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Flawless Face Brush by e.l.f.

Flawless Face Brush

not shedding(182)
good quality(82)
densely packed(5)
e.l.f.Buy ($6)

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good quality

i love this brush, is good quality, so soft, the size is perfect and the black and white hair is so beautiful

- Walgreens User

definitely a good value and quality

- Walgreens User



i like how soft it is and my skin is so flawless

- Walgreens User

the bristles are soft so it's good for blending

- Walgreens User


not shedding

it's soooo soft, picks up product perfectly, doesn't shed, and is so easy to use

- Walgreens User

it is sooo incredibly soft and doesn't shed

- Walgreens User

bristles distribution

densely packed

the bristles are so dense and soft, that any sort of foundation or basically whatever you put on your face goes on so smooth and effortlessly

- Walgreens User

the bristles are dense, but soft and it provides great coverage

- Walgreens User
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walgreens userFebruary 03, 2015

Dense little guy!

Love this little guy. I know this sounds wacky but I am obsessed with blending every little bit of my face and I found this guy was the perfect density for blending my nose contour. I found that my other brushes were too big and just not blending it well enough and this one did the trick perfectly. I love how soft yet stiff the bristles are and the size is perfect. Rarely sheds and overall a high quality brush.

- walgreens
elfcosmetics.com userFebruary 15, 2016

Great multi task brush

I use this to apply bronzer and blush. I also use it after applying all of my face makeup to blend everything together and eliminate any harsh lines. Super soft and fluffy bristles feel great on the face. I really didn't need another brush but am so glad I got this one. I love all the studio line brushes I have. And I have quite a few. I have had to super glue the handle back into the ferrule on several but that's a small inconvenience compared to the dirt cheap prices and excellent bristle quality. They're all super soft, easy to clean and have little to no shedding.

- elfcosmetics.com
walgreens userAugust 26, 2011

Inlove with this kabuki

This brush is so great. The bristles are super-super soft, even softer (far softer) than a natural hair kabuki I have from Revlon. It's great for applying face powder, it creates a flawless finish look, plus thanks to it's perfect size it gets the job done in a second. Another plus from this brush it's the desing, it's just lovely and you know it will always return to it's original color because it's synthetic (taklon) and synthethic bristles don't absorb any colors. BUUUUUY this kabuki, you won't regret! It's great quality, beautiful design, great price and doesn't shed at all!

- walgreens
walgreens userJanuary 23, 2013

"This one's too soft!"

E.L.F. meant well, a Kabuki styled application brush that offers large coverage and has the nice short handle. My fault was to order it online and not touch and compare in a store setting. The problem I found was that the soft bristles are too soft for applying [not wetted] facial mineral loose powder foundation. The brush surface area is too large for facial application. This E.L.F. Kabuki is too clumsy to dip into most sized containers and then tamp off the extra make-up back into the lid or container for the standard shapes of choices in packaging, including my E.L.F. Mineral Foundation powder container. Messy flying dust all over my sink to clean up with spray cleaner later! Applying the mineral foundation onto my face was also messy. I had primed my face with another product to smooth the powder for best coverage. Having tapped off the majority of extra product, the brush made a poof dust of powder, as I began to swirl blend as I have done with more firm bristled brushes (Bare Mineral's Kabuki original brush is still the best textured application brush out there!) the mineral powder thinned out and no coverage was established in facial coverage with several dips of more product to achieve a balance of mineral foundation coverage. I ended up using the ELF Kabuki on my neck area and down to blend into my chest with better luck. I ended up going back to a brush in my kit that was firmer bristles with a smaller coverage surface to dip/tap/apply to achieve the coverage I wanted. I wanted medium coverage for that day. If I wanted the ELF Kabuki brush for full matte coverage, it would not have worked. I could not layer with this brush, and as stated, had to go to a firmer bristle, face safe older brush. To the good, as I say, this product worked for neck and chest. It may work well on bronzers for face and body. But not facial foundation. I'll use it for those kinds of products as it does fit nicely in the hand. If a more firm bristle (tighter/closer), smaller circumference shape can be tweaked, I would try E.L.F. Kabuki again., into a store personally to see if it had the right feel. I bought it because I was happy Walgreens had partnered online with Eyes, Lips Face. The price was very good, just not what I needed it for. This brushed cleaned well and dried back to shape for next time when I try it for applying contour or bronzer to neck and chest in blending with facial foundation.

- walgreens
walgreens userFebruary 18, 2016

This is my favorite face brush

I was mildly skeptical about this brush because some of the reviews talked about how thin it was, and how it shed. But I was super curious, and I'm glad that I bought it! The bristles are so dense and soft, that any sort of foundation or basically whatever you put on your face goes on so smooth and effortlessly. I use this brush basically every day, and I have absolutely no regrets. It's such a great brush.

- walgreens

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