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BB Cream SPF 20 by e.l.f.

BB Cream SPF 20

staying power(48)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: Beige
e.l.f.Buy ($6)

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i have super oily skin, even my hourglassimmaculate liquid powder mattifying foundation breaks down in my tzone, but this bb cream lasts longer and looks better

- Elfcosmetics User

i have to warn you, it is a bit oily but i always use the translucent mattifying powder to get rid of any shine

- Elfcosmetics User



i have combination skin, and usually any foundation highlights my dry patches, but this bb is sooooo hydrating and makes my face look very hydrated

- Elfcosmetics User

it covers well, moisturizes, and makes my skin look flawless

- Elfcosmetics User


blends well

it glides and blends really smoothly and easily, i love the texture and after it dries, you can use clear matte powder to set it a bit if you're oily in the t zone like me

- Elfcosmetics User

i love how well this blends in with my skin and how light it feels

- Elfcosmetics User

staying power


boy was i wrong,this stuff is the best i've ever tried,the best coverage and last all day

- Elfcosmetics User

this formula is also great because it's long lasting and doesn't fade awkwardly, and is versatile as an eyelid primer/concealer/spot treatment/undereye circle corrector

- Elfcosmetics User



i have been using this almost everyday for the past year, because i have a fairly clear complexion and combination skin i believe it works best for me because i don't need the heavy coverage so this is perfect

- Elfcosmetics User

the coverage is good, a little lighter than the regular tinted moisturizer yet more lightweight and feels more like a moisturizer than a foundation

- Elfcosmetics User



i don't really know how, but this bb cream makes my textured skin look sooo smooth and perfect

- Elfcosmetics User

always getting complements on my skin and how smooth and glowing it is - so lots of recommendations

- Elfcosmetics User



i have combination skin and this hasn't caused any breakouts, evens out my skin tone and keeps my old acne marks looking luminous

- Elfcosmetics User

it gives a marvelous amount of coverage and leaves you with the most beautiful, luminous finish (not greasy by any stretch of the imagination)

- Elfcosmetics User

pore minimizing

not pore minimizing

unfortunately, it clogs my pores and if i leave it on too long it causes breakouts

- Elfcosmetics User

every pore on my face and dry spots i didn't even realize i had

- Elfcosmetics User


medium coverage

it is medium coverage almost like a foundation, leaves my skin glowing and is easy to blend with my fingers for a quick on the go application

- Elfcosmetics User

it gives you a flawless skin (medium coverage, but buildable) that doesn’t look heavy

- Elfcosmetics User
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elfcosmetics.com userMarch 30, 2017

holy grail

You will like this product depending on your skin and needs. I have sensitive, dry skin and foundation tends to by too drying for me. I used to use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream but when I discovered this, it was amazing!! The Maybelline was too drying for me but was okay if I mixed a drop of facial oil with it. Also, it barely had coverage so I had to use concealer as well. This ELF BB cream is amazing and way beyond my expectations!! It provide light-medium coverage so that I don't need concealer (only a little for under eyes if I'm going out) and it's super hydrating so that I don't need to mix in oil. It doesn't stick to my dry patches, is very hydrating, and doesn't settle into lines and wrinkles. Great if you're into the natural look. A little goes a fairly long way. At first application, I thought it was rather thick but it blended beautifully with a brush and gave a dewy look. I used this product w/ the ELF Moisturizer. The BB cream has no strong scent and is moisturizing.However, I don't think it would be suitable for oily-skinned people or those looking for full coverage. I think I have found my ideal face product! So excited and it's a plus that ELF is also a cruelty-free brand!!! « less

