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elf+ Mattifying Lotion

pore minimizing(22)
e.l.f.Buy ($8)

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pore minimizing

pore minimizing

when i would wear my other lotion and no makeup, my face would get shiny so fast, making my skin look redder and my pores would just stand out

- Elfcosmetics User

im from mexico and im using this in this in my daily skin care routine, i totally recommend it, ´cause it´s great for big pores, and oily skin, it makes my skin so beautiful, it contains niacinamide which is a form of vitamin b

- Elfcosmetics User



i put this oil on my cheeks at night after my serum and regular night time moisturizer, and it sinks into the skin so nicely, and i have felt a difference in the hydration of my cheeks

- Elfcosmetics User

i bought this when the weather changed and i suddenly had dry patches on my skin, when i pair this with a hydrating toner it keeps my skin supple with a natural glow all day

- Elfcosmetics User



i have used the elf+ mattifying lotion in tandem with the primer from the same line to keep my skin fresh and finished looking

- Elfcosmetics User

it does a great job at mattifying and really blurs your pores

- Elfcosmetics User



smoothes, hydrates, my skin soaks it in

- Elfcosmetics User

they hydrate my skin, make my foundation look smooth and perfect, and when i use it alone/with moisturizer, my skin feels plump and looks dewy and fresh

- Elfcosmetics User



it plays nice with my other skincare products as well and didn't cause any sort of irritation, so that's a big plus

- Elfcosmetics User

the smell isn't terribly strong and didn't irritate my skin whatsoever

- Walmart User


redness relief

it may even help to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving you with smooth, clear skin

- Elfcosmetics User

every time i'd put it on a problematic area, the redness/bump would go down overnight (not completely gone but for someone with chronic cystic acne this is a godsend)

- Elfcosmetics User


blends well

it is a gel consistency, which is different, but it literally sinks into the skin so easily and without any greasy feeling

- Ulta User

works alone or blends perfectly with any skincare or foundation

- Elfcosmetics User



my skin looks radiant and youthful with this product its very lightweight on my skin and i've used it with the new active collection spf 50 sunscreen (30ml) bottle and wow what a difference this product does for my skin

- Elfcosmetics User

it gives a healthy radiant glow that makes my concealer/foundation last and doesn’t make me greasy

- Elfcosmetics User

staying power


i see instant and long lasting results

- Elfcosmetics User

the hydration lasts all day and makes my make up stay smooth

- Ulta User



this is my new daily lotion, it's lightweight, matte, perfect for my skin, and i use it before i use the matching oil-free matte primer from this pink line

- Elfcosmetics User

this is the perfect combo of lightweight and still hydrating moisturizer

- Ulta User
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elfcosmetics.com userMarch 11, 2019

Best lotion for topical acne medication skin users

ELF - PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING THIS PRODUCT!--------------------------------------You get 2.2 oz for $8 which isnt bad, with a soft squeeze tube with a pump that works! The pump lets you choose how much you want to pump out via a spring, which I like.Texture- mousse-like, thick, but spreads nicely. You can feel the kaoilin/silica in it, it feels a bit grainy, but not harsh. I dot small amounts on my face in sections like a primer, then gently rub in. It dissappears. Has a light pink color. Absorbs immediately, does not feel greasy at all -- i think it actually feels like a powdery finish once it absorbs. Not tacky even with wearing it for a few hours.Scent- strong tea tree oil, almost medicinal. I dont mind it, it goes away immediately. Doesnt seem to bother my skin at all.So far, I am impressed! This keeps me at least 80% more matte than my other lotion!!! Its that noticeable for me! If you have sensitive skin, and your other lotions make you shiny, try this. I also recommend this to folks who use acne topicals that make them red or shiny (my benzoyl peroxide gel does). This works big time!!! I think the tea tree oil also calms my redness from BP. When I would wear my other lotion and no makeup, my face would get shiny so fast, making my skin look redder and my pores would just stand out. This is like a full 180 difference from it!I have sensitive skin, I use topical BP and this does not agitate (so far).ETA: Had to come back after another full day of testing (this time, at work) and OMG--- this stuff you guys! If you suffer from inflammation, sensitive skin, redness from any topical acne medication (I use BP gel every day) -- this stuff is GOLDEN. It seems to mattify just enough, blur just enough, and my redness that I used to have? It's gone. I'm assuming it's the tea tree, or lavender or the willow - but something in this has finally worked it's magic to help return my burned BP skin back to it's natural color! I also suffer from melasma, so any kind of 'redness' I'd get from my topical BP would just make my face look so tan and sunburnt ALL THE TIME.I even had folks comment on how red my face looked when I didn't wear foundation. That bad.NOT ANYMORE WITH THIS STUFF!! I'm amazed! Even looking in a mirror at work - I cannot believe how pale my skin really is (well, we are coming out of winter....) But that's honestly how red my face used to be from constant (think, 10 years) of BP use -- and greasy lotions used to always emphasize it (even though when on BP you have to use a moisturizer because your poor skin needs it).I'm sold. Totally sold on this stuff. This has also healed a few breakouts I had around my nose in a matter of 2 days, by reducing the redness and drying them up (but it's not drying like a medication lotion). I'm not kidding. It's gotta be the tea tree oil. I'm buying backups of this!!!! Less

