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Super Rich Repair by Dermalogica

Super Rich Repair


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it's currently winter here and the air is very dry; i have used super rich repair for a week (morning and night) and i love how it softens my skin and keeps my face hydrated

- Ulta User

i believe i've reviewed this product before but i still love age smart super rich repair for night time moisturizing

- Ulta User



best product for my aging skin

- Ulta User

this product is great for aging skin

- Ulta User


good for acne

also, doesn't cause any breakouts or irritation

- Ulta User

no blemishes, nice skin color and lasts a good 18 hours

- Ulta User



this is a very thick and heavy formula and i use it twice daily for my skin dryness

- Ulta User

doesn't feel heavy or greasy but does an absolutely fab job, my skin looks and feels wonderful after months of being nasty and dry

- Nordstrom User



my skin looks brighter and healthier

- Ulta User

it does not clog my pores and leaves my face looking bright and soft

- Ulta User



this is the best richest gentlest moisturizer i have found

- Walmart User

gently dab the cream on areas prone to wrinkling such as the crows feet area by your eye, forehead and smiling lines

- Ulta User


causes flare ups

my skin broke out in a rash 3 days after use

- Ulta User

face turned red

- Ulta User
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ulta userNovember 30, 2018

worth it!!

I've been using dermalogica products for the past number of weeks, ever since I started struggling with acne and severely dry skin 6 months ago. I tried everything- Bobbi Brown, Avene, Nars, you name it. I suspect the dryness is a combo of moving from east to west coast, stress, and allergies. I've always had oily, somewhat acne prone skin, so the dryness was surprising and unbelievably uncomfortable esp. around the cheek/ chin area. It was almost impossible to smile. I bought the sensitive skin line and active moisturizer first, to see if that would cure it. Nope! Skin was still excessively dry. Finally sucked it up and bought this moisturizer. First time I placed it on my skin it stung a little, but minutes later and I feel like my skin can breathe! So happy to finally find a solution. If you struggle with severe dry skin, it's worth the relief. Hopefully my skin balances out and goes back to normal.

- ulta
ulta userNovember 30, 2018

Game changer for me

I love this product.I've tried many moisturizers over the years, especially since moving to the desert.none have improved my skin as much as this. I recently overhauled my skin care routine because the organic products I was using were not agreeing with me. I had redness around my t zone and small red blemishes under the skin. My worst issue was the dryness. I live in Phoenix so the hot, extremely dry climate was wreaking havoc on my skin (moved a year ago). My skin resembled the desert in which I live - flaking and visible dry lines. I overhauled my skin care and now have amazing skin!!!! My new regimen is all dermalogica products. I start with the pre cleanse (if wearing make up), follow up with resurfacing cleanser, antioxidant hydramist, skin hydrating booster, and finish with super rich repair. Every few days I use the daily microfoliant. The only product that I use that isn't Dermalogica is my sun block. I might try their physical block for sensitive skin though. I really can't even describe how much this overhaul changed my skin for the better. I actually leave the house without makeup for the first time in years. The redness and red blemishes are gone, no more dryness!!!!!! I attribute the biggest change tiki this moisturiser. My skin looks brighter and healthier. I'm so impressed and that takes a lot coming from this self proclaimed skin care junkie. Even my day to day makeup is sheer! This particular product is great on it's own though. I started with the resurfacing cleanser, the super rich repair and the hydramist. I saw amazing results. It got even better with the booster and microfoliant. I'm so happy I invested in this line of skin care.

- ulta
ulta userNovember 30, 2018

Love This Moisturizer!

I believe I've reviewed this product before but I still love Age Smart Super Rich Repair for night time moisturizing. It is great for dry skin and anti aging, providing deep moisture which penetrates and lasts through the night while I am sleeping. I began using it when it was first released and also use the accompanying Age Smart eye cream at night. For daytime I rely on my long-time favorite Intensive Moisture Balance, as the Age Smart is a bit rich for my skin for daytime application. However, for very dry skin it would work superb for day too I'm sure. The scent is clean, yet minimal. I've also experienced the benefit of decreased fine lines and wrinkles because of the powerful moisturizing effect plus the retinol. I do wish it had a screw on cap instead of a pump that cannot be opened. I like to get the very last drop which is not possible with the current bottle.

- ulta
ulta userNovember 30, 2018

Amazing hydration

My skin is oily & acne prone yet this is the first moisturizer that has improved this?! Despite it being a very heavy cream I slather this on at night time and in the morning my skin feels more hydrated than oily. My skin is very clear at the moment with a nice hint of red in the cheeks. I also use this alongside a facial massager to increase circulation.

- ulta
ulta userNovember 30, 2018

HORRIBLE allergic reaction

I bought this product because other reviews mentioned that it is good for dry winter skin. The first night I used it with no problem. The next morning my face felt dry so I applied a small amount for the daytime. By that afternoon my face looked wind-burned and was slightly hot and irritated. After I washed my face that night and re-applied a thick layer of cream, my face burned and was blotchy red and swollen within 30 minutes. I washed the cream off of my face and applied a different moisturizer-- by the next morning my skin was fine. I don't know what ingredient in it irritated my skin, as I've never had an allergic reaction to any skin product before. YIKES.

- ulta


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Zinc Oxideacne
Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethiconehazard
Evening Primrose Oilacneirritant

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