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userJune 23, 2015

In Pain and Very Disappointed

I was visiting my family for the weekend in NV and wanted (originally) something that was not heavy and that I could endure the heat in without much effort. I bought this product, brand new on Saturday, and used it Sunday morning. I was in a hurry and getting ready to be with my family all day indoors. I did not go out into the sun while wearing this product. As I applied it I discovered several things very quickly - 1) It was sticky as I tried to apply it (Which I found annoying), 2) It sat heavy on my face, something a BB cream is Not supposed to do, 3) The color was all wrong! When I purchased it, I compared the color on the tube to my hand and it matched pretty well. I also asked my Mother and Sister what they thought of the color and they both agreed it was a good match. Then I double checked the color as I applied it to my applicator and it still looked fine, it was slightly lighter in tone than I wanted it to be, but otherwise seemed like any other normal foundation color that I had used in the past. But as I applied it to my clean, chemical free, dry face - it was pasty white! Horrible! Even if I had porcelain skin or was from an oriental decent, I would have to be practically albino for this to even look halfway decent. And it was very difficult to blend in, I even tried using my clean, dry, chemical free fingers to get it on. However, it sat on my face and was obvious I was wearing something like white face paint. I was pressed for time and did not have the time to remove it, so I applied my normal foundation that I have used for years and never had a problem with. I wore it all day and into the night, over 12 hours, all spent indoors. It was very difficult to remove at the end of the day, my normal foundation came off fine but I could feel a somewhat glue like layer of substance still sitting on my face. So I used a warm clean, chemical free wash cloth to remove the rest. Instantly my face was Red, Dry and Hurt, it was extremely tight. So I put forth the effort to instantly apply my fragrance free moisturizer that I have used for years, and mournfully went to bed hopping that by the morning I would be fine. Instead the nightmare did not end. I woke up bright red, and so dry that my face was taut and I couldn't even put my moisturizer on without it burning. It has now been 3 days and I am flaking around my nose and cheekbones, I hurt and am still 100% dry. I tried applying ACV to help (Something ppl use for sunburns) and it didn't even help. I will now be contacting the company personally to discuss this with them. I would like to note that I have used this company in the past with no issue, and I believe it is solely this formula/product from ELF, and I do support this brand as a consumer, who appreciates their price range and efforts to make beauty products available to those who cannot afford much. I hope to recover my skin (somehow) and to resolve this issue with this company, especially since I would like to continue to buy their products. In conclusion to sum it up this is my review - BB cream is supposed to be better to wear in the heat than regular foundation. It's not supposed to be heavy or sticky. But instead this stuff was heavy, sticky and ghost white in comparison to the color that is indicated on the tube. And it has ruined my skin! I have included Before and After photos for reference. « less

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userMarch 31, 2014

Awesome shade with yellow undertone (Buff)

I'm oily/combo skin with slight neutral/yellow undertone. I use MAC match master 2.0 usually and "buff" fit my skin shade very very well. It did everything a real BB should do: Brighten the skin tone, matte but slightly dewy at the same time, easy to apply and stayed on great for about 3 hrs which covered my grocery/bank run and then some. Definitely great when you want the perfect naked skin look. It glides and blends really smoothly and easily, I love the texture and after it dries, you can use clear matte powder to set it a bit if you're oily in the T zone like me.Con: I did not like the smell at first. It went away after a while but initial sniff was not the best in my opinion. I think Im usually ok with scents in cosmetics and it did go way after a few min of wearing it but it would probably bother those who are really sensitive to scents.Also I wish it came in a bigger size. This size is great and I will definitely use it while I travel but I wish there were two sizes.I'd say this can be compared to Missha Perfect BB. #23 is too pink for me and 27 is slight too dark but it has yellow undertone which I like. It's probably in between those two but without pink undertone.Overall : One of the best American BB I have used « less

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userMarch 6, 2015

Blown Away

This BB cream is AMAZING. NUDE is a great match for my nearly impossible to match light olive skin tone. It's a touch dark for winter (I definitely get away with it though) but absolutely perfect the rest of the year. A little goes a long way: 1-2 pea size drops for my entire face achieves medium (but still quite natural) coverage...! I have awful combo skin: very FLAKY dry, but most things I might try to relieve that will cause BREAKOUTS. Since I am so acne prone, I am wary to try new products. This one doesn't cause any breakouts as long as I don't leave it on my face overnight. It also doesn't stir up flakes like countless other BBs and foundations I've tried, yet it's not heavy or cakey (it feels natural on the skin)! One complaint I have about the formula is that sometimes I need to blot a light layer of oil midday. I'm o.k. with this: it's much easier to deal with than flaky skin!!!! This formula is also great because it's long lasting and doesn't fade awkwardly, and is versatile as an eyelid primer/concealer/spot treatment/undereye circle corrector. I don't think I could say enough good things about it? BUT there is this: I did not take any stars off for the packaging because I'm just so darn impressed with the formula for the price, but I hope ELF reads this and takes note that something is wrong with the packaging. When my BB arrived it was dripping oil! I cleaned it and it dripped some more over night. I cleaned it again and almost resolved to throw it out. I'm glad/lucky I resolved to try it anyways. The dripping stopped after that, too. The pump has worked great for me, I love being able to control one little drop at a time. Thanks ELF and PLEASE NEVER DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT! <3 « less

- elfcosmetics.com
elfcosmetics.com userMarch 19, 2014

Way better than I was expecting

I had been meaning to try BB cream for quite a while now and was excited that ELF launched their own line. As the price was so reasonable I figured I may as well try it. I normally wear acne fighting foundation for the coverage and the pigmentation. I also have very oily skin so I'm always curious as to whether or not a liquid foundation will last throughout the day. The first thing I noticed about the BB cream was how wonderful it smells. Seriously, it smells like coconut and cocoa butter. Plus, it went on so softly with a stipple brush, provided medium coverage, and it's lasted through the day even though I broke a sweat in it.Truly a great product that may prove to be a replacement for heavy liquid foundation. I purchased this in "fair" and it looks very natural on my skin; just a touch of orange but nothing to complain about. Seriously, well done ELF! « less

- elfcosmetics.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oilacneirritant
Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethiconehazard
Propylene Glycolhazard
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard

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