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Poresaver Matte Makeup Primer by dermablend

Poresaver Matte Makeup Primer

pore minimizing(89)
staying power(51)
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Top Reviews

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

in love with this primer, makes my skin soft, really diminished my pores, great for mattifies the skin, help my makeup to stay longer and the skin looks and stay hydrated without looking 'greasy', i have combination skin and really worked for my type

- Dermablend User

however, dermablend poresaver matte makeup primer is the best so far

- Dermablend User

staying power


super oil-absorbing and lasts 24 hours

- Dermablend User

my makeup lasted the entire day outside i was so happy with it

- Dermablend User



this is a mattifying primer that blurs pores

- Dermablend User

i love how mattifying it is and that it lasts all day long

- Dermablend User



after using this primer i did my makeup and my face look amazing you could not even hardly tell if my face had any pores unless you were really up and personal in my face and i love the matte look i was told it awesome again and what did i use so i had to tell them my new secret(dermablend)my skin felt soft and not greasy and it felt great on my face and it dry really quick and i have use this without makeup and my face look perfect also

- Dermablend User

it does hydrate and gives that smooth look

- Dermablend User



this primer is super lightweight, has no fragance and makes your skin feel super soft

- Dermablend User

my skin appeared fresh not oily and my make up did not look cakey nor dry

- Dermablend User



this makes my skin feels smooth and blurs out the look of my pores

- Dermablend User

i could definitely see how it filled my pores and made my skin feel smoother

- Dermablend User
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dermablend.com userSeptember 19, 2019

Photoshopped perfect skin!

To start my skin type is a combination of both dry and oily during summer time. I couldn't be more excited to have tried Dermablends Poresaver Matte Makeup Primer this summer, it saved me from having a major makeup meltdown during all my outdoor activities. I've received so many compliments one saying I looked like I had a live skin perfecting filter on. This primer blurred out my pores effortlessly leaving the skin feeling soft and velvety. The matte formula is light weight making it perfect to wear during those hot days. Not once did I feel like I had to retouch my Oily T-zone while wearing this primer. I highly recommend this to anyone with oily skin. 

- dermablend.com
dermablend.com userSeptember 18, 2019

Best primer!

I am very impressed with the Dermablend Poresaver Matte Makeup Primer! It's lightweight, isn't sticky or tacky feeling, and makes applying foundation so much easier and faster! I love how mattifying it is and that it lasts all day long. I am typically oily, so finding a primer that mattifies without drying out my skin. This primer does that and keeps my makeup in place without weighing my skin down! This is in my permanent make-up bag from now on! 

- dermablend.com
dermablend.com userSeptember 21, 2019

Great for combo skin

This primer did a nice job of keeping my oily skin matte, while also moisturizing dry spots so my makeup goes on smooth. It lasted for the majority of my workday. I have sensitive skin and this product did not cause any issues. It's definitely one of my favorite primers because it works so well with combo skin and doesn't make my makeup look cakey.I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 

- dermablend.com
ulta.com userJanuary 21, 2020

Didn't work for me

I have combination and sensitive skin with large pores. I liked this primer, in that fact it's non comedogenic, until I put foundation on over it. It made my skin dry and flakey and also seemed to increase the appearance of my pores after foundation. 

- ulta.com
dermablend.com userOctober 3, 2019

Great skin smoothing primer!

The Dermablend Poresaver Matte Makeup Primer is one of the best that I have ever used. It is so very smooth and makes my skin glow without being greasy. I have used this primer both with and without makeup. It helps to condition the dry parts of my face. When I used it with makeup, I could tell how much more even my foundation looked. It truly minimizes your pores and makes you feel beautiful. I love that it is fragrance-free, allergy-tested, and sensitive skin-tested. The matte finish is so beautiful and makes my skin look great. I was not aware of this primer but I am extremely happy that I tried it. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. 

- dermablend.com


Overall safe Ingredients

PEG-10 Dimethiconehazard

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Profile picture of Mariana Gutierrez
Mariana Gutierrez
CombinationCombination Skin
does anyone know why my foundation separates around my nose or what can help with this problem? #beauty
Profile picture of Alyssa Robles
Alyssa Robles
CombinationCombination Skin
Try a very matte primer on your t zone. You might have more oils on your nose which could cause your foundation to separate.