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Capture Totale Cell Energy Firming Wrinkle Correcting by Dior

Capture Totale Cell Energy Firming Wrinkle Correcting

uneven skintone(28)
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the creme itself is very light, as you apply it to your skin it almost dissolves into a liquid and it absorbs within seconds to leave a dewey, luminous sheen

- John Lewis User

my face was more firm after just one use and i loved the radiant look it gave my skin, so smooth and fresh looking

- Saksfifthavenue User


redness relief

use, i am floored by the results i'm seeing in the firmness, the luminosity, and the reduction of fine lines of my skin

- Neimanmarcus User

i think it does a pretty good job at reducing fine lines, evening out some texture, and making the skin look healthy

- Neimanmarcus User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

anti-aging benefits remain to be seen, but i was very pleasantly surprised by how much visible difference this serum made on my hydration, and in evening my skin tone in such a short time

- Neimanmarcus User

it has niacinamide high in the ingredient listing and this helps even my skin tone

- Sephora User



i loved how lightweight and silky it felt immediately when i applied it, and it soaked in very well for my skin

- Sephora User

if feels so light on the skin and smells great

- Neimanmarcus User



fine lines are smoothed, more plumped and my skin overall feels more hydrated

- Neimanmarcus User

my skin feels plump and smooth after using, i can tell the best difference in the mornings after using it in my night time routine

- Sephora User



the product really sinks into my skin & gives a noticeable healthy glow appearance - i am using both the cd capture totale serum & wrinkle correcting cell cream

- John Lewis User

overall this serum made my skin feel soft and supple while it visibly lifted sagging skin around my jawline and decreased fine lines and wrinkles almost immediately

- Saksfifthavenue User



no irritation, dry patches or breakouts

- Neimanmarcus User

in fact a small amount goes a long way, it feels more like a lotion that absorbed fairly well, was gentle no irritation in the opposite it felt somehow calming i really loved its feeling over my skin doing circular massaging and the way it left my skin so soft for the following few hours

- Sephora User


bad for acne

i do not get blemishes like this ever

- Sephora User

not the normal acne i usually get these were the knots under your skin cystic acne

- Sephora User
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neimanmarcus.com userMarch 10, 2020

High price, low results

The packaging had limited useful info. It was filled with flowery language intended to make this product sound much more important than it really is. It said to apply to face and neck morning and night. I did not notice any lasting effects other than a sticky residue on my skin. It did NOT plump my skin, it did NOT reduce wrinkles, and did NOT reduce pores. It did nothing that it advertised and the cost is extremely high considering. I received this serum free for review purposes. I have used several products that have improved the appearance of fine lines and this is not one of them. I am very confused by this product. I took before and after photos and there is literally zero anti aging effect. 

- neimanmarcus.com
Sephora userMarch 15, 2020

Magic In a beautiful glass bottle...

So I know what you're thinking..."oh there is a lot of free sample here so how do I know if this really works?"I am here to tell you that it does and it's "Magic in a bottle" Even though I got this as a free sample, I WILL be buying this when I run out. About me, I have mature skin that I try A LOT of serums/moisturizers/ peels and cleansers to try and help my issues. My skin is super dry, peels around my nose and have the 11 wrinkles (deep on right side) and forehead wrinkles starting, and texture on my upper cheeks, and redness with random breakouts at 40. I stopped using all other products for 2 weeks besides "Olehenriksen" foaming cleanser to see how it works.The first night I used my clarasonic and waited about 30 minutes and used 2 pumps of this and immediately I noticed around my nose didn't feel tight or dry. It did not Pill up or feel greasy, it soaked into my skin right away. On day 5 my skin looked healthy, less red. I even got a few comments asking what I was doing differently because my skin looked different and I was going without wearing foundation even !! When I use powder type highlighter or blush now it soaks into my skin and looks healthy and less dull. I've been using it for 2 weeks and no break outs, it has a light almost refreshing scent but it's made my skin look so good that I have more confidence, and my skin is glowing in harsh winter and stopped peeling!! The deep wrinkle on my eyebrow is still there but looks less deep and the rest of my skin looks plump and so good that you don't even look at that because the rest of it is so healthy and less dull and uneven, less texture that I can go without foundation or bb cream!! And its nice to find something that works so well and you know you do not have to buy 50 other products to try and achieve the same thing, so you actually save money. This has been an absolute game changer for me and excited to see more results as I use it!! TRY THIS!! Less

- Sephora
neimanmarcus.com userMarch 14, 2020

Excellent for hydration and texture!

