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Rouge Blush by Dior

Rouge Blush

999ActricePoison MatteRose Caprice MatteRose Montaigne


A limited-edition Rouge Blush Highlighter for the holiday season which celebrates Christian Dior’s lucky star.

Key Benefits:

  • Does Not Have Fallout
  • Lightweight
  • Longlasting
  • Smooth
  • Blends Well

Ratings & Reviews

4.691% of 791reviewers recommend this product

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Reviews Mentioning Cons:

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Escentual user
July 5, 2013

Best Purchase ever.....

I cannot stop raving about this new foundation I bought.....OMG.......if your looking for a full coverage foundation, this is not the product for you, but if your looking for that flawless, airbrushed, matte-finish, second-skin liquid foundation coverage, that enhances your complexions radiance and gives you an awakened appearance, by making you skin look supple without any creaminess whatsoever( as it is oil-free....i know!!..amazing right?...especially for us oily-skin babes).......This is my Holy-grail of foundations (I call it a face-lift in a bottle).For my NW43 MAC studio fix skin, I use the DIOR naked glow in amber-063. I love love love this product and now prefer using it over my MAC pro-longwear foundation; my studio fix foundation and my YSL touche eclat foundation.Additionally I recommend that any one purchasing this foundation should try out the DIORskin Nude tan- nude glow sun powder as well, they both make the world of difference to your make up routine.P.s what I love most about this product is that it is so effortless to apply, you don't need to spend hours for me as I am more of the apply and go kinda gal!!! « less

Sephora user
February 22, 2013

Price reflects quality & durability

Have tried ("in house" @ the home of a Dior "addict"). Can b applied wet/dry via makeup sponge/blush airbrush. If u travel w/your makeup this powder blush is packaged for that. I, personally, do not take stock in the packaging as much as i do the product's quality of formulation, color stability & durability, as i generally remove the tin containing the product in such package & place it on a palette of my own devise (if possible - do not attempt this at home; & never try this w/Nars product in compact or combination palettes, as i can assure u, they r securely meant 2 stay "in their pre-determined resting places"! OMD! Be aware that price does reflect quality of packaging. Wet or dry appplication matters depending on the skin's texture & intensity of tint desired (in one application). It is highly pigmented there4 a petit amount used is sufficient 4 daywear. If u carry your rouge/blush w/u daily this is a safe choice. I prefer liquide 4 many that takes up 2 much "downtime" 2 apply. The phrases come 2 mind, "Not everyone can afford every thing" & "u get what u pay 4". C'est vrai (true). Read formula whenever made available & compare them. If your cosmetics travel w/you then, by all means, do consider the package/its size & durability if u plan on utilizing it (in tact) for any length of time). Naturally price of product is simply a sensible consideration. Are you wearing the product..or is it wearing you, or worse..the sheer cost of it is wearing u out! This is a good product for those whose cosmetics travel w/them daily. With powder rouge temperature changes hot/cold r less of a problem, but if u drop on a hard surface u may have "critical fall-out".! The color here is stable & predictable. For fair2 medium toned skin. « less

Escentual user
August 31, 2013


This is the by far the best foundation I have come across and I have tried nearly everything available in the UK! It gives long wearing (even on very oily skin) medium coverage that looks lightweight, and can be built up on problem areas without caking or changing colour. (A concealer is still needed to cover recent blemish marks for example but once they have started to fade the foundation built up alone is enough.) For me the shade match was perfect and that is something I have really struggled with. I have fair neutral-cool skin and find nearly everything too yellow or too pink but 010 (mixed with 020 in summer) blends seamlessly. I can’t speak for the warmer/darker shades but Dior do seem to have catered for a wide range of skin tones. And it gives you a beautiful subtle (there are no sparkles in this) radiant glow! « less

Sephora user
April 22, 2015

Not my fav

I really like and use the LM and BB blushers. I thought I would give tihs a try, given the glowing reviews, and description of a finely-milled blush. Well, I compared this to my BB in Pale Pink, and the BB is more bright yet sheer and just wakes up my skin doing what I thought this would do, that much better. This powder feels a bit too thick, and when I swatch it with my finger, it is powdery. I do not like powdery products, and prefer very very fine milled blushers that are more on the sheer side that you can build up. I have fair skin with pink undertone, and have a bit of a tan now. Was looking to wake up my skin, as my new routine is bare bones: Sunscreen, Ambient Bronzing powder in the lighter color, a pop of bright blush, mascara and lip gloss. This just added too much thickness to my face, and the color was a bit muddy with the ambient bronzer. The Bobbi Brown in Pale Pink was not muddy at all, did not turn a peach'ish color, and looked vibrant and was a sheer bright pop of pink on my cheeks. Sorry another Dior bites the dust, as literally this was a thicker dusty powder that changed colors to a peach on my cheeks. Disappointed in Dior, especially given all of the raving reviews. I will be re ordering another BB in Pale Pink. Typically I switch products, I am not loyal to any brand or color. But the BB in Pale Pink just wakes up my cheeks so well -- and this failed me. BTW: The only BB products I use are her matt blushers, and then only a few (3) work on my skin tone, so I am not a BB huge fan, just my humble opinion ...... Serioulsy, I don't understand the reviews of this product « less

House of Fraser user
April 2, 2014

So naturally perfect!

I've been wanting this for a while, so I thought I'd treat myself when it went on offer.This looks SO BRIGHT when you open it. When I first apply it to my cheeks, I feel like a Barbie Doll, that's how candy pink it is! Give it a few minutes and voila, the blush magically customises to my skin and I look like I have a naturally radiant glow. It does not look Barbie pink at all!I love this blush so much, it's now my favourite! It is a sheer colour that transforms a tired night into a healthy glow. It looks so pretty and gorgeous. I've had many people telling me how radiant I look. Oh and it lasts all day!An added bonus is that it comes packaged in a beautiful velvet pouch, just what you'd expect from a premium brand like Dior. The mirror inside is a good size as well...AND it has a lovely rosy scent! I hope this blush lasts me a long time, as I plan to use it a lot!The only glitch I have is the brush, as it's not easy to blend with. Instead, I prefer to use my own brush.I'm very very fussy with makeup, as I like a "no makeup" look, which is sometimes hard to achieve when many products out there are designed to make you look so made up. This blush is absolutely perfect for me. It's subtle and still makes you look so gorgeous. I definitely recommend it! « less

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