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good for acne
redness relief
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Good for oily skin

"...i have combination/oily skin and can't speak for everyone of course but for me this was a miracle..."

- Ulta User

"...i have oily skin so this gel is gentle and refreshing without being greasy..."

- Ulta User
acnegood for acne
"so far it is a great product and i would definitely recommend it anyone with acne scars"
- Ulta User
"i've recommended this gel to all of my friends with similar acne scars and they all say the same thing - this gel works wonders"
- Ulta User
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rednessredness relief
"i love this product, i use it on my face for acne scars and i'm noticing reduced redness"
- Ulta User
"i've been using it for about three months now and i can say for certain that this has been the best product i've ever used for reducing scars"
- Ulta User
"i used this scare gel diligently every morning and every evening for 4 months and was amazed at the difference in my skin"
- Drugstore User
"also doesn't cause me any irritation or brrakouts"
- Ulta User


Ulta User
Good for acne, redness relief, good for sensitive skin
Ever since I was little, I have gotten compliments about my skin... at least once a week. Through my teenage years, I never really had acne problemsif it did, it'd be around my period, so that means that I did not have an underlying issue. I am now 21. I do not wear makeup. The past few years have been extremely stressful. I am pretty sure that the acne issue that arose was from that, but also from me having mono & always being sick/having a weak immune system. My face became wrecked almost overnight. I got a new pimple everyday. Eventually, they were much worse than pimples. The pimples became cystic acne that spread daily. My face was really red. I did not have to be sweating for my face to be oilyit was oily in cold weather. Because I was trying to fight the oil, my face would become dry too. So that is sensitive, oily, and dry. Sometimes it felt as if my acne wasn't even apart of my skin, but it was hanging on my face. It really hurt, too. I was miserable to say the least. I was covering my face with my hair for the first time ever. I was not confident for the first time ever. I tried a million and twenty products. I will admit that sometimes I thought they were working. The fact was that they had stopped working, sometimes really quickly. My face never felt clean after I washed it with other products. I was on a mission to find something that worked and I wasted a lot of money on garbage. I tried other natural products, because I thought maybe my face would benefit if I weren't fixing it with foreign chemicals. They did not help either. I probably cried everyday. Miraculously, my mom bought me Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser. This product helped my face a lot, but this for the Scar Gel! I was in CVS buying my second bottle of the Cleanser. My mom bought the first bottle at Whole Foods. CVS and Whole Foods had some of the same products, but there were some different products too. CVS carried the Scar Gel. Let me say, I very much absentmindedly bought this product. I have never heard anything about it and I really did not think it would even do anything to help. At that point, I accepted that scars were going to be a part of my face for a few years to come. That "point" was just over three weeks ago.... and it feels like years ago. Derma E. Changed. My. Life. For one, I am not hiding behind my gorgeous hair anymore and I am showing my even more gorgeous face ;-) but that is besides the point! Here is what I found. I don't even know how, but my face is not oily anymore. It was less oily with the Cleanser, but the Scar Gel made my face even more balanced. My face is not dry anymore. The Scar Gel feels like literal food for my face. When I have to put it on, I say I have to feed my face. I smile every time I look in the mirror, and this is new. Wait, I didn't even say yet that I noticed a difference after The. First. Time. But I was still skeptical! Whenever I wake up, it looks even better! Actually, whenever I look in the mirror, it looks like it's not even there anymore. The bumps on my face are no longer there. They have lessened, and this occurred within less than a week. That is why I am so excited every time my face needs its fix. I also thought that the redness was not going be lessened, but I was wrong. But the red is not turning into yucky brown. It is quickly adapting to my skin tone. My face looks hardy and firm. It looks like I gained a new layer or two of skin. I also strongly feel that my face gets less heated from the sun, because it doesn't feel as harsh. I wasn't looking for smoothness, but that was an added benefit. Oh, and acne doesn't pop up anymore. I want to say thank you so much, Derma E. But I just have one question: is it socially acceptable to walk up to a complete stranger who is struggling with acne and recommend Scar Gel? bevause I felt like it would make them feel even more insecure, but I would have wanted that. Thank you. Oh, thank you so so so much. People need to know about this product. Nothing else out there works, and all of us here have tried other products, so Scar Gel is the real deal, real results, and not just dealing with it on the surface, FROM THE INSIDE OUT.
Ulta User
Bad for acne, not good for sensitive skin, causes flare ups
I used this product 2 times a day for 6 months on my chin where I have red acne scars, nothing has changed and my scars look the exact same as when I started using the product. User
Gentle, good for acne, causes flare ups
In my early 30's with acne. I have tried a LOT of acne/skin products. A LOT of them. This has worked in clearing my acne wonderfully. And helps a lot with acne scars. I don't get any red rashing skin. Working gently and wonderfully.


Compared to other blemish treatments, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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