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Heather Marie
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I’m assuming this severe dry skin and flaking is from the Differin. I have been using it for over a month and have noticed my pores shrinking. I do not have terrible acne, just here and there. Should I stop the Differin and use an AHA BHA cleanser or change other products? I tagged me regimen. More details on a previous post. #help #differin #adapalene #flaking

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Taylor Burns
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Hey girl! So if you’re not moisturizing your skin enough/correctly any type of retinol/exfoliant will likely cause dry skin like this. I’ve been using adapalene for 2 years now and I totally get the dry issues- especially in winter. I think you’ve got a really great start to your regimen, I used to use the hydro boost gel and I still currently use the LRP gentle cleanser. Both definitely helped me but I think you need a richer moisturizer for PM. I like the hydroboost for day time because it’s light, but its not enough to really nourish your skin. Maybe try something like this: AM: If you can deal, don’t cleanse in the morning, the less you strip your skin the better. That cleanser is so gentle but I think you could even just go for a light wipe with a micellar water if your skin isn’t super oily! Next I’d apply your hydro boost gel, but apply it while your face is still wet/damp so your skin can use that excess water. I find not drying my face before moisturizing has helped a ton. Then let your face dry and apply a hydrating sunscreen. I just ordered the purito unscented centella sunscreen and I’m excited to try it out. Sun damage just ain’t worth it and will make your problem worse- even in winter! For PM: If I’m wearing makeup I start by removing it with micellar water. Cleanse with your LRP gentle cleanser. Then I’d try a thicker moisturizer, I really like my cerave PM. Let that dry, apply your adapalene. Let that dry, and then I have been using this Cosrx Rice Mask that I’m actually kind of in love with. I just started using the Inkey Q10 serum in the morning as an antioxidant shield and that’s just a nice small addition with some added hydrating benefits. If you really wanna try an AHA I just bought the Krave Kale-Lalu-yAHA and I’m really liking it so far so I definitely recommend :) Good luck!!

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Taylor Burns
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@Heather Marie id be careful with the type and frequency you use physical exfoliants, but the rise enzyme one sounds good! I’d maybe stick to once a week on that, with gentle pressure, and followed by a good moisturizer. There’s a lot of great brands that make paraben/fragrance/essential oil free products- I try to avoid those as well. I suggest you look into Krave, Paula’s Choice, Ren, and there’s some decent K Beauty brands that I am looking into as well, Cosrx, purito, iUnik! They’re out there, just about taking the time & researching the ingredients! I’m attaching a cool ingredients do’s & donts list that I found on skin junkie- def check it out! (Thanks Hyram)

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Heather Marie
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@Taylor Burns I have definitely consider skipping my am wash. I’ll try the Bioderm Miccelar Water instead and see how it goes. AM- Gentle wash or Miccelar water, skin ceuticals CE Ferulic serum, Neutrogena hydro boost gel, Elta md sunscreen. PM- gentle wash and Miccelar water, Differin every other day, origins eye cream, moisturizer. I purchased tatcha rice enzymes for weekly exfoliation but have not used it yet. Any tips other than a richer pm moisturizer? I only use fragrance free and essential oil free products and good ones are really hard to find.

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Alyssa Christensen
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Acne treatments to recommend? I’ve tried pretty much everything (proactiv, rodan+fields spotless, differin, even antibiotics)

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CUROLOGY!!!! it cleared my really bad acne and i got my cousin on it and her acne was really bad too and now we both have clear skin(in my before pictures my acne was already improved)

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alexis Zubiate
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@Cora how long until you saw improvements????

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julie cameron
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i’ve had acne for quite some time and i would really like to get rid of it... i’ve been to the dermatologist and the only thing that worked was pills but i don’t think it’s enough. does anyone have any suggestions for anything i could use?? right now i’m using differin i think its called

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Rachel Miller
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The glam glow super clearing mud mask really helped me , it’s expensive but I liked it