Best Cruelty-Free Recyclable Liquid Lipstick

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Rebecca Bernson
Dry Skin

i’ve recently made the switch to a vegan, zero waste lifestyle. what are recommendations for products that are vegan and cruelty free, recyclable, and good on super dry skin?

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Olivia Sava
Combination Skin

Jeffree Star Cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free, and the packages are recyclable I believe. They also have great pigmentation and are on the cheaper side for their lipsticks and face products. They also have amazing vegan lip scrubs!

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Arlene Assaf
Oily Skin

What’s a good cruelty free black lipstick that’s not too pricey?

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Patricia Nunez
Combination Skin

Karity $6-8

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Arlene Assaf
Oily Skin

@Patricia Nunez thank you!! 💖

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Tilde Littson
Combination Skin

What’s the BEST drugstore liquid lipstick out there? I want it to last all night and be cruelty free! It can absolutely not be sticky. I love the colourpop ultra matte lipsticks but I can’t buy them in Sweden 💔💔

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Ana Sayan
Combination Skin

Oh man... I SWEAR by the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks. They stay on ALL NIGHT. He even described them as “bj approved”. I’m sure you can get them shipped but idk how much it costs! NYX has some good liquid lipsticks but hands down nothing compares to the Jeffree Star one!