This is closer to a 4.5 star product for me - great but not perfect.PROS:- Great ingredients- Early, visible improvements- A little goes a long way- Good texture and sinks in quicklyCONS- Fragrance (even though it’s minor)- Price (though bang for your buck is good so far!)- Was a bit heavy for under makeup on my combo skinI received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest review. I’ve been using this for about 7 days, twice a day as Dior recommends, to compare it to their claims. Anti-aging benefits remain to be seen, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how much visible difference this serum made on my hydration, and in evening my skin tone in such a short time. It kicked a lot of the redness out and left me with a nice, plump glow. It didn’t play well under makeup for me, but likely would on someone of a slightly drier skin type. But to be honest, I was enjoying the way my skin looked without any makeup, so it wasn’t much of a problem!It feels luxurious, and sinks in relatively well, though it did dry down a bit tacky for me. This could have been due to other hydrating products I used in conjunction. A little does go a long way! I was able to use 1-1.5 pumps to cover my face and neck on toner damp skin.I changed my routine a bit and used this serum with a hydrating toner and a light gel moisturizer in the AM, and with glycolic acid or a granactive retinoid in the PM. I saw no interactions with any of it, and experienced no purging or breakouts.The scent is light, but not great, and overall I hate fragrance in skincare as it is so often an irritant. And the price may make you flinch, but I won’t judge it for another couple weeks.Overall, I was impressed with this product and will continue to use it at least at night. Definitely worth trying if you are looking for a big infusion of hydration and to help with textural and tonal irregularities! Less

- neimanmarcus.com
neimanmarcus.com userMarch 15, 2020

I was shocked about trying this, and the results I got, it is like magic in a bottle...

I am 40, with maturing dry/red/ peeling around my nose and peeling nose/textured/slight sun damage skin with deep "11's' brow wrinkles. This was sent to me for testing purposes and it's like magic in a bottle!! I only used a Olehenriksen cleanser on a Carasonic and the Dior Capture. After about a week of this 2 pumps at night my skin looked healthy, less dull and uneven:glowy in the middle of winter and snow even!! Week two I went out without foundation or Bb cream and was asked by people what I was doing differently because my face and skin looked better than they had ever seen it, I told them and one of my friends went out and purchased a bottle and is on week one and in love with her results as well!! The redness is gone, the peeling on the sides of my nose and face is gone and the texture on my cheeks even look like "normal" skin when I use powder products on it like blush and highlighter. It's like the powder actually sinks into my skin now and makes it glow and healthy looking versus just sitting on top of my skin and making it look cakey when you get up close to me. I am shocked at how well this product works and honestly was not expecting it to work like this and be this good. Another thing my friend and I were talking about is, most of us go out and buy 20 to 50 different products to try put and see what works for us and what shows results and what don't. Yes, this might be a bit expensive, but the thing is when you find something that works and shows results, REAL results like this product does, you won't need to go out and buy all those other products to try and get results so you actually save money in the long run by doing it this way and you have more space for other things like Makeup to have fun and play around in!! You most definitely need to try this !! Less

- neimanmarcus.com
Sephora userJanuary 29, 2020

Great long term results in skin condition

I wasn't sure at first if the very small sample I received would be enough to guage long term results, but fortunately, a little goes a long way! I rotated this in to my normal routine, using it about every third day once at morning and night. It's sort of a watery gel/cream, so I just took a very small amount and patted/dabbed it over the most problematic areas of my face. Since it is supposed to work by rejuvenatinf mother cells that can make millions of more cells, I didn't think it would need applied all over or rubbed in.And, wow! This definitelty exceeded my cynical expectations. At the beginning of the month, my skin was stressed and broken out from me going through a few weeks of trying to detox some deep clogged pores. A month later, using this serum, my skin is now soft, supple, and more even toned. My pores look a lot better, clearer and smaller, fine wrinkles have been reduced, and it looks like my skin has firmed a bit and is no longer as saggy. Since I'm at the age where signs of aging are starting to hit, this was like turning back the clock a few years. I've also noted that I haven't had to do any extra exfoliation, save lips, in the last two weeks, and my skin no longer looks dead and dry.The product does have a light perfume - which I personally loved and found relaxing, but might not be good for those who avoid fragrance in skin care. There was a bit of short term shininess on my forehead after the third time I used it, but that cleared up pretty quick.I wish I'd had a larger sample, but if it can work this much improvement when used sparingly every few days for a month, then I can guess its longer term effects when applied all over would be amazing. Less

- Sephora


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Ascorbyl Palmitateacne
Potassium Sorbatehazard
Stearyl Alcoholacneirritant
Sodium Benzoatehazard