture of ArtbyBrookeL
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Yep, those things cause major irritation issues. I’d say switch to chemical exfoliants. Those get all the dead skin and dirt from the day off without stripping or tearing at your skin
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Carolina Gonzalez
OilyOily Skin
Does anyone know how to help my skin 🥺!!
Profile picture of ArtbyBrookeL
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Niacinamide, salycilic acid, and chemical exfoliating twice-three times a week should do the trick
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CombinationCombination Skin
any good affordable products that help with whitehead’s? they’re all over my nose and i don’t know what to do about it without popping them.
Profile picture of Alyssa Maracle
Alyssa Maracle
CombinationCombination Skin
Those aren’t necessarily whiteheads on your nose in actuality most people confuse them for white heads when in fact they are more than likely natural sebum deposits within the pores. Sebum deposits are essentially just oil and small debris built up in your pores use a good exfoliant (not walnut/apricot they are too harsh on the skin) do not use a charcoal pores mask those don’t do shit other than damage your skin overall within that area