Acne Fighting Spot Gel by E.l.f.

Acne Fighting Spot Gel


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good for acne
redness relief
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cruelty-free, drugstore, vegan

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Good for oily skin

"...perfect for oily skin..."

- Walmart User

"...perfect for oily skin..."

- Elfcosmetics User
acnegood for acne
"this is the most effective acne product i’ve used"
- Elfcosmetics User
"i absolutely love this acne stick"
- Walmart User
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rednessredness relief
"this treatment really reduces the swelling and redness of my acne, it isn't an instant fix but it really does help my skin to heal and improve my blemishes"
- Walmart User
"i can see a positive change in my acne and redness for a great price"
- Walmart User
"this clears up blemishes super fast, no scarring or irritating of skin"
- Walmart User
"it dries up the pimple without irritation (slight redness)"
- Walmart User


Jackie Sandoval
combinationCombination Skin
Good for acne
This is great and such a safer and faster alternative to getting rid of premature blemishes compared to DIY recipes from Pinterest. Not only is it affordable but it’s also so much better for your skin. Your skin will be so happy afterwards✨ #Beautyverse
Walmart User
Good for acne, gentle, good for sensitive skin
I typically get singular breakouts once a month but occasionally i get 2-3 at a time; this month was one of those times. I'm 44, caucasian, medium to light skin, female, little to no lines/wrinkles, T-zone oily with dryness on my chin and jawline. My breakouts are typically in my dry zones but sometimes in my temples/forehead. I had jawline breakouts on Friday, my acne gel roller arrived Saterday afternoon, i applied it Sat. night. , several times over the course of the day Sunday and started to see results by Sunday Afternoon. It didn't eliminate the breakouts but it made it super easy to do extractions with no additional damage to the irritated areas. I continued to apply the gel after washing the areas & on Monday morning i had very minor, flat, pink marks where the breakouts had been. I can see where some have said "using a roller on a pimple is painful", i agree too but in this case, beauty is pain. breakouts that i would have squeezed and picked until i was bruised, swollen and red; which would have then taken weeks to heal and left scars, are now just a faint memory. i suggest this item and advise that you pull up you "big girl panties" & suck up the MINOR discomfort of rolling over a zit, it's well worth the effort and sacrifice.
Walmart User
Bad for acne, abrasive, causes flare ups
I used this stick for a while. If I had a really bad breakout and throughout a long work day I noticed a pimple start to form, I would use this to try to combat it. I happen to have a lot of acne so spot treatment for me can still cover a lot of the skin of my face. I thought it was working because I felt the "sting", and that I just had bad acne all the time. Eventually I realized that every time I used this product my face was become MORE inflamed and irritated and painful. When I stopped using this and switched to a different spot treatments, I realized that this product does NOT work and that I was having a really bad reaction to it (and blaming the reaction on my naturally bad skin) and my skin was just getting worse. If you have bad acne, sensitive skin, or any other skin condition that leaves your skin vulnerable, avoid this product. If you're blessed with a good complexion and need a quick fix on a occasional white head, this might work for you.


Compared to other blemish treatments, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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