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Special Cleansing Gel by Dermalogica

Special Cleansing Gel

pore minimizing(78)
Variation: 16.9 oz (Supersized)
16.9 oz (Supersized)8.4 oz

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i love how gentle and pure it is

- Nordstrom User

this cleanser is highly effective yet gentle

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

congestion on chin and sides of nose are gone

- Ulta User

it has also helped to minimize my pores

- Ulta User


good quality

and, it's even a great value for a high quality face cleanser

- Ulta User

i definitely feel like i am investing in the long term future of my skin by using this product and would recommend to any one looking to improve the overall quality of their skin

- Ulta User



literally feels like a silk blanket on your skin when you first apply it and then after you rinse your face your skin still feels silky smooth, it's actually amazing

- Dermalogica User

i have very sensitive skin and this cleanser leaves my skin smooth and relaxed, perfect day and night

- Ulta User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

i can't get over how perfect, evenly toned, vibrant, clean, clear and smooth my skin is

- Ulta User

i notice a difference right away when i added the toner, it evened out my skin and allowed my skin to absorb the moisturizer more than ever before

- Ulta User


good for acne

while this has not yet cleared my skin, it has calmed it down greatly and has been preventing new breakouts

- Ulta User

while this has not yet cleared my skin, it has calmed it down greatly and has been preventing new breakouts

- Ulta User



not causing drying or strips, cleans very effectively and without irritating sensitive skin or eyes

- Lookfantastic User

never leaves skin dry or tight

- Ulta User



i have very sensitive skin and this cleanser soothes my skin at night and brightens it in the morning

- Ulta User

it's very soft, radiant and hydrated (all of us with oily face knows how hard it is to achieve that), skin texture is improved and the breakouts are really at the minimum

- Dermalogica User


redness relief

so glad i rediscovered it

- Ulta User

it leaves my face feeling fresh and hydrated, and doesn't leave any red spots or give me irritation

- John Lewis User



i have very sensitive aging, acne-prone skin and this is the best daily cleanser i've used

- Ulta User

i have very sensitive aging, acne-prone skin and this is the best daily cleanser i've used

- Ulta User
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dermalogica.com userAugust 23, 2016

My Essential Cleanser

I purchased this after this was highly recommended to me by an Esthetician. I have been looking for a gentle cleanser that would not dry out my face and help with my occasional breakouts. I have been using the Special Cleansing Gel for about 6 months and I am extremely happy with this product. I have been trying different cleanser for almost two years before I fell in love with this. My face always feels amazingly clean and soft afterwards. It is great at removing makeup. My Esthetician was right - a little goes a long way. I got the 16.9oz and this will easily last the rest of the year.Dermalogica products have changed my life! Since I started using this cleanser along with the charcoal masque, my skin has never been better! I can't get over, evenly toned, clear and smooth my skin has become since using these products. I have recommended this cleanser to family, friends. « less

- dermalogica.com
ulta userMarch 21, 2019

Made My Skin Breakout

I have combination, sensitive and acne prone skin. I started using this cleanser after I saw my face aesthetician use it in her routine. I read the reviews and was very hopeful. After only a handful of uses, my skin started breaking out like never before. (I am plagued with blackheads btw) I have new blackheads and huge pores, plus some red, stubborn and inflamed acne on my cheeks (I don't normally break out there.) I am really disappointed. I stopped using the precleanse since I thought it was the original culprit. Stopped using it, only used the cleanser. Still have the old acne marks; they are currently not going away and I'm still getting breakouts. My skin is also really dry and I have fine lines where I didn't have them before. Fair warning, everyone.

- ulta
lookfantastic.com userOctober 7, 2011


I have oily & blemish-prone skin and like others, have been on a never-ending search for the perfect cleanser. I previously tried the Dermal Clay cleanser but found it gave little effect to be honest. After trying a couple of others (non-Derm.) I decided to give this one a go (I bought the 500ml bottle on a whim). All I can say is that it is PERFECT! I have been using probably about 3-4 weeks now and my pores appear much smaller, oiliness has greatly reduced and I am getting fewer blemishes, those that do appear heal in a much quicker timeframe. It feels so gentle & soothing on the skin and has a lovely herbal scent. It can have a slight drying effect if you don't moisturise but this is exacerbated by all the central heating at this time of year. Overall, an excellent product and one I shall remain faithfull to from now on! « less

- lookfantastic.com
ulta userMarch 21, 2019

See progress in literally a night!!!

Ok so I have pretty sensitive skin, it breaks out often even with my 7-step skin regime just cause my skin hates me. But I kept noticing more and more breakout and my routine was clearly not working so I stopped by an Ulta. I chose this because the Ulta I went to didn't have options for Clinique which is always my go to brand, but man I'm glad I picked it up. I kid you not, I saw a difference in my skin in only one night. I woke up and there was less redness, less pimples and overall just healthier skin. I could not believe the difference it has made!!! I'm basically just substituting my regular facial wash with this one but I'm still using my toner,lotion, moisturizer etc. This is really an excellent product, and I can't believe how well it works. On a side note, it does leave your skin SUPER DRY, but I have oily combination skin, so it's was ok for me

- ulta
ulta userDecember 05, 2018

Excellent non-irritating and non-drying cleanser

I don't think Dermalogica makes a bad cleanser, but I consider this to be one of their 2 best (the other being the clay one), and they have some of the best cleansers I've ever come across. This is a foamy cleanser that doesn't dry out your skin and doesn't irritate. If you have sensitive skin but don't like cream cleansers, I might test out a sample of this. Your skin will feel free of residue but not dried out. I like to leave this on like a mask in the shower. One thing I will say is that while this cleanser cleans and removes makeup well, it isn't always the deepest penetrating, like if you have super clogged pores. In that case, I would recommend doing an oil cleanse before this cleanser, or switching to their clay cleanser.

- ulta


Overall safe Ingredients

Hexylene Glycolacne
Sodium Laureth Sulfateacnehazard
Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
Melissa officinalishazard

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