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userAugust 19, 2013

Doesn't work

Originally I bought this for my husband to try for some fine lines on his forehead. We didn't notice a difference, and he said it has a waxy texture to it, and could easily rub it off (he also put VERY little product on his skin). He then figured maybe I could get better results from it if it's suppose to be used under makeup.... I tried it on the lines I have under my eye (I've had all my life). It felt like my skin was trying to stick together, probably not the best place to put it on your face lol. It also felt heavy, and when it dried I could still definitely feel where I applied it without touching it. I then tried to put some concealer under my eyes, and this is what really put me off about the product... My concealer just stuck to where I applied the Wrinkle Refiner. I couldn't blend my concealer or rub it off. I had to wet my finger to remove it. It's in the trash now. Oh and the product is also very watery (before you use it), so when I took the cap off for the first time a LOT of the product had already leaked out of the top. You also have to twist the bottom for a while until more product comes out. If you buy this I would suggest you store it standing upright. Less

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userFebruary 27, 2012

Great for young skin and old skin!

My teenager and I both love this refiner, so you do not need to be old to enjoy it! It is great for smoothing big pores, old acne "dings" and for mattifying oily spots for hours. When I use it around my nose, the pores and the oil AND the lines go away. Yay! I almost threw it away the first time I used it. I put it under my eyes and it was a dry streaky mess that made my almost-invisible lines really pop! Then I followed the advice of another reviewer to watch the video and now I'm hooked. I would say avoid using it on dark circles, which was my mistake. It is just too matte for under eye. But that said, it is great for bigger problems! (1) As other reviewers wrote, it's amazing for the puffy line under your "eye-bag" just above your cheek, whether you have a wrinkle there from age or just had a late night or slept on your face:). Apply product in little pats along the line from the outside in, and don't go up into the under-eye area. (2) Seriously, this stuff is great, great, great as temporary botox for between your brows. It is instant improvement and I find I look even better an hour or so after application. I also use it as a serum between my brows and after a week I saw a difference in the AM! (3) I'm almost 50 and so I am happy this refiner works on the the evil "nasolabial fold" between your nose and cheek, especially right around my nose. (4) I use it on my upper lip to smooth lines keep oil from ruining lipstick. A smudge across upper lip keeps lipstick in place like a great primer! The product goes on very matte, so you really need to apply it under powder or foundation or yes, it will be visible on your skin. As others have said, the ELF Flawless foundation is not great over this product. I use another brand with a sponge applicator for night when I want coverage. Days, I use the refiner, then ELF Studio Pressed Powder with the Studio Powder brush, then mineral concealer, and I'm perfect. I always use the applicator in the top of the Refiner. I just can't figure out why some people complain about it! It's very high quality neoprene-like material, like a finger, but hygienic, flexible, and and easier than your own finger for small areas. This refiner is really fast and easy if you do it right: Just a tiny bit, and always pat it don't don't rub or stroke. Then let it dry (very important!). Don't blend anything into it while it is wet or you might have streaks. The ingredients are really impressive, and so good for your skin. I don't know why ELF is selling a nearly identical item in the mineral line for 2 dollars more, and less in the container. I don't see how it could be any better! Give the wrinkle refiner a try, it a great Less

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userDecember 14, 2019

Magic in a Bottle!

I literally just bought it a few weeks ago from the black friday sale along with two other oils from E.L.F. and I LOVE IT! I have super dry skin and have been looking for something to keep my skin hydrated especially in the winter months in NY. This has magically changed my life. I use it before I sleep and my face not only looks healthier but I've had a couple of stubborn marks from break-outs and now the marks are dissappearing. Like omg! I'm so shook! I've tried so many different things and this just seems to do the trick. I love how it doesn't break me out and I'm super sensitive as well. Any little thing I break-out. I also mix a few drops with my foundation and now I never have to worry about my makeup having dry patches throughout the day. I look dewy and glowy! I love this product, I hope E.L.F. never stops making this little bottle of magic. It's so great especially for the price point. Less

