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Prime Venom by DuWop

Prime Venom

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its a great gloss, makes lips look moist and dewy but its not really heavy or overly shiny

- Viewpoints User

a small amount goes a long way, which makes it worth the somewhat heavy price tag

- Beauty User

staying power

not longlasting

doesn't stay on that long either

- Beauty User

the tingle it gave was cool, but it only lasted about two minutes (which is about how long the gloss will stay on your lips)

- Beauty User

chapped lips

doesn't hydrate lips

did not plump up my small lips at all

- Beauty User

does it plump

- Beauty User
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Beauty.com userAugust 25, 2010

Great product - Use it correctly!

If you apply this properly, I think most people will be very happy with the results. Fully apply it (don't just swipe it quickly across your mouth), let it set for 30 seconds or so, then apply your lipstick color. Now - it's not going to turn your lipstick into one of those "won't rub off" products but it does greatly increase the staying power. It also offsets some of my lipsticks that are more drying. I like it on it's own as well. For those of you who have used Lip Venom, this product does not tingle as much. I will purchase again.

- Beauty.com
Beauty.com userOctober 3, 2005

This is the best lip ...

This is the best lip plumping product that doesn't require needles. I bought this a couple of years ago and kept thinking I would find something better, but this is the best. It does have a slight sting, but it is light weight and it slightly fills your lips. The perfect lip-gloss.

- Beauty.com
Beauty.com userDecember 30, 2009


The only good thing about it is it stains the lips a bright red & you can put gloss or whatever over it. This is the first lip plumper I've tried that wasn't moisterizing or enjoyable. I have liked wearing every lip plumper. Those were long lasting & the tingle felt nice. This stuff tingle burns a bit & that doesn't last. When it dries on the lips it dries the lips! That's the last thing I want. It will go on very red or blotchy red depending on how much you shake the bottle. You can also addd layer to deepen the red. The little bottle is nifty the way the it's made to look like blood & that's about it. I threw mine away. It was that bad!

- Beauty.com
viewpoints.com userMarch 31, 2010

a life saver!

I see a increased fullness and rosiness with this. I was surprised that this gloss also hydrates my lips. There is a tingly burning sensation I actually think it feels good, its sort of invigorating. And the cinnamon smell is delicious. The smell is divine. I love the sheerness and the stinging is tolerable. It doesn't change the color of my lips that much which is great when I'm going for something more subtle. It's more effective a plumper than I've ever tried I love the stinging sensation.The texture is more slippery gloss instead of goopy or sticky. It doesn't last an eternity but I think it's within reason for longevity. It's really nice, I really like it, I'd probably buy it again, but I'm very aware of how much I use each time and want to try and make it last as long as I can. Its a great gloss, makes lips look moist and dewy but its not really heavy or overly shiny. it's a very small tube for the price <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- viewpoints.com
Beauty.com userJune 11, 2005

I really like this ...

I really like this product. The tingle that you experience is enjoyable and the gloss really works. The bottle is so small because you don't need to re-apply every 5 minutes. While the gloss wears off, your lips stay plump for hours. I highly recommend it.

- Beauty.com

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