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qualitygood quality
"i can't believe it's only $8, i would imagine such a high quality amazing glue like this would retail for much more"
- Sephora User
"thanks duo for the good quality"
- Sephora User
precisionprecise application
"the brush on this applicator is very soft and makes application precise"
- Ulta User
"precise application and long lasting"
- Sephora User
qualitypoor quality
"it’s not as durable"
- Sallybeauty User
"i hope they reformulate this in a tube and more durable formula"
- Sallybeauty User

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Oliwia Kałuża
combinationCombination Skin

Drunk Elephant Night Bright Duo is it good for oil skin with acne and is it worth the price? #drunkelephant #oilskin #acne #opinion

NightBright Duo

drunk elephant
Providence Gilkey
sensitiveSensitive Skin
Personally, i’ve heard some pretty bad things ab drunk elephant in how they treat customers and constructive criticism about their brand. I have heard that the Sephora Collection is very similar to drunk elephant’s quality and is at a much better price point!
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oilyOily Skin

Oily skin foundation and primer!! Help plz!!! Hi y’all!! I’m looking for a foundation and primer duo for oily skin that doesn’t look cakey. It sucks because I love the look of dewy foundations but I can’t use them 😔 any suggestions?

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Corbyn ayer
combinationCombination Skin

Any recommendations for good eyelash glue? I use the black duo glue and my inner corner sides keep coming up throughout the day/night when i use It :/

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