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Angled Contour Eye Brush by e.l.f.

Angled Contour Eye Brush

e.l.f.Buy ($4)

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not shedding

the bristles are very soft, and don't shed

- Walgreens User

this brush is amazingly soft and doesn't shed at all

- Walgreens User



this brush is extremely soft on the skin, yet it is strong enough for the eyeshadow to adhere to it

- Walgreens User

this blends perfectly with its soft bristles

- Walgreens User


good quality

for the price and quality, this is an amazing find

- Ulta User

amazing quality brush

- Walgreens User
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walgreens userDecember 06, 2011

Where has this brush been?

I have been wearing makeup for sometime now but was never too knowledgable on the proper tools to use when applying makeup, especially eyeshadow! When it came to eyeshadow, I used ONE brush ( similar to e.l.f's eyeshadow "c" brush) for the entire application process ( lid, crease, brow bone, and highlight). I was never really satisfied with my finished look but refused to go out and spend a ton of $$$ on a bunch of brushes. Upon learning about e.l.f cosmetics, I came on this website and went CRAZY! I purchased many items including this brush. My oh my what a difference! For the first time, my eyeshadow was FLAWLESS!!! This brush picks up just the right amount of product and distributes/ and blends so well. Honestly, I should have just purchased this brush alone for eyeshadow

- walgreens
drugstore.com userSeptember 27, 2007

This brush is fabulous. I ...

This brush is fabulous. I have always used the shorter brushes for eye shadow and now I'm mad at myself for using them all these years. This LONG brush is perfect to watch where you are applying the eye shadow and the texture and softness of the bristles are lovely. Can't believe it is only a dollar for this quality of a product. I am going to buy more now, so I don't double dip my shadows. Thank you to everyone who writes product reviews, whether it's for this buck item or more expensive things. I bought this item based on the reviews and I am not disappointed. Thanks to drugstore.com, since I have never seen this product out in the retail.

- drugstore.com
Target userFebruary 23, 2018

Not even close.

Nope. Says it can handle eyeshadow, but it cannot do the crease area as advertised, and the color payoff is abysmal compared to other better-quality brushes. I have other elf brushes that I love, but this is not one of them and I will probably never use it. One for the trash heap. Reason: does not hold or transfer the eyeshadow, bristles are not compact enough, angle of the bristles is VERY sloppily cut. I bought two brushes to compare them - this one and the Sonia Kashuk angled crease brush (no. 210). Though the size of both these is rather large for a crease brush, the Kashuk brush did perform as advertised in the crease. I will still be looking for a smaller angle crease brush, but at least the Kashuk brush performed.Elf should not say their brush is useful for eyeshadow when it is too large for that task. Thankfully it wasn't at all expensive. Less

- Target
walgreens userOctober 20, 2011

Nice Brush

This brush is large - slightly bigger than the tip of my finger. I do my eyes differently than how you "should" - I put one color from lash to brow, then layer darker colors on my lids and crease. This is my go to brush for the base color and I also use it for blending. High quality - no shedding, still in perfect condition after daily use for several months.

- walgreens
walgreens userJanuary 31, 2014

I NEVER write reviews, but...

i am IN LOVE with this brush. i don't use it to contour. I first used this brush to blend out my eyeshadow, but have since move to a different brush for that. Not because it wasn't doing the job well, but i mistakenly found THE BEST WAY to use this brush, for me a least. i use this sort of pat and blend in my concealer, all over my face where concealer is needed, BUT it works AMAZING at blending concealer under the eyes and around the nose. it is PERFECT for the delicate under eye area, and de to its flat top, gives me a perfect airbrushed finish under my eyes every single time. I had bought a high end concealer that all my friends and beauty blogjavascript:void(0)gers alike RAVE about, and i couldn't get it to set under my eyes without it creasing or making me look 90 years old and dry. THEN I USED THIS BRUSH IN A PINCH ON MORNING, and it was the best mistake I've ever made. FLAWLESS FLAWLESS FLAWLESS. can't find a better brush to apply and blend my concealer, and i own over 50 brushes right now. LOVELOVELOVE

- walgreens

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