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Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer by dermablend

Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer

staying power(65)
coverage: high coverage
Variation: 0C (fairest skin tone)

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blends well

this product is is an exceptional concealer i really liked its sponje tip applicator is much better than regular applicators that makes it easier for the product to slide in the areas of the skin that needs it dry very fast it is smooth and creamy it is wonderful to cover scars , acne scarfs and any line of expression you have is perfect for me sice i have problems with dark circles and this dermablend conceller it helps me with my problem , it stays fixed to your skin and you do not sweat , it keeps the skin hydrate all day long i loved this product is what i needed for my daily makeup

- Ulta User

this dermablend full coverage concealer is the best i've ever used

- Ulta User

staying power


it is lightweight and looks natural, and it lasts all day until i take it off

- Ulta User

it stays on all day which i loved

- Ulta User



it's rich, creamy, hydrating, and full coverage

- Ulta User

the formula is s moisturizing and leave my skin hydrated all day

- Ulta User


not creasing

it blends flawlessly into my skin with no creasing

- Ulta User

it blends well with my foundation and creates a flawless fresh faceit goes on smooth, not sticky and doesn't clump or crease

- Ulta User



i love this concealer, its smooth to my skin and works perfect

- Ulta User

one of the best concealers i ever experienced , the texture is smooth , and rich

- Ulta User

water resistance

water resistant

dermablend cover care concealer will hydrate your skin, stay for 24hrs, doesn't clog your pores, no creasing, lightweight, water resistant and non transferable

- Ulta User

this product covers really well and is waterproof you can only remove with makeup remover so that is excellent the feeling of it on your face is so soft and a little of it covers a lot

- Ulta User



the same is creamy and not heavy unlike others, its coverge is total, it does not crack, it illuminates the face, and highlights the makeup

- Ulta User

i like the product is lightweight and breathable and does not make my eyes look chalky or cakey

- Ulta User

under eye

good for under eye

i must say that this is the best coverage for an under eye concealer that i have ever used

- Ulta User

covers my dark spots and under eye area greatly and the color is a perfect match

- Ulta User



i get just perfect coverage with this, i used it under my eye and as well as an eye primer, my eyeshadow was brighter and stayed all day without smudging or fading away

- Ulta User

it is creamy and not heavy like others i've tried, its coverge is total, it does not crack, it illuminates the face, and highlights the makeup and i'm happy with how well they blended with my skin without making me look too yellow

- Ulta User

color correction

color correcting

with the color corrector it's perfect

- Ulta User

it greatly reduced the appearance of darkness under my eyes by itself even without color corrector

- Ulta User


high coverage

i wholeheartedly recommend dermablend cover care full coverage concealer for anyone who has problem areas they'd like to hide, particularly if they want a look that says flawless

- Ulta User

dermablend is the best full coverage concealer i've ever used

- Ulta User
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ulta userMay 25, 2020

Not what I expected like to

I didn't really care for the Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer. It was easy to apply and use, but it accentuated the fine lines under my eyes. This concealer made my under eye area look dried out, cakey, and not moisturized. By the end of the day I did not look good, the area under my eyes looked cakey and the makeup was wearing off and patchy. One other thing I didn't like was, the color on the box was lighter than the actual product. I feel like that is misleading, especially since you normally can't return opened makeup.

- ulta
ulta userMay 25, 2020

Non Creasing Long Lasting Concealer

This is an excellent concealer. I have very dark circles under my eyes due a combination of genetics and lack of sleep. I am always looking for good concealer to help with this problem. But with Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer, it seems like I have found the product I am looking for. I used the wand to spread a tiny amount under the eye and on few spots on my face. The concealer spreads very easily and blends easily. It is water resistant and crease resistant and lasts for a long time. I kept it for 8 hours but the box says 24 hours. I like the product is lightweight and breathable and does not make my eyes look chalky or cakey. I am definitely in love with this product. They have an amazing array of shades to chose from which is also great because I have medium to tan skin and sometimes it is hard to find the right shade. LOVE this product.

- ulta
ulta userMay 25, 2020

Best Concealer Ever!!!!!

During this crazy time and having to stay at home for our safety, health and well being I'm so grateful that BZZAgent gave me the opportunity to be able to test the Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer. The only con was the color selection was too dark for my skintone but I was able to make it work. The coverage was amazing. It covered my dark circles and I have tried alot of other brands from high end to drugstore and this by far has surprised and surpassed my expectations. It makes your under eye so smooth and flawless not cakey looking. It sets well with my powder and it last all day well into the evening with minimum touch ups. I'm in love. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I will definitely be getting my shade to highlight and brighten. Thanks to Dermablend and BzzAgent for me testing this product.

- ulta
ulta userMay 25, 2020

No more dark circles!

I've had dark circles my entire life- and they tend to get worse over the years. Lack of sleep, stress and certain foods tend to make them worse also. Ive tried almost every possible concealer to help and have yet to find anything. Dermablend cover care full coverage concealer is the best thing I've ever tried! The container is simple and has a wand , so applying is super simple. Just dot directly onto my dark circles and blend! The texture is thick but creamy and covers everything without leaving a cakey thick mess. Blends effortlessly and amazing. Even my kids noticed a difference! They have never seem me without dark circles under my eyes! The concealer also lasts all day- I've used this in extreme humidity, working out and doing yard work- and lasts like a champ! I'm sold! This is the best product and I wouldn't believe it unless I tried it myself!

- ulta
ulta userMay 25, 2020

Amazing Coverage

Love, love, love the Dermablend Full Coverage Concealer BzzAgent gave me a chance to try. Lately I've been dealing with a lot of stress and I started breaking out at the age of 47 like I was 16 again. This awesome product has honestly helped me regain some confidence and not worry so much about being out in public. Yes, at my age I'm a little self conscious about my appearance, especially my face. I do have sensitive skin, I have to be careful what I put on my face, but with the Dermablend I've had no issues. It has the staying power so no need to reapply and that is important to me in facial makeup. I've heard some people say that it's cakey and heavy on your face. My opinion it definitely isn't, a little goes a long way. When I apply mine I use a sponge and dab it on lightly if I need a little more then I'll add it, and afterwards I add some powder lightly for a flawless finish. It's a great product so no need to cake it on. Also I have some redness that I don't like and now I have found something that hides my imperfections while maintaining the flawless, natural look I've been searching for. My friends took notice and ask me if I had went to a Dr and had work done, I had to laugh and then pulled it out of my purse and introduced them to Dermablend's Full Coverage Concealer. Needless to say they too have fell in love with the product and told their families and other friends. I have and will continue to tell others about this amazing product and I will absolutely be purchasing this among other products the company has. Thank you once again BzzAgent for allowing me to sample it. And a big thanks to Dermablend Concealer.

- ulta


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne