Velvet Skin Coat Primer by DHC

Velvet Skin Coat Primer


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pore minimizing

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Good for combination skin

"...i have combination skin and large pores..."

- Dhc User

"...i have combination skin and would have to re-wash my face part way through the day to feel clean..."

- Dhc User
"i was surprised at how soft and smooth my skin felt, it was amazing"
- Dhc User
"best product i have ever found to keep shiny skin looking smooth and velvety"
- Dhc User
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staying powerlonglasting
"i love the way it stays on all day and makes my face velvety smooth to the touch and also visibly"
- Dhc User
"after my shower i put it on my face and just a little went a long way, my make-up went right on top of the velvet skin and stayed put all day, no caking in the creases like it did with my old mosturiser"
- Dhc User
pore minimizingpore minimizing
"it covers everything beautifully, evening out my skin tone and it prevents my pores from clogging so that my skin is actually clearing: blackheads disappearing, pores shrinking"
- Dhc User
"it smooths the skin and minimizes pores and bumps"
- Dhc User
"this product is so light weight, coverage is easy with a very small amount"
- Dhc User
"i love the way this products looks and feels, tried another expensive primer and it was like glue and caked on my face while applying this goes on and stays on and gives a wonderful smooth even tone to my otherwise shiny skin"
- Dhc User


DHC User
Drying, not pore minimizing, not good for dry skin
I have combination dry skin so my face is dry on the cheeks and just a bit shiny on the t-zone. This worked but it gave me blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. As soon as i put it on my skin felt like it couldn't breathe. Alas after a few uses i get breakouts on my nose. Not for me. Still have yet to find a makeup base that works and wont clog my pores.
DHC User
Hydrating, lightweight, good for combination skin
I've been using DHC products for a few years but didn't see why everyone loved the Velvet Skin Coat so much. I have combination skin and tried samples of the Skin Coat I received with my orders. It just felt too heavy underneath my make up. Well, now I have more "mature" skin and I recently noticed (to my horror) that my under eye concealer was caking up during the day because the skin under my eyes has become dry over the past couple of years. The skin under my eyes was cakey and flaky and looking like the skin was peeling. The reason this horrified me is because I work with the public every day and regularly give lectures. I found that using the Velvet Skin Coat underneath my eyes keeps the dryness at bay and I don't get that flaky look anymore. I apply the Skin Coat first and let that set for a couple of minutes and then apply my under eye concealer. I look great all day and now I can't imagine not using it!
DHC User
Natural, good for oily skin, smooth
I have large pores, sesitive, oily skin but, with velvet skin coat it looks like I have normal, smooth, non-shiny skin and the look lasts all day. I use it under a light colored toner for a natural look. It helps cover freckles, age spots and redness. It does not irritate or cause breakouts. Best product I have ever found to keep shiny skin looking smooth and velvety. I use it everyday with or without makeup. Never leave home without it.

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