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userSeptember 5, 2019

Perfect before makeup

This is the first oil control product I used that I felt absorbing the oil as soon as I applied it. Most others have to dry before I can see or feel a difference and then when I sweat or the humidity is bad then it feels like I need to reapply the product. However, with this product it instantly absorbs the oil and continues to stay dry throughout the day. Applying this before makeup and finishing my face with a matte powder, prevents me from getting a oily t-zone throughout the day which makes my foundation last so long now. I use to avoid wet foundation because I was so oily but this product has changed everything! It has a slight smell to it but it goes away quickly and has actually grown on me. For me, this product worked a lot better under makeup than the Oil Liquid Lotion from elf. That product is better as just a balancing moisturizer when not applying makeup after. This product is good for either use but since it also minimizes pores, I really love this under makeup (wet or dry).I have an oily t-zone so I only apply this to that area and I have sensitive skin but this has not made me have any sort of bad reaction. Less

- elfcosmetics.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Salix Nigra Bark Extractirritant
Hydroxyethyl Acrylate Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymerirritant
Butylene Glycolirritant
Xanthan Gumirritant

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Community posts

Profile picture of Holly McLanahan
Holly McLanahan
OilyOily Skin
I have oily T Zone bad. By the middle of the day I am super shiny and oily. I have used Clinique Beyond Perfecting I love it but turns me orange after awhile. I have used Too Faced Peach Mattifyjng. I want to try Fenty Mattifyjng. I just want to know the best for oily skin. Even drug store recommendations would be ok. But I tend to break out on the cheaper foundations. I want full coverage as well. So far the Too Faced Peach is the best so far but willing to try other. I am sick of being shiny by middle of day and having to use my Beauty Blender blotters. I use E.L.F poreless putty primer or W n W Matte Priner so priner reco would be good too. I also use Clinique setting powder. Just help sick of being Oily. Oh! And I use Born This Way full cover Concealor. I was using De-Slick UD Setting Spray as well but now use E.L.F Matter spray. So any and all reco please for all the above! TIA
Profile picture of Hailey Bobb
Hailey Bobb
OilyOily Skin
I have super oily skin my t zone is even worse. I also have super sensitive skin. I use the body shop’s seaweed line (it’s for oily skin) in conjunction with with the tea tree line for when I’m having acne. But I literally load up on anything and everything the is “mattifying” or is matte for moisturizers and primers. I also bake. Even my foundations are matte. I don’t use everything in the picture all together but these are the products I’ve found work for me and my acne prone skin. Depending on the day and how much makeup I wear and whether or not I’m having a breakout kind of determines with group I use. When I’m not breaking out and I’m just gonna wear a a sheer coverage foundation or a BB cream, the elf+ matte line works well with the elf oil control primer mist. I have classes from 8 in the morning and then work until 6 in the afternoon and usually don’t get home until 7ish and my makeup lasts. When I get home I usually notice that I’m getting oily but it’s not a gross looking oily, I look “luminous” on my t zone. When I’m wearing full coverage foundation I use the body shop line. But, I also feel like the heavier the products you use, the more oil your skin is going to produce. Which means your makeup isn’t going to last as long. On my full coverage days I usually carry around blotting mist, blotting powder, and blotting paper as well. Generally if I can get away with it, I stick with sheer coverage foundations. If I want a little more coverage I’ll add some full coverage foundation to my sheer coverage but not a lot. Just so that I can keep it as light as possible. I’ll also use powder foundations in conjunction with liquid sheer coverage. Sorry that was so much but I hope it helps!!!
Profile picture of Brianna Alexis
Brianna Alexis
CombinationCombination Skin
So no matter what type of foundation, setting spray, and translucent powder I use my skin ALWAYS gets oily/shiny and caked in my pores. I have tried a TON of remedies and no success 😕 any advice or products? Thank you!
Profile picture of Hannah King
Hannah King
CombinationCombination Skin
I always use elf products for my face (besides highlighter) i start with their oil free moisturizer as my base ( which is the moisturizer I have linked here) then I use their flawless finish liquid foundation and the. Their 16 hour camo concealer and then their illuminating face pallet to contour and set the creams and liquids along with a powder blush. Keep a small compact powder for back up in case some oil shines through but that should reduce cakeyness and the oily products.
Profile picture of Irlenia Diaz
Irlenia Diaz
OilyOily Skin
Helloo I have oily skin and I look for a good moisturizer please Help me
Profile picture of Jessica Barwell
Jessica Barwell
OilyOily Skin
This is stuff is amazing!!
Profile picture of Diana G
Diana G
CombinationCombination Skin
Hey guys what’s the best matte primer that can control oils for a whole school day because I really hate touching up an I sometimes don’t have time to and only my t zone gets super oily thanks 💕💕
Profile picture of Dana Mendia
Dana Mendia
OilyOily Skin
Lately I’ve been using This from elf and honestly I love it. I used it today and my face barley got oily. I really recommend. It’s only $8.