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Precleanse Cleansing Oil by Dermalogica

Precleanse Cleansing Oil

pore minimizing(130)

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gentle enough to remove eye makeup

- Ulta User

i love how gentle and affective this is

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

no clogged pores

- Ulta User

my pores are smaller and my skin looks great

- Nordstrom User



this is my go to make up remover - you put the oil on your dry face and let it dissolve your make up then add a bit of water to really get rid of all the build up on your face

- Activeskin User

this stuff is the best, helps melt away the oil and makeup on my face with out drying out or irritating my skin

- Ulta User



my face is extra clean & smooth when i use this incredible product first

- Ulta User

i always use a makeup wipe first, then follow up with this, and whatever dermalogica cleanser i feel like using and my skin is so smooth and soft afterwards

- Ulta User


redness relief

i combine this with the dermalogica cleanser for sensitive skin and my skin looks great after cleansing, it doesn't feel dry anymore and my skin isn't red afterwards

- Ulta User

i combine this with the dermalogica cleanser for sensitive skin and my skin looks great after cleansing, it doesn't feel dry anymore and my skin isn't red afterwards

- Ulta User


good for acne

so no break outs

- Ulta User

love this product it removes my makeup like anything i ever used its leaves my skin soft and haven't had any breakout

- Ulta User



i use this as my cleanser not a pre cleanse, and i no longer have pimples and my skin is alway looking clean and radiant

- Productreview User

it cleans thoroughly and leaves your skin looking brighter and feeling so soft

- Sephora User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

great for even sensativs skin

- Ulta User

great for even sensativs skin

- Nordstrom User



highly recommend for aging skin

- Overstock User

wow- makeup melts, waterproof gunk around eyes, or that long-last lipstain comes off easily, and then by using my clairsonic and dermalogica cleanser (in my case, the anti-aging one) my skin comes out glowing

- Ulta User


good quality

has definitely improved the quality and appearance of my skin and is now a staple in my skincare routine

- Dermalogica User

if i'm going to spend big money for high quality products, then i should use them to the best of their abilities

- Ulta User
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Nordstrom userOctober 7, 2016

Must have in skin routine

I was introduced to this product a little over a year ago at my first Dermalogica facial in NYC. I had been using the "double cleanse" method prior to my facial with other cleansing oils, such as Origins Clean Energy and Nude Skincare Perfect Cleanse Omega Jelly (both of which are also great). Right when my esthetician started massaging this product onto my skin, I felt AMAZING. The natural and fresh aroma of the oil is so just so relaxing, I honestly feel like I am in-store getting a facial every time I use this. In addition to the amazing smell, it takes off every trace of makeup, dirt, and oil without over drying your skin. After using this product at night time, I am perfectly prepped for my Clarisonic and Special Cleansing Gel. Even though I mainly love this stuff because it takes off all of my makeup, it is also great because it removes dirt, oil, and any traces of skin care products used throughout the day before going in with a real face wash, allowing your skin to get the maximum benefits out of your preferred cleanser. My husband is totally hooked on this as well! This is probably the one skin care product I could never live without or replace.For reference, my skin type is pretty sensitive, dehydrated, and at times can be slightly oily along my t-zone. I also use Retin-A, so I am always in need of products that are calming and hydrating, but that won't clog my pores or cause me to breakout.My husband's skin is SUPER sensitive, he deals with redness, occasional breakouts, and he is also dehydrated with the occasional oily t-zone. He also uses Retin-A. « less

- Nordstrom
ulta userJune 01, 2020

One of my favorite Dermalogica products!!!

I was hesitant to purchase the Pre-Cleanse and was fortunately able to get a sample with my regular order of Dermalogica products. I have (or rather, had) moderate acne and the fact that this product is described as an "oil" was worrisome. My skin is the worst kind of skin - combination to the nth degree, with areas of dryness/roughness/tightness, a very oily T-zone and is also EXTREMELY sensitive. (I've recently found that much of my acne was likely due to irritation and inflammation from beating my skin up with acne treatments....giving my skin a rest and using the Ultracalming products has been a godsend.) In any case, the pre-cleanse is wonderful! Smells wonderful, feels luxurious, and cleans superbly. I truly look forward to using this product at the end of the day - works wonderfully to get makeup and city grime off after a long day. Of course, it might be a good idea to try a small sample size before committing to the whole shebang just to see how your skin reacts. I'm still using the small sample size after 3 weeks! Do yourself - and your face - a favor and give the pre-cleanse a try!

