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Good for dry skin

"...very comfortable and soothing for my sensitive/dry skin..."

- Lovelyskin User

"...however, this toner does wonderful things for my dry skin..."

- Lovelyskin User
uneven skintoneevens out skin
"the fragrance is awesome & this toner leaves the skin feeling clean & refreshed"
- Lovelyskin User
"this toner made my skin feel extra fresh and clean after cleansing"
- John Lewis User
Good for combination skin

"...i have combination skin and they agree with my skin perfectly and have cleared up my adult acne..."

- Lookfantastic User

"...it disappears into my combination skin immediately leaving it soft and smooth..."

- John Lewis User
Good for dry skin

"...this lotion is for very dry skin, which i don't have but i am concerned about ageing and hydration so it has been great..."

- Feelunique User

"...great for my super dry skin doesn't leaves skin oily..."

- Skin1 User
chapped lipshydrates lips
"i am super satisfied with this product - highly pigmented colour, super creamy and comfortable to wear, colour stays and wears really nicely and best of all my lips feel well hydrated during and after wearing"
- Mecca User
"i had super chapped (cracked and bleeding) lips last night and i put this on and my lips were perfect this morning"
- Beauty User
staying powerlonglasting
"i'm obsessed with this beautiful rosy shade, its hydrating and it stays put"
- Sephora User
"it stays on a long time"
- Credobeauty User
Good for dry skin

"...i will agree that this toned cream is great for dry skins..."

- Lookfantastic User

"...this tinted cream is the best for my dry skin..."

- Ebay User
"it's a great colour and beautifully moisturising and of course wonderful ingredients"
- John Lewis User
"it is great for a very light cover for dry skin as it is very rich and creamy"
- Ebay User

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Olivia Mack
sensitiveSensitive Skin

thoughts on the dr bronners tea tree soap?

Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Liquid Soap Citrus Orange

dr bronners
Bri K 💛
combinationCombination Skin
Super awesome. Love it.
5 replies
Stephanie Nielson
combinationCombination Skin

Hi everyone! I have dozens of lip balms and lip oils... smith’s rose salves, eos, Burt’s bees... so far aquaphor, neutrogena and dr. Paw paw have worked the best, but still seem to have dry lips and need to constantly apply lip balm. Any suggestions?

18 replies
Caroline Chaves
sensitiveSensitive Skin

Recondmendatuons needed! I have had this cheek redness (both sides) for years, I don’t know if it’s rosacea, eczema, acne, or something else! And I have tried so many things to fix it (dr. Jart does NOT work) any suggestions on skincare products? Any idea what it is? #rednessrelief #seekingrecommendations #skincare #sensitive

9 replies