- ulta
ulta.com userOctober 19, 2015

Love love love this product

I LOVE this product. For my entire makeup wearing life I have struggled with removing eye makeup (liner/mascara). I would use those little round, thin pads which are very expensive. They don't do a very good job, they irritate my eyes, tug at my eyelids, and, still, the rest of my face is messy with make up. When I would then cleanse with a non-foaming cleanser after that, I just felt like I was smearing all of that around. This product totally knocks it out of the park. It completely removes every bit of make up, including all my eye make up. Moreover, when you are finished rinsing this product off, your face feels clean and not tight or dry. I follow it with the ultra calming cleanser and my face feels awesome. I do not have to repeat the pre-cleanse in the morning. The smell is citrusy, and much like the smell of some ester C products I have used. I like it. I also have rosacea so I cannot wipe my face with a washcloth very often. I remove this with my fingers and running water. The only drawback is it can be a tiny bit messy, but if you are one of those people who can use a washcloth it will be no problem for you. Finally, it is, essentially, an oily product which I was worried about because I have combination skin and I am prone to acne. I am telling you this washes right off with water beautifully. It leaves zero oily residue. It is a wonderful product . <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- ulta.com
nordstrom userMarch 28, 2018

Be Open-Minded!

This is long but I tend to get wordy when I'm excited! I was a bit put off by the smell at first - granted I opened the cap and put my nose to it. Because i have sensitive skin, I spot-tested on the back of my hand. The scent is quite light, as was the texture. After I washed it off, my skin was quite smooth! Imagine the results after using it on my face (its true purpose). I suffer from hormonal acne, but my skin type is oily 25/8 so when my skin clears up it's great, but any trigger can set off breakouts back to back that sets my improvements off-track (this can suck). This past winter my skin grew dehydrated & dull. Part of my skin journey are finding simple/straight to the point products that help reduce my oiliness and work on my clogged pores/breakouts, and I heard dual-cleansing is a start. My first try, I had to remove my BB cream so I pumped once onto my hands. The oil is light but can be runny, but the makeup once I began rubbing, and emulsified, dripped off my face. I focused around my nose/cheeks and could feel everything clearing ("grits" if you will). My skin was soft but a bit red due to the oils and perhaps my rubbing, but it wasn't irritated/uncomfortable. I used my favorite gel cleanser afterwards. My skin was clean, not tight and gave room for my toners etc. Since my purchase, I try to use this at least 2-3xs weekly (not gonna over-do it as I don't want to dry my skin out), and exfoliate with a damp cleansing brush to emulsify & remove all the impurities after rubbing this all over my face. I also pat the oil on my face as I can just spread it and start rubbing gently without wasting any product.

- nordstrom
ulta userJune 01, 2020

I would be wary of this if you get congested acne/spots

I was recommended to use Dermalogica products by my beauty therapist. I have had issues with my skin for 10+ years - not only do I have very sensitive skin that can dry out, but I also have oily, acne prone skin (particularly around the chin which is also due to hormonal acne). My therapist advised me to work on my sensitive skin issues first and recommended the PreCleanse Oil, Ultra Calming Cleaner, Ultra Calming Mist, and Calm Water Gel to use. I used them for 2 months with no other products. This is where I feel I went wrong, as incorporating an exfoliant or spot treatment may have avoided what happened. After 6-8 weeks, the areas that usually get congested got so so much more congested, I had never seen my skin like it. Red, inflamed, whiteheads everywhere, spots forming right next to and practically on top of eachother, hyperpigmentation, and many little clogged pores that I could see. I waited to see was this just skin purging but nothing changed. After I noticed this, I spoke to my therapist again and we added in Daily Microfoliant and Spot Treatment cream but unfortunately for me it was too little too late. 2 weeks ago, I tested removing both the PreCleanse Oil and the Ultra Calming Cleanser from my routine (as I did not know which may be causing congestion) and have already seen a difference. My skin is slowly but surely improving from the fallout of the products I used. I definitely think these 2 products added to my acne issues but I also think I could have avoided it if I had incorporated acne targeting products at the beginning too. I am still using a number of the Dermalogica products which I love, but not the cleansers any more until my skin heals (it is going to take some time I imagine). I would still recommend Dermalogica but please please be wary of this if you get congested skin easily, as I used too much product, clogged my skin and suffered the consequences of it!

- ulta


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Hydrogenated vegetable oilacne

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This stuff is great. Removes all makeup, dirt, oil, etc and leaves a blank surface where you can then go in and use your regular cleanser.
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My favorite skin care products!:)